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Carrion Crown Session 44

Session 44
 DUNGEON MASTER: The battle is currently raging inside Vorkstag & Grine's.  The lighting in this place is dim, and the air is cloying and acidic.  The heroes must take some measure to filter the air, or be nausiated if they fail a fortitude save.
 DUNGEON MASTER: A glowing, green bottle sails through the air to splatter a searing mucus over Grundig.  The liquid fizzes and sputters, inflicting 11 points of acid damage on the gnome.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [DC 24 concentration check or lose the spell.]
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar ties to figure out what the skinless man is and what can be used to successfully fight him knowledge arcana 1d20+15=26, Solar grabs a cure light wounds and drinks it 1d8+1=8 and then takes a 5 foot step back
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar isn't sure what the creature is--it doesn't appear to be anything he's read about in the wizardly books.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: [Standard Action] Johan gives the tip of the sunrod's metal cap that is tucked into his leather belt a strike, activating the chemical reaction illuminating the chemical warehouse in a dull yellow light.
[Move Action] Johan wraps his nose and mouth with a strip of hemp cloth to avoid the worst effects from the bleach and chemical odors.
[Five-foot Step] Johan moves five foot to the east in search for prey.
[Free action] Johan orders Shadow to go to the doorway of the warehouse to avoid the effects of the fumes.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: [Standard action] Mesodias swings his heavy mace into the chest of the creature standing before him (power attack)
20% Miss Chance (dim light): 1d100 = 92%
To Hit (+1 heavy mace): 1d20+9-2PA = 27
Confirm Critical: (+1 heavy mace): 1d20+9-2PA = 17
Damage (+1 heavy mace): 1d8+7+6PA = 17
If Critical Confirmed: 2d8+14+6PA = 28
[Five-Foot Step] Mesodias moves five foot to the south-east.
[Move Action] Mesodias wraps a strip of cloth around his face to prevent the fumes from overcoming his senses.
 GRUNDIG: grundig trys to casts somen natures allay once again sommening 2 small fire elemental fort save 1d20+7=25. (replacing
 GRUNDIG: (replacing poison)
 DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias crushes the cowering creature into a unrecognizable bloody pulp.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar moves so that he is in the middle of his companions and casts haste,
Stone call Round 6 of 6
Invisability 2 of 6

Round 1 of 6
hasted creature may make one extra attack with one natural or manufactured weapon. The attack is made using the creature's full base attack bonus,
A hasted creature gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls and a +1 dodge bonus to AC and Reflex saves. Any condition that makes you lose yourDexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes you lose dodge bonuses.
All of the hasted creature's modes of movement (including land movement, burrow, climb, fly, and swim) increase by 30 feet, to a maximum of twice the subject's normal speed using that form of movement. This increase counts as an enhancement bonus, and it affects the creature's jumping distance as normal for increased speed.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: The skinless man is behind the vat 2 vats to the east
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar's stone call spell ends. The debris on the floor disappear into a fine mist.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: [Move Action] Upon hearing the ghostly instructions of Solar, Johan dashes forward with his heightened speed towards the vats to the east.
 DUNGEON MASTER: As Johan rounds the corner, the skinless beast launches another green acidic bomb in his direction. Luckily, Johan is prepared and ducks beneath the arcing projectile.

The thing seems to have opened the door behind it, affording Johan a clear view into the next room--an underground room containing several dozen crates, a few coffins, lots of straw, and several huge bell jars.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: [Standard Action] Johan closes within melee of the hideous skinless beast before slashing with magical longsword (power attack)
To Hit (+1 keen longsword): 1d20+11-2PA+1HS = 20
Damage (+1 keen longsword): 1d8+7+6PA = 17
 DUNGEON MASTER: The blow connects, delivering a nasty slash against the thing's muscled chest.  It snarls and leers at Johan.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan roars a challenge as he swings at the creature with his blade, "Die you abomination!"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: [Standard Action] Mesodias summons a globe of magical light on his belt buckle (Light cantrip)
[Move action] before moving rapidly in the direction he heard Johan only moments before.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The creatures move up to surround the skinless man, gaining a flanking bonus to their attack.
 GRUNDIG: the first fire elemantelatacks 1d20+4+2(flanking)=20 damage =1d4slam +1d4 fire=3+3=6 dc11 save or creature burns
 GRUNDIG: 2nd fire elemantel attack 1d20+4+2=23 dam=4slam +1 fire same dc save
 DUNGEON MASTER: The creature howls in vain as the creatures strike him, but he does not catch fire.
 GRUNDIG: grundig moves foward to get into the action  he casts a fire bolt at the skinnles creature 1d20+7-8+1=18 ranged touch atack
 GRUNDIG: damage1d6+1=4
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig's firebolt slams into the creature's chest, inflicting some burning damage.

