Carrion Crown (Concluded)

We are currently playing through Paizo's Carrion Crown.  The campaign began in August 2011, and will probably wind up about February 2013

Grundig the Psychotic
Mesodias the Silent
Johan the Impulsive
Solar the Amorous 

The following simple house rules are in effect:

Knowledge Checks to Identify Creatures Players making knowledge checks to identify creatures must specify which knowledge they are using. Specifying an inapplicable knowledge carries a penalty generally equal to the creature's CR. Players may only attempt one knowledge check per creature per day. Separate encounters in the same day with the same type of creature allow for separate attempts. 
Perception The perception skill has two uses: 
  1. Spot: Sometimes I will ask for passive perception checks or make them myself. Players cannot choose to make spot checks.  
  2. Search: Players making an active effort to search for something must describe where they are searching, how they are searching, and what in general they are searching for.
Detect Magic Detect magic normally cannot detect illusions, traps or other spells designed to avoid detection. However, detect magic cast as a level one spell or greater may detect traps and illusions of the same level or lower. 
Hero Points This campaign uses hero points. PCs gain one hero point per level. Hero points represent a character's plot armor--use them wisely.
Permitted Classes: No Summoners (they're fiddly) or Gunslingers (I just hate 'em). None of that gun archetype stuff either. All other PFS-legal material is acceptable. I'm not too averse to considering 3.5 material if you've got something you absolutely want to try.

The Session Logs in their entirety can be found here.

In sessions 1-5, the players discover a series of bizarre desecration affecting the small town of Ravengro.  At last, they gather the courage to open the gate to Harrowstone and investigate the going-ons there.

In sessions 6-10, the players explore the first and second floors of Harrowstone, and finally discover a sorrowful ghost who provides them with some much-needed assistance.

In sessions 11-15, the players discover the identity of the person apparently behind the monument  desecrations, and complete their search of the ground floor of Harrowstone Prison.

In sessions 16-20, the professor comes back from the dead as a zombie to attack Kendra and the heroes.  On his body, the heroes discover directions to a hidden treasure trove of magical items.  Later, they make their way to the lower floor of the dungeon and confront the Lopper, a very dangerous wraith.

In sessions 21-25, the players defeat the last of the great haunts which had been infesting the prison.

In sessions 26-30, the players finish their business in Ravengro and accompany Kendra to the large town of Lepidstadt, where they discover that a horrible abomination known as The Beast has been captured and is to be put on trial.

In sessions 31-35, the players are hired to help defend The Beast of Lepidstadt.  They investigate his alleged crimes at Morast, and are attacked in the night by a mysterious knife-wielding creature.

In sessions 36-40, the players investigate the events at Hergstag.

In sessions 41-45, the players investigate the events at Sanctuary, and get involved in a tussle at the establishment of Vorkstag & Grine.

In sessions 46-50, the players defend The Beast from an angry mob, get The Beast acquitted of all charges, and follow it to its home at Caromarc.

In sessions 51-55, the players investigate Caromarc and discover it strangely abandoned, ridden with every sort of monstrous creature and deadly trap.

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