Monday, May 6, 2013

Al'Qadim Session 6

Session 6
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party stands over the defeated skeletons, in a large room dominated by large wheels.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven is looking at what the skeletons may have been holding, he searches them.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Rave notices that they were carrying clubs and not much else.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran sees in the distance the opening of one of the doors on the western side of the temple. He gives Lazar the thumbs down to signal that something has happened that needs inspection.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven is listening to see if she can hear anything
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran moves over to Raven as they prepare to inspect the now open room.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven asks the trap masters to check for traps
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Give me a second to inspect the room." Suhran moves to the opening of the room and inspects the floor and walls for any sign of traps.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Nothing obvious to say the least," replies Suhran in regards to the traps.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran attacks the skeleton with his dagger with a rapid strike.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC6
Damage (dagger): 1d4 = 1
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran slashes again at the skeleton with his dagger as it attacks Raven.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC16
Damage (dagger): 1d4 = 1
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran misses like a lady elf.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The skeleton rakes Raven for 2 damage.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar lashes out at the skeleton infront of him with his dagger

1d20+1=4 hit ac 16
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven no longer tries to play Mr Nice guy and attacks with a vengence
Hit (Short sword): 1d20+4 =  AC 3
Damage (Short sword): 1d6+6 = 12
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar misses, but Raven strikes the thing right across the spine, breaking its back and dropping it to the floor where it shatters.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: And that my friends is how it is done!
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "I would expect no less," Suhran says with a slight nod.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: SUhran looks over the pile of now inanimate bones. "Poor bastards were left in here to rot or burn. I hope the punishment fit the crime, this we may never know."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Well gentleman shall we go back to trying the next door?
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "I will be one moment", Suhran rushes into the room to the south-west and collects a tile, and the tools necessary for crafting a holy symbol of Zann when time permits.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: SUhran moves up the the base of the room and inspects the floors, and walls for traps.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "The room looks as non-descript as the rest," Suhran replies after a brief inspection.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "What is the chance the last door we open contains a trap?"
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran moves into the room, circling the skeleton before striking out at it with his dagger.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC2
Damage (dagger): 1d4 = 3
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven having experienced the love the undead have for the living, doesn't hesitate this time and attacks the skeleton
Hit (Short sword): 1d20+4 =  AC 3
Damage (Short sword): 1d6+6 = 8
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar charges in stabbing into the chest of the skeleton

attack 1d20+1=15 hit ac 5

dam 1d4+2=4
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: While his companions search the remains of tke skeleton and the room, he moves over to Semiha, "Hold still while I heal your wounds."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I-thank you," replies your former taskmaster.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran casts Cure Light Wounds on Semiha, 8 hit points healed.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar grabs the inkwell and quill and stashes it apon his person as best as he can
 DUNGEON MASTER: On the wooden tablets, you see, In Kadari, the words "Teoxiil", along with other measures of tithing and attendance.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven takes several of the wooden tablets (as many as she can carry) and puts them in the skeletons cloak and carry them around like a knapsack
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "If we are finished with this room did you want to try the final wheel in the control room? If something goes wrong like that thing from the ground level coming down we have the hole in the floor that drops down into the water as the last resort."
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar spends some time using the quill and blood from the frog to scribe the spell shield into the spell book he found.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven takes bones and crafts from them a makeshift bow and arrow using the Sinew from the frog as the drawstring.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: The companions discuss tactics and options of exploring the upper chamber to pray to the statue of Teo, with the backup plan of retreating down the hole in the floor if needed. Suhran spends a few hours as they wait crafting a holy symbol using the hammer and chisel to etch several grooves into the stone tile to represent Zann's fountain of knowledge and wisdom.
 DUNGEON MASTER: After a couple hours and a good meal of raw toad, the party is ready to proceed.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar removes the head of one of the frogs using sinu from the dead frog to make a buckler.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: THe party spends a few minutes making a barricade of sorts with the stone blocks before they prepare to rest for the night.
 LAZAR TARIQ: watch order lazar, suhran, harlf elf, raven

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Al'Qadim Session 5

Session 5
 DUNGEON MASTER: A broad stone table cluttered with tools and half-worked chunks of gray stone dominates this room. In one corner sit several large pieces of stone stacked against the wall, some of which have been worked.  
On the eastern wall a square block about three feet in each direction protrudes seamlessly from the wall.  A trio of buttons and a trio of small holes lie in its outward-facing surface.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party now stands in the room picking needles out of their backs and shoulders.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar leaves the room to serch the wall to the left of the closest door for any sighn of a lever or hidden compartment that may contain some sort of release meconisum.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar notices no levers or other devices in this area.
 LAZAR TARIQ: Lazar starts moveing the blocks infront of the wall where the darts came from to act as a barrier from any firther injery.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "I think that would be best in case it takes more than one attempt to work out the right combination," says Suhran as he moves to assist Lazar adjusting the blocks to create some sort of impromptu wall.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar sucessfully moves several of the blocks in front of the holes in the western wall. As he does so, he notices one large, heavy carving that shows three separate temples located in the midst of a jungle or a forest.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar shows the others the carving to his campanions "i guess there may be more than one of these temples and studdies the carving to see if he can work out if its a map of the airea
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven looks for secret doors/hidey holes in the sotnes
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar sees that one pyramid-like temple seems to be in a ravine, surrounded by a flowing river. If the picture is to be believed, part of the river actually flows out of the front doors of the temple. Another temple seems to be situated above the treetops, though its means of suspension is left to the imagination of the viewer. The third temple lies underground, near the source of the first temple's water supply. A long underground river seems to flow from the third temple to the first.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven finds no secrets within the stones, other than the set of small holes in the western wall.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar moves to the door to watch what happens when Suhran plays with the mecanisum
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "This level of architecture and craftsmanship is quite ingenious if the stone carving is to be believed. Allow me to test the release mechanism, this time testing the first small hole." Suhran removes the two finger bones, leaving only the finger bone within the first slot before pressing the button below it.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran places a second finger bone into the next small hole and presses the two upper buttons.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran removes all finger bones and presses all buttons for some kind of response.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran tries pressing each button seperately before trying different combinations with finger bones.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran places a finger bone into the middle slot before testing various combinations of buttons. He tries pressing each button seperately, before pressing two buttons together, finally all buttons to unlock the rooms to the north.
 DUNGEON MASTER: When Suhran presses the first and the last button in combination, the box emits an audible click, and a small hinged door opens in its face. Within, a pair of glass vials sit amidst a number of very badly corroded beakers and flasks.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven suggest pouring a drop on one of the stones to check it isn't acid
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran removes the potions and hands one each to Lazar and Raven as he focuses again on opening the doors to the north.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: This time Suhran places a finger bone into only the bottom slot before testing different cominations of buttons.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran removes the finger bone from the bottom slot and tries it in the top small hole before pressing the buttons. "If this doesn't get a reaction I will try two bones  with the possible combinations."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Neither the top hole with a finger bone nore the two finger bones with the buttons produce any noticible results.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar walks out and serches to the right of the door looking for any sighn of a lever or hidden mechanisum
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran places a bone into the bottom slot together with the finger bone which is currently in the top/upper slot. He slowly and carefully tries each comination of the buttons.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven pours a tiny drop of the liquid in the vial on the stone table and if it seems safe to do so sniffs at it to identify its fragrance
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar discovers no sign of lever or hidden mechanism.