The thing looks around at the heroes and hisses.  It takes a step backward into the next room and opens the next door behind it.

But even as the thing flees, the sharper-eared members of the party hear the all-too familiar sound of spellcasting above them.  The next moment, the area near the door is plunged into darkness...
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar percpetion is 24
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar can't see the creature through the darkness, but he can make out a movement up on the catwalk above.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The ugliest, whitest gnome Solar has ever seen stands on the catwalk looking gleefully down at the confusion in the darkness below.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar climbs up the ladder to the top floor and to move closer to where he thought the movement occured, he sees the opponant moves closer to him and than casts Ear peiercing scream effectively canceling invisability
Ear-Piercing Scream
3d6=12  and dazed for one round 
DC15 Fort save means not Dazed and only half damage.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Current spells in play
Invisibility round 3 of 6

Haste  Round 2 of 6
 DUNGEON MASTER: The thing is taken by complete surprise by Solar's spell--the terrible shriek brings blood dribbling out of its ears and nose, and it looks around in horror and shock before spotting Solar's position at the south end of the catwalk.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Fuck this darkness! I'm going in and closing the door, just hope this works," replies Johan as he moves inside the room he saw before the darkness enveloped them. He will close the door to the room hoping this will block the spells effects.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan's plan works--he gropes his way forward and pushes the door shut, finding himself alone in the storage room with the skinless abomination.  It looks at him and licks its knife.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Mesodias moves forward slowly searching for the doorway he saw between the vats to the east.
 DUNGEON MASTER: In the darkness, Mesodias hears the crackling movement of one of the elementals beside him.  Moments later the door creaks open and the next room is once again plunged into darkness.
 GRUNDIG: fire elemental 1 attack 1d20+4+2=25
 GRUNDIG: slam 1d4+4 fire 1d4+4
 DUNGEON MASTER: There are screams in the darkness--apparently at least one of the elementals have struck the thing.
 GRUNDIG: grundig changes in to a small fire elemental.
 GRUNDIG: grundig moves through the open door towards the creature
 DUNGEON MASTER: The beast moves through the doorway and down the steps, to where another door stands.  From the bottom of the staircase the sounds of an iron door being thrown open can be heard.

Up above, the wretched little gnome casts a spell, and the area is plunged into darkness.
 GRUNDIG: (2 fo 6 rounds fire elementals)
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar cast flaming sphere and sends it forward on the walkway
Flaming  Sphere
3d6 points =13
Can Move 30 feet in a round
100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Effect 5-ft.-diameter sphere
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw Reflex negates; Spell Resistance yes

Current spells in play
Flaming Sphere 1 of 6
Haste  Round 3 of 6

Solar than draws his morning star
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar takes a 5 foot step back
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar casts the spell and the sphere of fire moves forward in the darkness.  It isn't long until he senses the movement stop, and the sound of profane cursing issues out of the general dark ahead of him.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Even without being able to see them, Johan can feel the searing heat from the small fire elementals as they pass him and attack the skinless creature. Johan closes the door so he is able to see again before rushing down the now visible stair case. "Keep this bloody door shut!"
With a sneer on contempt and disgust shown on his face, Johan spits his words at the creature. "You will not escape with your life this time mother fucker!"
 DUNGEON MASTER: The door at the bottom of the stairs stands open, revealing a large chamber with a floor that is hidden beneath the murky water filling the room to just below the bottom of the door. Dozens of pale cadavers silently float in the ice-cold waters, bumping into each other or against the damp walls. The air is still and quiet, broken only by the sound of water lapping against stone walls.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Mesodias feels around for the door handle before quickly opening the door, stepping through the closing it again so he can see.
 GRUNDIG: grundig speaks out to the two elemenatls gethim before he gets into the water. then moves behind Johan and casts bulls stringth on him
 GRUNDIG: the fire elementals move up and slam attack the skinles monster the first 1d20+4=23 dam slam1d4=1 fire 1d4=4
 GRUNDIG: the seckend 1d20+4=19 dam slam1d4=1 fire1d4=4
 GRUNDIG: (3 fo 6 rounds for fire elem)
 DUNGEON MASTER: More flames and blows hammer down on the bleeding, skinless man.  It shrieks and then, upon seeing Grundig revert back to gnome form, the wretched thing giggles.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar calls on the gods to guide him (using a hero point) and casts Stone call directly infront of him
Stone call
A rain of dirt, gravel, and small pebbles fills the area, dealing 2d6 points (9 points) of bludgeoning damage to every creature in the area. This damage only occurs once, when the spell is cast.
For the remaining duration of the spell, this debris covers the ground, making the entire area difficult terrain. At the end of the duration, the rocks disappear, leaving no aftereffects (other than the damage dealt).

