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Carrion Crown Session 45

Session 45
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Mesodias converts three spells into curative healing magic to remove the worse of Solar's injuries as the party stands on the stairs.
Cure Light Wounds: 1d8+5 = 9 hp
Cure Light Wounds: 1d8+5 = 9 hp
Cure Light Wounds: 1d8+5 = 11 hp
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Thanks Mesodias, he had been feeling like a pin cushion
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the crates for any sighn of traps

perception 1d20+13=16
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Joins grundig to explore the room percpetion 1d20+5=6
 GRUNDIG: grundig also casts detect magic as he checks the crats /chests
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar casts detect magic for when he is exploring
 DUNGEON MASTER: This underground room contains several dozen crates, a few coffins, lots of straw, and several huge bell jars.

Grundig discovers no traps, and no one discovers any signs of magic.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar is looking in the crates
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan follows his companions into the upper room from the stairway, giving the room a quick search for items within the crates with his crowbar.
Perception check (search): 1d20+11 = 26
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar says looks for secret staches in the floors and walls
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Mesodias still being pissed he didn't get enough of a chance to fight within the warehouse stands about on watch as the party ransacks the room.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't secret safes or something of the like as these men clealry worked in secret
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Well there are three stories to the building, actually four including the basement which I'm happy to avoid for the time being until we find that extract," replies Johan. "There might be offices or rooms on the upper levels?"
 DUNGEON MASTER: In the crates Johan discovers five pots ofbladeguard, 10 doses of bloodblock, 5 applications of silverweapon blanch, 5 applications of cold iron weapon blanch,
and a single application of adamantine weapon blanch.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar discovers no secrets caches.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: True but most of it is warehouse where is this is a individual room.  I think think there are individual rooms further in the top floor
 SOLAR CE’NEA: we can here you andrew
 SOLAR CE’NEA: hear even
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches the room for secret doors and safes

perception 1d20+13=33
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no secret doors.
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches the room for traps secret doors and safe

perception 1d20 +13=16
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan quickly inspects the stairs for secret compartments by running his hands across the stone seams looking for any indication of a hidden section.
Percpetion check: 1d20+11 = 22
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no secrets in the main vat chamber.  However, as Johan searches the stairs, his practiced hand runs over a stone slab that seems to give way inward.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Guys I think I've found something," Johan replies to him companions.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar casts dancing lights so Johan can use it to his best advantage
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Check fro traps my perceptive friend
 GRUNDIG: grunidig moves back in with the others
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan kneels down and inspects for any sign of trap before opening the compartment slowly.
Perception check (traps): 1d20+14 = 23
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers no sign of traps.  The door appears to open on a narrow, unlit passageway that turns to the left about 15' in.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar directs his dancing lights into the passageway
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Oww," exclaims Johan as the hidden compartment turns out to be a secret passageway. "I think we have found their way in and out of the building."
 GRUNDIG: grundig follows Johan into the tunnel
 GRUNDIG: grundig keeps an eye out for traps

perception 1d20+13=33
 DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes march single file down the narrow passageway, winding up in a small room containing grisly things in jars, two complete skeletons of monstrous creatures, a coffin, and a handcart.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no traps.
 DUNGEON MASTER: A narrow corridor to the east ends at a locked iron grille.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "That's unexpected and will remain so as long as it doesn't animate and break from from the jars to attack us," says Johan as he stands there looking at what they found in the room.
 GRUNDIG: grundig sirches the room for secret doors or chambers.

perception 1d20+13=24
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar is curious about the Skeletons and tries to discern what they are Knowledge arcana 1d20+15=27
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no secret doors or chambers.  Except for the room they are in, of course.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The skeletons appear to be the remains of owlbears.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar keeps an eye on the owlbears as he looks in the handcart
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar looks to see if there is anything in the hand cart and any secret compartments in it 1d20+5=19
 DUNGEON MASTER: A thick, leather-bound book sits in the handcart.
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches the rooms for tresure and anything that may help with the trile.