Suhran's efforts continue to yeild no results.

The liquid does not react with stone. Raven decides that the substance smells like garlic.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven tells everyone she is about to place a drop of the garlic smelling liquid and to be ready to help her if she needs it
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: O ce she is sure everyone was paying attention she does just that
 DUNGEON MASTER: The pain caused by the needles is lessened somewhat, and inspection reveals that the wounds have been reduced to small, white scars.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: I believe these vials might be cure light wound potions I feel much better.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven asks to smell the other one to see if it smells the same
 DUNGEON MASTER: Both vials do indeed smell like garlic.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: SOlar is convinced both are the same
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran watches as the vials are inspected carefully, "They could come in handy however it is frustrating we have been unable to budge the stone doors outside this room."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: While the others check out the next door Raven is on guard and looks up the corridors to see if anything is approaching.  She is viligent as ever being one like her namesake...eaglehawk
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: SUhran inspects the floor and handle of the door for any obvious tell tale signs of traps before he tests the handle and puts some weight into it.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven also looks for tracks both recent and acient around the doorway and surrounding corridor
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar looks to the west watching for anything aproching form that direction
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran discovers no traps. The door opens to reveal a a narrow spiral staircase leading upwards

Raven discovers no footprints in this area, although the party has been through her several times and so anything older is quite possibly obscured.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran indicates to his companions with a single raised finger to his lips for silence before slowly inching his way up the staircase (move silently).
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: As Suhran moves up the staircase he inspects the steps for any hairline cracks that could indicate a pressure plate or even scratch markings on the walls that could indicate a trap.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven guards the door as her friends creep upstairs.  She faces outwards away from the stairs so as not to be surprised
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar keeps within rage of Suhran moveing as quiertly as he can
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran discovers nothing suspicious. The stairs  end on a small landing not very far up. A small knob protudes from the wall here, as does a long, thin stone lever.

Down at the bottom of the stairs, Raven hears a long, ominous croak from the east--judging by the volume, its source must be very close at hand.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran waits a moment for his companions to reach him. Once they are standing still, he inspects the small knob and thin stone lever for any traps, other then opening the doorway to the upper level of the temple complex.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran discovers no traps. However, he does hear the occasional sound from the other side of this wall--a whimper, followed by a sound not unlike flesh being torn by a wild animal.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran indicates backwards with his fingers.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar makes his way down and out the door
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party makes their way back down to the lower level.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: When the rest of the party arrives Raven asks about what they foend and reports the croaking she heard from the southeast
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: when she knows about the beast noises she suggests moving a stone block to block this door in case the undead monstrosity comes down stairs via the door
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "We can't assume that the frogmen will approach us in a friendly regard even though we have their lords blessings. To be honest I would prefer not to have to kill them if we can avoid provoking them. If in their shoes I would defend my temple from outsiders," replies Suhran at the mention of frogmen. "Does this change the fact about opening this door? Should we inspect another first?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Happy to have you open this door but I'd like to block the stairway first
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar moves to the east of the other door
 LAZAR TARIQ: "hay guys there is a giant toad comeing for me" lazar charges foward to atack the frog with his dagger

attack = 1d20+1=21 hit ac-2

dam= 1d4+2=6
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar successfully slashes the thing across the face, parting the flesh. In response the thing grabbs Lazar in its jaws, dealing 2 damage.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran winces not from pain but from frustration of having to kill the native inhabitants of this temple. He moves in a low crouch around the outside of the stone staircase to flank the frogman.
Move Quietly (Success less than 40%) = 52%
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran moves into flanking position and backstabs the frogman with his dagger.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0+4 = THAC0 1
Damage (dagger): 2d4 = 4 + 2 = 6 dmg
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran comes around from behind and finishes what Lazar started: a quick dagger right in the spine makes the kill and the thing falls to the ground twitching.

[Off rounds.]
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran carefully cleans the blood from his small blade before moving to inspect Lazar's wounds. "Are you alright?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven goes up to the toad and puts her hand on it and says to Teo, we are sorry we had to hurt one of your own
 LAZAR TARIQ: a few cuts and nicks nothing a days rest wont heal
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Did either of you see where this came from?" Suhran looks to the corner behind him, he also listens for more tell tale sounds of croaking.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven goes to work tearing some cloth into makeshift bandages and starts patching her friend up
 DUNGEON MASTER: As if in reply, a loud croak echoes somewhere in the chamber below.
 LAZAR TARIQ: no it was just sitting there when i walked arround the corner
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: However Teo we give thanks for this food!
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "That's just perfect isn't it. They must be able to climb up through the opening and theirs at least one more down there that I can hear", replies Suhran.
 LAZAR TARIQ: "well we have something to eat now we wont go hungry today atleast"
 LAZAR TARIQ: "shell we check out the other door now"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Sounds good.  Lead on.  Raven listens for more croaks and watches for any movements as her companions deal with the door
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran moves over to stand in front of the doorway, inspecting it for traps first before opening it.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran finds no traps, and the door opens easily once he grasps the handle.