Current spells in play
Stone call 1 of 6
Flaming Sphere 1 of 6
Haste  Round 3 of 6
 DUNGEON MASTER: A rain of dirt and gravel slams down into the eastern half of the room, dealing damage to Solar.  Away in the darkness, there is a terrible shriek--which is quickly cut off. 

A blinding flash of light follows, and the darkness melts away.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Down below, the skinless man backs away through the door, deftly using the cover it provides to avoid any errant swings from his assailiants.  As he sloshes into the water, he hisses out: "Get them, you mindless lumpss!"
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens, but the thing seems unconcerned.  It leers at the heroes and pulls a test tube with a blueish tinge.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: [Free Action] Johan quick draws the iron dagger from his left wrist sheath before hurling it at the skinless beast (deadly aim)
[Standard Action] To Hit (dagger): 1d20+8-2DA+1HS = 21
Damage (dagger): 1d4+4+4DA = 10
To Grundig, "Did you want to get these fire creatures to close the door after you have burnt this bitch to ashes?!"
 DUNGEON MASTER: The weapon buries itself into the beast's chest.  "I said, GET THEM!"
 DUNGEON MASTER: The thing is bleeding very profusely now, through mutliple gashes in its muscles and vessels.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Mesodias moves down the first flight of stairs before calling on the might of Gorum in the form of a glowing greatsword that appears before the skinless beast and attacks it.
To Hit (spiritual weapon): 1d20+6 = 15
Damage (spiritual weapon): 1d8+2 = 4
1 rnd of 6
 DUNGEON MASTER: A blade comes into existance and slashes at the creature, who deftly jumps aside.
 GRUNDIG: grundig fires a fire bolt through the door at the creature 1d20+7=17 damage 1d6+3=6
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig shoots a bolt of fire that whizzes past Johan, through the doorway, and smack into the creature's face.  It lets out a garbled yell, and falls down into the waist-high water.  The gurgling sound of the thing slowly drowning echoes off the walls.

[Off rounds.]
 GRUNDIG: the fire elementals dissapear shortly after the combat finnishes grundig thanks them for there help
 DUNGEON MASTER: [1200 xp each]
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Thank Gorum that stubborn bastard dropped! Keep an eye on the bodies in the water. If they move I'll slam the door shut and we can deal with the later." Johan retrieves his grapple hook and rope, catching the skinless beast before dragging him over to the doorway without having to enter the water.
 GRUNDIG: grundig changes back into his normal form
 GRUNDIG: "that was intence"
 DUNGEON MASTER: As soon as the hook hits the water, a pair of the corpses rise to their feet.  Their hair is rotted and their skin withered, but they retain a controlled gait to their movement.  Their eyes fix on Johan.

"The massster... Vorkstag.... iss dead.... we would bargain with you, mortalsss..."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "What is it you have to bargain for your freedom, as you are otherwise not getting past us?" Johan stands there with his longsword readied however he doesn't make any sign of aggression as he looks these things up and down.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar keeps his magic up (although he dismisses stones call) and then checks that the creature he faced is actually dead, and then checks what he may have on his person.  Knowledge Arcana 1d20+15=32 Perception 1d20+5=19
 GRUNDIG: what is it that you have to offer us
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Those two... Vorkssstag and Grrrine... they created uss.  We were mortalsss too... in a montasssary we dwelt.  We need a sssubstance that those two gave us in order to... sssssurivive..."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar discovers that the body is gone; in its place lies a pile of clothes and gear.  On thinking it over, Solar decides that it might have been of a race of underdark denizens known as Dark Creepers.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The bodies of Dark Creepers are known to disappear in a flash of light upon their deaths, and they are known to cast the darkness spell with frightening alacrity.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Further information that Solar remembers:

Dark creepers lurk in the black places deep below the surface of the world, venturing forth at night or into neighboring societies when the urge to steal and cause mayhem grows too great to resist. Endless layers of filthy, moldering black cloth shroud these small creatures, leading some to believe that the creature inside is smaller still. Usually encountered in groups, dark creepers flee from bright light, but are quite brave in the dark.

Dark creepers stand just under 4 feet tall and weigh 80 pounds. Their flesh is pale and moist, and their eyes are milky white. Dark creepers exude a foul stench of sweat and spoiled food, owing primarily to the fact that they never take off their clothing—instead piling on new layers when the outermost one grows too ragged.

For all the mayhem and trouble a pack of dark creepers can cause, this is nothing compared to the dangers a tribe led by the taller, even more sinister dark stalkers represents. Dark creepers treat their tall, lithe masters almost like gods, presenting them with offerings and obeying their every whim. Invariably, several dark stalkers serve as leaders to dark creeper tribes, with all of the tribe's heavy work and labor falling on the diminutive shoulders of the creepers, freeing the dark stalkers for their own decadent pleasures. Yet the dark creepers themselves see no inherent imbalance in this arrangement—to a dark creeper, a life in the servitude of a dark stalker is a life fulfilled.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar exams the clothing and equiptment left behind
 GRUNDIG: so what is it that you want and what do you have to give
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar casts detect magic whilst searching
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar discovers a potion of cure light wounds, a flask of acid (2), antitoxin, rags, a masterwork handaxe, masterwork throwing axes (3), a disguise kit, a holy symbol, black smear poison (2 doses), a spell component pouch, and a set of thieves’ tools.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "We want an extract.... give?  What would you have usssss *give*?  What you sssssee before you is all that weee .... have..."
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar tries to identify what religion the holy symbol is from Knowledge Religion 1d20+10=17
 DUNGEON MASTER: It looks like a holy symbol of Norgorber.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The elementals and the flaming sphere dissipate.
 GRUNDIG: what would you do if we gave it to you
 GRUNDIG: grundig yells out hay solar get you ass down here
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar takes what he found and cautiosly makes his way down the ladder to try and find the rest of his companions, he is trying to be stealthy 1d20+5=12
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "We only came here for Vorstag and Grines. If we let you go are you going to harm innocents and kill like your master? Answer truthfully. Do you know where this extract is located?"
Sense Motive: 1d20+6 = 19
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar sees whats going on and says, "Um guys do you realise they are dead"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "There you are, I was wondering what happened to you. Yeah however we owe them a chance to explain their intensions first," replies Johan.
 DUNGEON MASTER: They hesitate a moment.  Finally one answers: "We do not know, where the thing is kept, mortalsss... up above, perhapsss?   If we are free, we would seek the aid of P--p-pharasma... only she can help usss now..."
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar attempts to identify what the undead actually are (few zombies/skeetons actually can talk) Knowledge religion 1d20+10=23
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar decides that these... things... may perhaps be related to the Juju zombies that are created in lands far to the south.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "There are a few things we could tell you, mortalsss... we have been doomed to live in this pool for yearsss now..."
 SOLAR CE’NEA: There are rooms on the top floor (well at least a door) perhaps there is something there for these poor creatures.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: In return for the knowledge of the goings on in this place
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Yessss... a bargain.... we sssseek a bargain..."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Stay here while we search for the extract and come back. We will close the door for the time being until we find what you are looking for."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "That isss... fair... farewell, mortalsss..."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan will finish fishing out the body of their master out of the water before closing and locking the door.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan pulls the body out and closes the door shut with an ominous clang. 

Numerous bits of equipment are secreted into cavities within this creature's muscle structure and flesh.  After some disgusting digging around, Johan discovers a masterwork heavy mace, dust of tracelessness (2 doses), an alchemist’s kit, a blood-smeared formula book, a set of iron keys, black adder venom [2 doses], blue whinnis [2 doses], and deathblade [1 dose].

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