perception 1d20+13=30
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Owlbears? That's perfect. I'm happy to leave them exactly where they are for the time being, including the coffin until we have the time to inspect it."
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar casts detect magic and aims it at book thne the owlbears and then around the rest of the room
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers a wand of gentle repose laying on the coffin.
 GRUNDIG: knowledge nature 1d20+9=22
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar discovers no magic other than the wand.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig decides that the jars contain various preserved specimens, including a preserved drow head, a pickled pair of hill giant eyes, the half-changed head and spine of a wererat, and a trio of chuul tentacles.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar looks at the book in the cart
 DUNGEON MASTER: The book appears to be a ledger recording the transactions of Vorkstag & Grine.  It will take some time to inspect, but even a casual glance makes clear that the pair is involved in the trafficking of corpses to customers all over Ustalav.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar announces what he has found to the others in the room.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "They are screwed now, even more so than the fact they are dead. Now this is the coup de grace for setting The Beast free tomorrow morning at the trial. Now are we foolish enough to open the coffin?"
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Once you check for traps I think we are foolish enough winks Solar
 GRUNDIG: i recken we do leave no stone or coffen un turned hahaha.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan looks to Mesodias, "COme on let's bust this open and deal with whatever it is we find inside the coffin." Johan and Mesodias slowly loosen the coffin lid with their crowbars.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The lid is nailed down; it squeaks off to reveal the body of a male human clad in travlers clothes.  The body is well preserved--its black hair and thick eyebrows appear to make him of local stock.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Perhaps it would be smart to search the corpse perhaps we can identify who the man is?
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan recalls the descriptions of those mentioned previously to determine if he is someone we would know of.
Knowledge (local) check: 1d20+0+4 = 19
 DUNGEON MASTER: The corpse does not to belong to anyone Johan is familiar with.
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches the corps for any clue to who he might be and for any other goodies he may have

perception 1d20+13=29
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers nothing of interest on the corpse--certainly nothing that would indicate the man's identiy.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "He might be a good candidate for Speak with the Dead tomorrow morning once we have had a full nights rest?"
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOalr asks if we have finished with this room, perhaps we can continue searching upstairs and then leave by this exit to see where it goes
 SOLAR CE’NEA: A good idea Johan!
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Yes I agree with leaving the iron gate as it is and explore the upper room for this elixir and other items of interest we can find," replies Johan.
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the door for trap perception
 GRUNDIG: perception 1d20+13=24
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no traps.
 GRUNDIG: grundig opens the door as quietly as he can.

stealth 1d20+13=29
 DUNGEON MASTER: The door swings open to reveal wide chamber with a pair of closed double doors at the west end.  A retractable timberand iron crane stands near the door. Presently the room has only a few wooden cases in it.
 GRUNDIG: grundig moves in and checks the crats for traps if he finds non he sirches them

perception for traps 1d20+13=28

sirching 1d20+13=23
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar is recasting dancing lights for his companions
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no traps.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Among the empty boxes in this room arecases containing 12 vials of acid, 12 vials of nushadir, five tanglefoot bags, and three thunderstones, all packed in straw.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan inspects the adjacent double door for traps.
Perception check (traps): 1d20+11+3 = 21
"I hope this leads to the office or living quarters."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers no traps.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan waits for everything to be looted and stashedinto a sack before opening the double doors.
 DUNGEON MASTER: THe double doors open onto the courtyard below.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar suggest leaving this room and checking out one of the other doors further up the hallway
 DUNGEON MASTER: As much an abattoir as a bedchamber, this room contains not only a four-poster bed, but also numerous workbenches and alchemical gear. The walls are lined with shelves and strangelooking objects in jars of liquid. Bits of rags litter the floor, and the air is heavy with the stench of spoiled food mixed with acrid chemicals. A ladder leads to a trapdoor in the ceiling.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar looks around the room and uses percpetion as well 1d20+5=8
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar is momentarily distracted by thoughts of Kendra.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar uses detect magic whilst looking around th room
 GRUNDIG: grundig sirches the room for any tresure or aneything that may be usefull in the trile