Within, you see a large stone wheel set with long steel spokes protrudes from a rectangular hole in the floor. Several smaller wheels, each the size of a dinner plate, are set into the wall.

Two skeletons rest with their hands against the spokes of the larger wheel. As the door opens, a light burns within their empty eye sockets and they lurch to a semblance of life.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran rushes into the room and attempts to stab into the frogmans underbelly with his dagger.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC0 5
Damage (dagger): 1d4 = 2
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran's dagger does some damage to the skeleton. In return, both attack him and one successfully smashes him across the shoulder for 1 point of damage.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven runs into the room and sees Suhran attacking the skeleton so Raven attacks the same skekeleton hoping to destroy one of them.
Hit (Short sword): 1d20+4 = 1 THAC0
Damage (Short sword): 1d6+6 = 10
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven batters the skeleton with her sword.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran ducks under one of the skeletons attacks however he is knocked back slightly from the second as it claws at his flesh. He stabs at the same skeleton Raven slashed at.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC13
Damage (dagger): 1d4 = 3
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran's attack misses--somehow the thing manages to step aside just in time.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The skeletons both strike at Suhran again--this time one hits him directly across the head for 5 damage.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar moves foward aattacking the first skeleton he sees

attack1d20+1=14 hit ac=6

dam 1d4+2=4
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar hits his skeleton.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The fourth elf runs in to attack, but her wild swing misses the mark.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven sees that Suhran has been significant damaged so she tries to psuh him behind her so that the skeletons can only attack her and not Suhran
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven attacks the same skeleton hoping to take it out
Hit (Short sword): 1d20+4 =  AC 3
Damage (Short sword): 1d6+6 = 10
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven smashes her skeleton to bits and pieces.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Both the fourth elf and the skeleton miss with their attacks.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran begins to softly chant the pray to cure the wounds he has sustained. "Vessel of flesh and bone, giver of life, he who bears the name of knowledge and wisdom! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of pain, unmake these wounds and make whole once again."
Cure Light Wounds: 1d8 = 5 hp healed
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar lashes out again with his blade slicing into the bones infront of him
first attack

1d20+1=13hit ac 7

dam 1d4+2=4

2nd attack 1d20+1=16 hit ac 4

dam= 1d4+2=5
 DUNGEON MASTER: Both attacks strike true, dealing consideral damage to the remaining skeleton. Its bones crumble and and shattter.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran moves foward to attack the remaining skeleton with his dagger.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC18
 DUNGEON MASTER: The skeleton swings again and clumsily misses.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar slashes out once again

attack 1d20+1=13 hit ac 7

 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar smashes the remaining skeleton to bits.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [End rounds.]
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar serches the skeletons for any tresure or usfull items
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven looks at the skeletons and suggests some of us take the clubs as she thinks they moght do better against any other skeletons they might come accross
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven assist in looking for treasure
 DUNGEON MASTER: Both the skeletons carried old delapidated clubs--and little else.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar looks about the room to see if there is anything worth taking
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Perhaps these open the doors outside this room?" Suhran runs his hand through his hair as he stands there after the battle had finished.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: He moves further into the room inspecting the walls for any traps, especially tiny recess in the wall for needle traps.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [Game ends here]

Monday, April 15, 2013

Al'Qadim Session 4

Session 4
The party drops down into the darkness--to find themselves atop a heap of shattered stone piled into a gray, dusty heap at the intersection of three walls. Other than several small, round holes in the floor, both rooms are bare, offering no indication of how they might have once been used.

To the east, a wide, heavy slab of stone is set about knee-high off the ground. Atop the slab, the overseerer, Semiha Koroturk, fights for her life, wielding her scimitar furiously in one hand and her whip in the other. Against her are arrayed three animated skeletons, slightly larger than a human.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The sounds of her combat echoes through the chamber.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar reaches down his pants pulling out his wepon ready to charge into combat
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran hisses with a sneer on his face as he notices the skeletons fighting against Semiha. "Scourge of the living. Avoid the raised dias in case it is hallowed ground and has some affect on the living."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: SHould we help Semiha? or leave her to her fate.  I suspect we will need her, I don't hold any love for here but she is in the same predictament as us, perhaps we should help her
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "We should help her, give her a chance to prove her worth to us." Suhran draws his concealed blade as he charges forward to meet the skeletons in combat with his allies.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven pulls out her Short sword ready to go to her aid
 LAZAR TARIQ: Lazar charges in to the fray of combat wielding his slightly rusty dagger
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: As Raven charges in she keeps an eye out for other possible combatents
 DUNGEON MASTER: [Begin rounds]
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran rushes forward to engage the skeleton as they strike out at Semiha.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+2 = 7 THAC0
Damage (dagger): 1d4 = 2
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran's dagger is stymied somewhat by the unsuitability of piercing the empty bones, but still he manages to crack a few ribs that break and fall onto the floor.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar runs in next to suhran lashing out with his dagger at the creature in front of him

to hit 1d20+1=14 hit ac 6 dam 1d4+2=6
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar's dagger slashes down in an arc, smashing several more ribs and losening the thing's joints.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven goes in cautiously and attacks the skeleton that Lazar just attacked
Hit (Short sword): 1d20+4 =3 THAC0
Damage (dagger): 1d6+6 = 10
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven deals terrific damage to her skeleton, almost but not completely destroying it.

One of the skeletons brings down its mace upon Semiha, drawing blood but not styming her in the slightest; her own sword lashes out and dashes the head off the skeleton in retaliation.

As before, she acknowledges the heroes with a look and a slight movement that might be a nod--or perhaps it might just be part of her motion as she dodges and weaves in an attempt to avoid being hit again.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven attacks the next Skeleton hoping to finish it off in one go:

Hit (Short sword): 1d20+4 = -3 THAC0
Damage (dagger): 1d6+6 = 12
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven cleaves the thing through its spine--bones drop and rattle on the floor.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran moves forward to the side of Raven as he thrusts at the skeletons chest with his dagger.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC0 6
Damage (dagger): 1d4 = 2
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran steps up and slashes with his dagger, cracking and breaking a few of the things bones in the process.
 LAZAR TARIQ: apon seeing the little efect the dagger has apon the skeleton lazar reaches for the club amongst the pile of bones before him.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The skeleton mechanically brings down its club, in a blow which is mostly deflected by Semiha's armor.

In return, she lashes out with her scimitar in an attack which only barely misses.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran ducks under the skeletons ridgid attack as he circles the skeleton before attempting to smash his dagger into it.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC0 10
Damage (dagger): 1d4 = 3
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran's attack misses the thing, due more to the hastiness of the attack than the skill of the defense.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar moves in swinging his newly aquired club at the skeleton

attack 1d20-2=-1 hit ac 21
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar sucessfully hits the slab of stone next to Semiha.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The skeleton brings down its club again, striking Semiha in the shoulder. She brushes it off and pursues her objective, slashing out with her scimitar--only to miss the thing yet again.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven attacks the final Skeleton hoping to make it 2 from 2:
Hit (Short sword): 1d20+4 = 7 THAC0
Damage (dagger): 1d6+6 = 12
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven's attack drives into the undead beast, knocking it backward and then shattering its spine. The thing falls to the ground in a heap of bones.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [off rounds]
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven says to Semiha, Perhaps it would go better for all of us if we worked togehter at least for the time being, once we are safely out of here we can go our seperate ways
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: is you so wish to
 DUNGEON MASTER: Semiha clutches her side and the bitterness in her eyes lessens somewhat as she eyes the heroes.

"That would be well," she says, wincing as she holds her wound. "Truly our fate is ill this day."
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar moves to cover semiha waiting for her answer to ravens question but dose his best ont to appear threatening
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven says good, everyone keep an eye out.  Raven then checks the Skeltons for weapons or anything else that could be of use.
 LAZAR TARIQ: so long as that wip is not directed at us we should get along well lazar starts checking over what the skeletons have that may be usfull
 DUNGEON MASTER: The skeleton's skulls feature protruding triangular jaws; wide eye sockets; and enlongate, folding limb bones. Among the shattered bones lie two more clubs, much like the first--crude, half-rotted wood reinforced with metal and stone.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: As she is searching Raven asks semiha if she has gained any knowledge being a supervisor that might help them right now.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Prior to this time we consider your actions the responsibility of the yak-men and not attributued to you." Suhran pockets a few handfuls of dust and a few of the smaller skeletons bone fragments as he regards Lazar, "You never know when dust from an ancient temple and bones from skeleton guardians could be necessary components to empower our spells. The gods can be fickle in such ways."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "My actions are my own," she replies proudly, but her mouth twists back into the familiar bitter smile. "I know nothing of what these creatures had planned; nothing that you do not, at any rate. They considered me as a herd dog, and you as a sheep--neither fit to confide in."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Very well, fair enough, we were all forced into our roles here.  You were clearly running towards something, was it chance or do you have an idea of how to get out of here or better defend ourselves against what is happening above?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Overseers have weapons, but none fit to harm that... thing. I came down here seeking time to think, and perhaps a weapon that will avail me. Or failiing that, an honorable death."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: WelL I Guess we start exploring and look for a way out...or a friend Raven says out loud but looks knowingly to his to slave companions
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar takes one of the broken ribs hopeing to atempt to make a writeing implement out of it when the opertunity arises. lazar turns to Semiha "are you wounded badly. ore can you continue on."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I can continue, most assuredly," she replies. However, it is obvious from the blood beneath her armor that she is not as well as she was a few moments ago.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven looks around to see if she can see if anyone has passed this way even if it was centuries ago
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: [65% in DUngeon like settings]
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven discovers no tracks other than those obviously just caused by the skeletons.
 LAZAR TARIQ: do you think its would be possible to block the hole in the floor from above to prevent that thing frob getting down here?
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: While Raven determines if any recent tracks are present, he carefully searches the small holes to determine if it was possibily trapped or if it conceals any items of interest.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The holes are no more wide than human fingers. Six of them sit on the floor of each of the two rooms. As he investigates, Suhran notices the sound of water from far below, as well as an odd croaking sound.

Lazar decides that there are two kinds of stone present in the rubble: the gray stone of the temple, and a blacker stone that he has not yet seen anywhere in the vicinity.
 DUNGEON MASTER: After a thourough investigation of the dust on the floor, Raven does spot an elvish-sized footprint that is too old to have been made by any of the recent intruders into the temple.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven suggests looking at all the open areas first and then try the doors
 DUNGEON MASTER: In the southern half of the room lies a gaping rent in the floor, as if the stonework itself gave way under some ancient upheaval.
 DUNGEON MASTER: As they approach the hole, the occasional sound of water splashing and the intermittent croak can be heard.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven suggests to the others to look down the hole to check for danger before passing it and continuing on
 DUNGEON MASTER: Several small cracks run all the way from the floor to the ceilling near the crack; however, the stone itself seems to be holding well.
 LAZAR TARIQ: the danger could come from behind the doors whilst where looking down the hole aswell but yes ok.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "I agree, it would be best to proceed with caution and make the collapsed section is safe before we inspect the rooms," replies Suhran as he looks ahead at the hole in the floor.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven goes closer to the hole to looks down but ask Semiha if she would give her one end of her whips so she can help pull her to safety if needed.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Semiha obliges with a wry smile, as if the thought of using her whip to assist Raven amuses her.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven, stepping forward to peer into the hole, sees a pool of water about 40' below.  A ring of stone runs above the water line around the outer walls of the room.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven passes on what she has seen to her companions
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "I'm keen to keep my feet dry unless we have no other suitable alternative or option for going forward. Shall we explore these room that seem to surround the outer walls of the section for any items that could be of assistance to us?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven listens and looks at the doors
 DUNGEON MASTER: Only the faintest of cracks in the gray stone indicate the outline of a rectangular doors along this side of the chamber.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran runs his hands across the hairline seem as he inspects how the door or portal should open. "It is fine craftsmanship, I'm not sure if these will open to mundane means or magical however we can always try to budge it with sheer strength. Let's put some weight into the door and test if it will open."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Pushing, pulling and shoving with all their might, the pair is able to eventually move the door slightly to the left, sliding it into the wall. The sound of clicking and grinding below the door provides evidence that some sort of mechanism is being forced against its intended use.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran carefully looks inside through the small gap provided for a release lever or switch to allow ease in opening the door the whole way.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran sees no such mechanism. Judging by the sounds the machinery must lie to his left and near the floor.
 LAZAR TARIQ: prehaps we try the normal door first?
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: I agree, Clearly there must be a lever or mechanism around here that opens these doors
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "As stubborn and plain as a dwarf! It sounds like the door was meant to be opened from the other side or one of the other rooms? We may have more luck trying one of the rooms to the south first?"
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran inspects this stone door for traps before giving it the approval to be opened.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran locates no signs of any traps.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Looks free of traps however with craftsmenship this fine and no light source it is difficult to be absolutely certain."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: I guess we try it and wear whtever happens.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven grabs the handle and tries the door listening and trying to see inside whilst being ready to shut it immediately if needed
 DUNGEON MASTER: A broad stone table cluttered with tools and half-worked chunks of gray stone dominates this room. In one corner sit several large pieces of stone stacked against the wall, some of which have been worked.