perception 1d20 +13=29
 DUNGEON MASTER: This room is part alchemy lab, part slaughterhouse, and part bedroom. The many jars about the room contain alchemically preserved body parts from a variety of creatures. One bell jar full of liquid contains a small gold key at the bottom. The room is packed with curios and medical oddities, including a complete alchemist’s lab and four vials of antitoxin. Under the bed is a small metal strongbox.
 GRUNDIG: grundig tyes a fishing hook onto some string and opens the jar and trys to fish toe key out
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar suggests before going for the key to put something in the liquard to see if it is acid or something similar
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar then realises the gnome in this case was way ahead of him.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The string disolves in a hiss the moment it touches the liquid.  A small puff of acrid smoke rises up out of the jar.
 GRUNDIG: grundig looks arround for an empty jar
 DUNGEON MASTER: There are many jars lying about; Grundig quickly locates one.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar looks around for something like plyers in the room
 GRUNDIG: grundig pours as much of the contence of the jar in to the empty jar making shore the key dose not fall into the new jar
 DUNGEON MASTER: There are several tools lying about. In the meantime, however, Grundig sucessfully dumps the jar of liquid on the floor.  A sizzling hiss of smoke fills the room, and the floor is blackened.  In the midst of the black spot lies a hook and a gold key.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar then uses a metal tool he finds to push/pull the key out of the steaming liquid.  He then grabs his waterskin and pours some water over the key.  He grabs some cloth and puts it on the key to see if the acid is still active
 DUNGEON MASTER: The water splashes over the key.  When Solar presses the cloth down on the key there is no visible reaction.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: On Grundigs suggestion (and just to be safe), Solar cast prestidigittion on the key and then gives it to Johan to open the metal box (whilst suggesting he check for traps)
 DUNGEON MASTER: This is now the cleanest gold key in all of Lepidstadt.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan inspects the metal box for traps before slidning the key into the lock to open it.
Perception check (traps): 1d20+11+3 = 20
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar grabs all the Alchemists kit to seel at a future date
 DUNGEON MASTER: Before Johan slides the key in, he notes the presence of three small holes directly above the keyhole.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "What have we here?" Johan pauses, before attempting to disable any potential poisoned needle or similar trap before opening the metal case.
Disable Device: 1d20+16 = 26
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan closes off the holes and proceeds to open the lockbox safely.  Inside he discovers 200 gp,four vials of antitoxin, and a small purple velvet purse containing 4 small, cloudy diamonds.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar suggest checking the room next door before we go furhter upstairs
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan inspects the entrance for traps before opening the doorway into the next section of the warehouse upper floor.
Perception check (trap): 1d20+11+3 = 17
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers no traps.  The door is unlocked, and swings open easily.

This room appears to be the study of a scholar. A roll-top desk with a leather chair stands against one wall, holding a variety of alchemical equipment and surrounded by hundreds of books piled on every available surface. A narrow cot is crushed into one corner behind a wall of books. A door stands in the north wall.
 GRUNDIG: grundig looks down off the balcony to see if he can see the woman that they saw eirler
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig sees no woman.  However, there is a blanket or shawl of some sort lying on the walkway near the edge of the vat.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar ask Johan and Grundig to look through the desk (for secret compartments and says he will hlep aid another perception 1d20+5=16
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan searches alongside Grundig for any obvious traps within the personal effects and desk of the alchemist.
Perception check (traps): 1d20+11+3 = 23
 GRUNDIG: grundig sirches the room for any tresure casting detect magic whilst looking

perception 1d20+13=18
 DUNGEON MASTER: A combination alchemy lab, library, and bedchamber, this room is almost fastidiously clean except for the heaps of books everywhere. A large bell jar atop the desk contains the alchemically preserved head and shoulders of a human man.

Johan and Solar discover no secret compartments, but they do find a complete alchemist’s lab, along with three packets of f lash powder and five pots of alchemical grease.