On the eastern wall a square block about three feet in each direction protrudes seamlessly from the wall.  A trio of buttons and a trio of small holes lie in its outward-facing surface.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Perhaps these holes are the kind of mechanism used to open the doors adjacent to us? My preferance is for the simple beauty of a handle to open a door however these frogmen seemed to enjoy a more complex design."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: I think you might be right.  Perhaps we can use the hands of the skeltons to turn them?
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Or should we not risk them?
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar looks through the verios tools for anything that may be of use as a wepon or just something that may com in handy later on
 DUNGEON MASTER: The tools consist of mallets, nickers, punches, pitchers, irons, and bits--all are mostly old and rusted, but for one fine looking mallet with a lustrous silver-colored head.  Also there are several thin square tiles about the size of a human hand, all engraved with the same stylized toad with an outstretched tongue.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "I am of the preferance to check these rooms in case they are storerooms for those working within this area. Perhaps these rooms are air tight it may have protected any items within we can take with us?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: I am game if you are, I think however we should take as much of this as we can including the mallet and the square tiles
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar takes one of the tiels and the mallet tucking it into the top of his pants on the side and the tile on the other side.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven takes two of the tiles as well
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar now has an unseemly bulge in his pants.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran pockets two tiles into his trousers. "Does anyone have any objection to be attempting to manipulate the small holes with the frogmen bones to try and open the doors to our north?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: No I think it is agood idea!
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran nods slightly as he kneels down and inserts one of the frogmen bones into the hole to see if this will activate one of the doors.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The finger bones are more or less the right size to plug the hole. However, nothing happens when Suhran inserts the first bone.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran sighs in frustration as his plan does not work as expected. He attempts to slowly rotate the bones to see if this will make any difference.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran inserts another two bones into the cavity provided in the stone wall.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Now all three holes are more-or-less plugged with finger bones.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran now pushes the stone buttons into the wall.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The buttons all press inword, moving easily under the pressure from Suhran's fingers. At once there is a loud click, and a hail of small needles flies toward the square stone block from a number of previously undiscovered holes in the western wall.

[Save vs. breath weapons or be hit with several long needles.]
 DUNGEON MASTER: All three heroes are painfully stuck with several long needles. [no hp damage.]
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Don't I feel like the fool. I should have inspected that first in more detail before pulling all of them at the same time."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven suggests moving the blocks to protect them.  She also suggests examining the other walls to see if there are anymore darts on the other walls of the room
 LAZAR TARIQ: agreed lazar starts sirching the sothen wall for any sighn of traps or odd stone work
 LAZAR TARIQ: after pulling any darts out of his hide
 DUNGEON MASTER: The needles are painfull but easily removed. Lazar discovers nothing odd in the southern wall.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven looks for the possibility of more needles firing out of the other walls if a different combination is pressed.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven notices no other holes in any of the four walls.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Al'Qadim Session 3

Session 3
 DUNGEON MASTER: As the rubble is being cleared away, the gray-haired Yak-Man as well as a couple others approach the entrance. Under their guidance, you and the other slaves begin moving sizable chunks of stone from the ruined pillars into a circle just outside the gray temple doors.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven Keeps working as instructed but tries very hard to see into the entrance whilst trying not to look interested.  She tries to pretend to look like she is tired and just existing.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The doors have not yet been opened--however, raven does note that the doors are graven with more images of anthromorphic frogs ensnaring a variety of genies.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven is starting to to thing their diety friend is one of these frog creatures (or their god) and that hey will easily deal with the Genie slaves the Yak-men have.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: While a certain amount of fatigue is starting to be noticable within Suhran's bloodshot eyes, he steadies his breathing and repeats a mantra over and over in his head to remain focused. Curiosity has the better of him as he wishes to confirm for certain who or what they were dealing with in regards to Teo's true nature.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Once the circle of stones is complete, the slaves are directed to pull open the doors by brute force, with nothing more than hooks, ropes and the strength of their backs. Your chain of slaves is given a rope within 15' of the door and directed to heave with all their might.

Your overseer, Semiha, seems particularily on edge, judging by the taught corners of her mouth and her liberal use of the whip to enforce discipline.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: As they are they are yanking the doors open, Raven looks around to see if they are being watched by the frog-men we saw the previous nights.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar pulls with all hs stringth awaiting what may come through the door when it eventualy opens
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven spots no frog-men, although he does note that there is another impaled corpse on display near the edge of the jungle.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran puts his back into it, heaving until the skin and blisters on his hands tear to budge the door from its possible hundred of years slumber.
 DUNGEON MASTER: After an hour's worth of labor, the doors come open with a screech of metal scraping metal. Through the opening the darkened interior beckons.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar pears through the doors and is thankfull for the wipping to stop.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The center of this chamber is dominated by the statue of a tremendous toad, whose tongue reaches up into the shadows near the ceiling. A number of pillars loom out of the right and left side of the room--only glimpses are visible from the entrance. Everywhere the stonework is the same--gray and drab.

After a Dao is sent within to confirm the room is unoccupied, the Yak-Men begin directing chains of slaves inside the chamber, into a number of lines in front of the frog statue. All about you stand sweaty, stinking bodies, packed together like frog eggs.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran stares at the giant toad statue that stretches upward into the shadowy expanse of the temple. He swallows hard as they are lined up to stand before the statue he assumes is that of Teo. Nervously he looks around to see what the yak mens intensions maybe.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The Slaves are herded to the sides, opening up a long path in the center. In the shadows, the gray-haried Yak-Man's voice rumbles. "Do it now, Kul'ana."

The scent of jasmine wafts through the air as a single cloaked figure approaches the statue. Slowly, gracefully, she kneels down and prostrates herself before the idol.
SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran stands perfectly still, watching the statue for any physical change, and also he attempting to sense any fluctuations of divine energy within the room.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Several minutes pass, interrupted only by the occasional shuffle of feet and the clink of chain.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven tries really hard to see all around the room at once.  she is watching the reaction of the Yakmen and the lady on the floor as well as any movements/lights/sounds from the statues
 DUNGEON MASTER: Then, suddenly, the robed figure jerks back to life. Slowly she rises to her feet.

"It is done, Thockmay," she says.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar watches the head yackman watching for his reaction
 DUNGEON MASTER: "What were your terms?" All four Yak-Men fix their gaze on the cloaked figure, and two of them seem to be clutching something under their robes as they back away toward the doors.

"Information. Names. Positions and habits."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "And in return?" Thokmay's voice is at once both eager and bemused. The four Yak-men are nearly to the great doors now.

"He gave me power over." The speaker's voice is not visible, but it is impossible to miss the smile in the tone.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Over everyone. Over my kind."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Then our bargain is complete. The reward is yours." The Yak-men are at the temple doors now, along with their dao servants.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The figure bows, and then gracefully steps out of her black robes, revealing a femine form--but with long, gangly arms and legs, and jaws filled with sharp yellow teeth. A feral light shines in her eyes.

Suddenly, from the slaves who stand nearest to Kul'ana, a voice screams: "Look out! She's a ghul!" While the screaming voice is quickly cut off, its message is repeated by a hundred other voices in the darkness, as a frightened mob of chained slaves scrambles to get away from the robed one.

Slowly, the shaft of light shining in from the doorway begins to narrow, as the massive metal doors began to creak closed.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran raises an eyebrow at the mention of the ghul as he initially inches away from the ghul. "This complicates things somewhat. Our options seem to be to put distance between us and it or deal with it in our own way."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Gentleman, I think it is now time to ask to be released from our bonds.  agreed?
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar nods at raven agreed
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Dear and great Teo, we ask to be released from our bonds so that we may live and get to prostrate ourselves before you in the future (Raven tries to speak aloud but quite enough that the Ghul can't hear Teo's name.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar speaks within his mind "Teo the time has come releace my  bonds so i might escape"
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran nods in agreement at his companions suggestion to guarantee our freedom from the chains. Suhran whispers, "Teo, I wish to be free from these bonds."
 DUNGEON MASTER: In the chaos, no one seems to notice as the chains drop from the arms and legs of the trio of elves.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven prod the other two and indicates with hand gestures running stealthly behind the pillar to their right.  Once she is confident they understand she tries to untangle herself from the rest of the slaves as stealthy as possible and move over to behind the pillar hopping that her two elven companions are joineing her.  She Specifiaclly tries to see if there is anything dangerous on the other side of the Pillar before she gets there.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes move to separate themselves from the stinking, terrified throng, and to move behind the pillar. No obvious dangers preclude hiding here.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes hunker down behind the pillar. Screams and cries of terror echo through the chamber, beam of light shining through the door narrows, and then disappears altogether.

In the darkness, the party observes a curious thing--their overseerer, Semiha, seems to be also moving away from the chaos and toward the hole in the floor to the northwest.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven indicates to her companions going to the other column and starts to make her way quickly and stealthly over to it, pointing out Semiha to the rest of the group.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran follows Raven, moving forward in a crouched position along the edge of the temple wall to invistigate how deep the foundation of the collapsed pillar lies.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar follows suhran to the edg of the hole
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party moves toward the rent in the floor, rather ignoring their half-elf overseerer who seems likewise content to ignore them. The hole apparears to extend 10' deep, ending in a pile of broken gray stone.

Semiha clearly notices the party and acknowledges them with only the slightest of nods. Quickly, she lowers herself by her hands and drops down into the level below.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran's eyes squint as he observes her reaction. Seeing no inital malice or mistrust, Suhran is satisfied at this stage to not slit her throat and give her an opportunity to prove herself to each of them. He looks to his companions with a sly grin, "Ladies first it seems?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven doesn't muck around, she immediatly goes do to make sure it is safe for her "brave" male companions
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar follos raven down the hole easing himself down into the hole letting go once he is at full strech.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran follows, however as he lowers himself into the pit, he pauses for the briefest of seconds as his hands turn white from the effort to offer a silent prayer to those left behind who have given them the opportunity to escape for the time being.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran prays to Zann and Teo, "The past and future can be a terrible burden bound to you by an unbreakable chain. You can drag it with you, forever looking over your shoulder at what holds you back. Or you can let it go and move forward. It’s your choice. We have made our choice, we will pray for the souls of those unable to bear the burden before them."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Perhaps it because they are fewer in number, or perhaps it is because of the distance between them, but it now seems as if the screams of the doomed slaves are quieter than they were before.