Grundig discovers no additional treasure, other than the numerous books.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar sees if he can identify who the Preserved head is Knowledge local check 1d20+15=18
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the door to the north for traps

perception 1d20+13=31
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Knowledge (local) check: 1d20+0+4 = 20
Johan attempts to detect if this man is known to them in regards to the court case or vicims known to them.
 GRUNDIG: and opens it if he finds none
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no traps.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The door is locked.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan does not recognize this man, though he does generally look like some of the swampers he met a few days ago back at Morast.
 GRUNDIG: grundig asks for the set of keys and trys them to see if one opens the door
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar is quickly checking out the books to see what they are about and if any ndividual tomes are worth taking
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan tosses the keys to Grundig, who opens the ornate lock and pushes open the door.  Beyond the locked door, a tiny room holds a single object—a large oak cabinet.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar appraise 1d20+4=7
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar thinks that some of the books look pretty valuable.
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the cabnit for traps

perception 1d20+13=26
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar goes back and concentrates on the large oak cabinet with Grundig 1d20+5=17
 SOLAR CE’NEA: preception aid another
 DUNGEON MASTER: Neither Grundig nor Solar discover any sign of traps.
 GRUNDIG: grundig opens the door (if he can)
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nearly a score of f layed skins hang within the cabinet like empty sacks of flesh.
 GRUNDIG: and  searches the cabnit

take 20
 GRUNDIG: total perception 1d20+13=33
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan inspects the skins after taking a deep breath, being careful not to disturb them too much.
Perception chec: 1d20+11 = 13
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Knowledge (local) = 1d20+0+4 = 24
 DUNGEON MASTER: The cabinent contains over a dozen skins.  Notable skins include the missing Miller of Hargen; Borgo Znojmo, a respected and reclusive Lepidstadt merchant; Doctor Katarina Vilt, an esteemed lecturer at Lepidstadt University; and countless others both missing or still occasionally seen. And hanging at the front is a grotesque, deformed skin of a 8-foot-tall mongrelman, made up of flesh, fur, and scales and covered with fungal boils and hideous puss-filled eruptions.

Also, the cabinet appears to have a false back.
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the back for any traps and a way of opening it 1d20+13=23
 GRUNDIG: (perception)
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar goes around the room looking for a bag, container or a set of sheets he can use to carry all the skins.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan gags several times before carefully placing the skins into an empty sack for evidence later tomorrow morning.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no traps.  The panel slides out to reveal a small compartment containing 500 gp in assorted coins, a silver drinking cup inlaid with obsidian, a syringe, and six vials of bluish-green liquid.  Also there is a leather-bound book with well-thumbed pages.
 GRUNDIG: grundig hands solar the book "see what you make of this"
 SOLAR CE’NEA:  Solar cast detect magic on all the items but particually the leather bound book
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar detects no magic.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar eagarly opens and starts to read the book
 DUNGEON MASTER: The book proves to be a second ledger detailing customers who have purchased stolen cadavers and anatomical parts from Vorkstag and Grine. Many of the names are local doctors and scholars, but two names stand out: Doctor Brada of Sanctuary, and one Auren Vrood, W.W.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar tries to remember the imprtance of those persons in the town Knowledge Local 1d20+15=35
 DUNGEON MASTER: The name of Dr. Brada is known to the group.  The name of Auren Vrood is not.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Auren is worthy of further time and research after the case has been finalised, unless you think it is vital for the case tomorrow morning? I feel anyone dealing with these bastards deserves the opportunity to explain themselves at the point of our blades?"
 SOLAR CE’NEA: We can simply submit this as evidence.  Let the chips fall where they may.  If they are innocent they will get to prove it, if not, hopefully they get what is truely owed to them.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Shall we explore the trap door and what lies beyond it?"
 GRUNDIG: all for that
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Perception check (traps): 1d20+11+3 = 27
 DUNGEON MASTER: After several minutes' search, Johan discovers a very clever magic trap comprised of tiny runes etched along the edge of the trap door.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Give me some room, I've found a nasty trap that could effect a certain area. Best only none of us is hit by it should I fail to remove it."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Disable Device check: 1d20+16 = 25
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan scratches out the runes, hoping against hope that this is sufficient to disable this very devious trap.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan opens the trapdoor, wincing slightly waiting for something terrible to happen as he does so.
 DUNGEON MASTER: It isn't terrible, but it *is* loud.  A sonic boom echoes through the small chamber, shattering glass and dealing 5 points of damage to Johan.  Apparently the trap is not as disabled as Johan had hoped.

To make matters worse, at that very moment two horrid, stitched together winged creatures flutter down to attack.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [End session here]

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