The party stands on the ruins of a wall separating two small chambers. No furnishings fill this room, nor do any markings indicate what purpose this temple might once have had for a fifteen foot square room comprised only of gray stone.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Al'Qadim Session 2

Session 2
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran turns to regard his companions, "While we reside in this place between reality and dreams, I feel it is to our advantage to discuss things we could not otherwise."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Well We could at least introduce ourselves seeing as we all seem to have made a pact with Teo.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The old man smiles at the mention of himself in thrid person, and politely turns back to his fishing.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: SO dear Teo, can you you give us any clue as to what is going on with the Yakman.  Are they trying to encroch on your place of power or tap into your power?
 LAZAR TARIQ: this is true raven we have managed to get a few things when we camped out in a cave a few nights ago we found a sword and a few daggers. as well as some cind of potion.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Do you all have weapons, I have this sharpend bone I am going to use as a dagger or is the sword and daggers spare?
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran looks to Raven, "I have a short sword concealed within my clothing I wish you to use when the time is right. People live out their lives bound by limitations of their own power. That's how they define their perception of control. However what does it mean to challenge control? These are merely vague constructs or interpretations made by scholars and lawmakers in dusted libraries who have never faced what it is we face. THese yak-men are worthy of the final death for their arrogance and abuse of power when they decided sacrificing or enslaving all those they set eyes upon was acceptable. We are not their property to be bartered with or used as they see fit."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "These cow creatures had been no concern of mine, up until this very day. I shall become better acquainted with them hereafter," he says with a weary sigh. "But I know their genie slaves of old."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: I am curious good Teo, can we meet here each night or is this a once off occasion?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I shall be honored to have your presence here in my home, every time you are invited," he replies.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Pardon me great Teo for asking, but how often are we likely to be invited?
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "This place whatever type of construct it is, is welcome relief from reality. Each night since we had been captured by the yak-men, a darkness has began to creep into my heart, a chill that leeched away all feeling and colour from my dreams. All we had was the fear of the unknown, a slow and cruel death at the hands of those who abuse the power they wield. Yet, when we awaken from his dream I know that fear will be gone, replaced with a purpose to give the yak-men a reason to fear again."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I find that mortals take a different view of the word 'often'," he replies wistfully. "I may see you here again during your mortal lives. This answers you, yes?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Perhaps, great one, Is there perhaps a way to signal you to be invited into your realm if for example we need to talk to plan to achieve the goal of bowing at your feet when the time comes
 LAZAR TARIQ: how large is the temple we are about to enter dose it extend beond what can be seen from outside is your alter hard to get to
 LAZAR TARIQ: or would it be hard for us to get to it
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I may have other offers for you in the future," he replies. "In such a time you will be invited again into my home."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "My temple? It is small. The--altar did you call it? I suppose it is an altar of sorts--the altar is in the center of the main chamber, just inside the doors. You will not miss it."
 LAZAR TARIQ: how do we pray to you once inside the temple is there something we must say
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Ah. I am a humble god; a kind god. I require no sacrifices, no ritual cleansing. Simply prostrate yourselves before my idol and worship me. It may take time, but I will acknowledge you. Then your bargain will be complete."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: will you idol look like you do now?
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: OR do you have anther form?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "It will not look like this. You will know it when you see it--I am sure."
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "I believe we should be patient for the right opportunity to be realised from our chains. Personally my first goal is to escape from the yak-men and if time permits, cut out the heart of as many of them as possible. We will be of no use to the rest of the slaves if we die in our attempt to escape. I doubt the yak-men will invest too much time and resources to track us with the threat of frogmen attacking the camp," replies Suhran.
 LAZAR TARIQ: teo can we have our bonds broken after praying at your alter
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: I strongly suggest we don't go out of our way to kill Yakman....if they are in the way most certainly, however if we seek any out it will slow us down. I would rather escape with less Yakman dead then more dead and be recaputred becasue we did not leave as soon as possible.  You can get your revenge later, getback your freedon first
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Whenever you request it. You remember that you must worship at my temple within ten days of today, yes?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Dear Teo, can you tell us anything about the yakman and their pets the deo which may assist us in bowing at your alter sooner
 LAZAR TARIQ: is there more than one way into your temple
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Do you not know of the Dao? They are deadly if you are not prepared. I have looked into their hearts, and they resent their masters--they will obey as they have been commanded, but will never take the initiative to protect those cow men's interests."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Yes," replies the old man, looking at Lazar. He shfits somewhat uncomfortably. "Would you care to take up a rod and fish here with me? Or return now to your world of chains?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: perhaps we should fish, It is much nicer here then in chains.  Another question great Teo does time pass the same here as where we are from?
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran removes his sandals before sitting by the river edge with his feet dangling over the water. He picks up a spare fishing rod and enjoys what time they have left fishing and sharing idle chat and banter with the old man.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar joins the old man fishing in the river
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Take a rod, then. It is a good evening for fishing, yes? Time passes here as it does in the world--but it is more comfortable here, I think."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven Happily joins in the fishing and the conversation
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar scratches the temple shape into the sand with his finger. is it within you teo to show us where the other entrance is?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Ah--an ill topic, yes? There is a hole in the roof of my temple. Perhaps I should find some followers to repair it, do you think?" he replies with a self-effacing smile.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Just before we leave great Teo if one of my companions gives me something here in your realm, will I have it in the other realm or do I need to get it from him there?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "You can trade items here, if that is your wish," replies Teo.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Thank you.  So gentleman if you have that spare short sword I could certainly use it alone with my bone dagger.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran removes the short sword concealed within his clothing and offers it to Raven. He looks to Teo, "Thank you, that is most generous of you."
 LAZAR TARIQ: can you provide me with en and ink here to write down a spell?
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven says thanks and then uses so cloth to tie the sword to her body so it is concelled when she moves and doesnt stick me
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Alas, I carry no such things here. You can find some in my temple, perhaps?"

After a long restful period spent fishing, Teo returns the party back to their tents. No one awakens immediately, and in fact it is only when Semiha the overseer comes around to shake the slaves awake that the heroes regain conciousness.

It is about two in the afternoon, and the steam is rising from the jungle.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar moves to get a drink when permitted to and eats what he is porvided.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven udergoes a serious of hidden stretches flexing her muscles to stay flexable and strong
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran opens his eyes slowly, then with a start as he realises where they are once more. He rolls to his feet before cracking his back and neck after a night sleeping on the clearing within the jungle.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: He reaches to his waist to check for the short sword as he stretches to confirm the old mans words were true, this time at least.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The short sword is indeed gone.
 LAZAR TARIQ: Lazar checks the position of the guards.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran carefully observes the initial reactions of those surrounding them as the slaves rise from their slumber, to notice if they behave differently, in a way that would indicate they shared a similiar dream as them.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The slaves behave as they always do--tired, wretched and resigned to another hard day of labor.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven looks into the surrounding jungle in a casual move to see if she can spot any frog men
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: or any movement in the jungle around them
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven does not see any sign of frog men--other than the unfortunate ones impaled on poles near the jungle's edge. There appear to be a couple, fresher, frog men corpses that have been added to the collection during the morning.

But she does get the sense that there are unseen eyes out in the trees that are watching her.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The excavation in front of the entrance is nearly complete--an emblazoned gray door is still half-buried in the muck and the large stones, and a team of slaves is still labouring to clear it.

However, it is not to the door that your chain of slaves is sent. Instead, you are marched toward the side of the temple, where several ladders have been placed against the wall leading up to the roof. A system of pullies and ropes has been constructed on top of the temple, and chains of slaves are in the process of moving large stones up to the base of the pulley system.

"Up on top!" snarls your overseer, Semiha . "Move carefully--thirty lashes for the one that trips on the way up!"
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar, who was watching carefully the placement of the guards, notes that there appear to be two Yak-Men up on the roof, as well as two Dao. The other dao are scarcely to be seen--only glimpses of them as they move around the permiter of the site.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran looks to the rooftop of the stone structure at the mention of thirty lashes. "To the roof it is then." He begins to pick his way carefully across the moss covered stone stabs of the temples outer walls.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven takes the opportunity as she climbs higher to have a good look around her and take in her surroundings both close and in the distance.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar starts makin g his way up the side of the temple making shore of his footing befor putting his entire weight on each step avoiding as much moss as he can not wanting to feel the bight of the overseer's wip today.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven wonders why the yakmen are trying to block the roof
 DUNGEON MASTER: The roof is situated about 70' above the ground. One treacherous climb up the ladder later, the party is in chains at the top of the roof, where they are set to work heaving on the ropes to pull chunks of gray boulders to the top.

At the north west corner of the roof top, stonework is turned up at odd angles near a sagging hole in the floor.  It is to this place that the slaves are directed to haul the stone, placed so as to stop the hole.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The hole is about 10' across at its widest.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran inspects the edge of the collapsed roof without endangering his companions that are chained to him.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran observes no light sources below. In the dim light below he catches glimpses of broken stone work, 70 feet down. Also, there appears to be another level 30 feet below, although the hole torn into the second level is about 40' in diameter--large enough to be nearly inacessable from the hole.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran looks away from the hole leading into the temple, passing it as an option at the moment. Instead focusing on working the rope to manually move the stone to the roof top as instructed.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven gets closer to Suhran and quietly expalins she is going to try and make the seal of the roof inperfect so that they could all pry it loose later or there is a small gap for something to get out while also covering it up s the Yakmen don't notice.
 DUNGEON MASTER: After several hours' work, the team of slaves creates a pile of gray stonework that covers the hole.

One of the Yak-Men--a gray-furred creature to whom the other Yak-Men seem to defer--comes to inspect the fruit of your labour. But instead of looking at the stone himself, he motions to one of the Dao.

"Dao," he commands. "Find a way through this pile of stone, if you are able. Then return to me at once."

It takes but a minute for the Dao to discover the imperfections left by Raven and the others. With ease, it passes through the dirt, reappearing a moment later by the Yak-Man's side as commanded.

The Yak-Man simply nods to Semiha  and the other overseers to patch the hole, and then returns to whatever it was he was doing up at the pinnacle of the temple.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: As Suhran finishes patching up the stone work to the yak-mens standards, he looks at the larger pieces of stone they have hauled up to see if there are any obivous religious or magical runes etched into the surface he can see wiith his mundane eye sight.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Several of the stones used to patch the roof are chunks of pillars brought up from below. These are decorated at the top and bottom with what appear to be anthromorphic frogs ensnaring scimitar-wielding humans with their long tongues.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Intelligence check: 1d20 = 6
 DUNGEON MASTER: It's subtle, but the scimitar-wielding humans appear to be various types of genies.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The apex of this structure is sheltered with a small flagstone canopy, where the gray-haired Yak-Man is currently positioned.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Once the hole in the roof has been plugged to the Yak-Man's satisfaction, the slaves are returned to the area in front of the door to resume clearing out the remaining debris.

Soon night falls, and your overseer, Semiha , drives you with some urgency.

"Hurry it up, you!" she snarls cracking the whip at Suhran. "T'will be worse than hell for you if this place isn't clear by dawn!"
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar picks up the pace slightly not wanting to find out what will happen if the entrance is not clear by dawn.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven tries to see what they are clearing, just plain rubble or more rocks with images on them?
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran grits his teeth in a silent frustration at the crack of the whip. Although the fatigue from the humid weather has taken its toil the adrenaline rush from pain is a suitable motivator for him to struggle loosening the rocks and clearing the enterance.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar keeps his eyes out for any wepons that may be in good enough condition to use
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven notes that they are clearing away the rubble in front of what appear to be large doors, made out of some gray metal. The images on the stonework appear to match that which Suhran observed earlier.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven tries to identify the grey metal
 DUNGEON MASTER: The metal appears to be a heavily treated alloy--albeit not one that Raven is familiar with.
 DUNGEON MASTER: While the work continues, the scent of heavy jasmine perfume  wafts through the air, and a cloaked, veiled woman approaches. "Are we nearly done?" she inquires of no one in particular.

Overseerer Semiha  starts at the presence of the woman. "Declare yourself! Are you of the Dao?"
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar looks up to see who the newcomer is.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran rests against his work impliment momentarily as he catches his breath and observes the discussion that is taking place between the two woman.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "The Dao…" replies the woman contemptiously, but before the woman can answer, the gray-haired Yak-Man hustles out of the darkness.

"Kul'ana!" he snarls. "Back into my tent."

Lazar and Suhran note that the woman appears to be somewhat thin, and veiled head to foot in black attire, somewhat remniscient of the traditionalist sects of religious fanatics.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "As you wish, Thockmay," she replies, her voice thin but rich in haughtiness.

"Now!" the Yak-Man snarls again.

Slow and deliberate, the woman turns on her heels and follows the Yak-Man back towards the pavillions.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The overseer glares into the darkness for a moment, then returns to her charges with renewed vigor.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The work continues throughout the night. Mud, stone, and skeleton are hauled away from the entrance unceremoniously, as fast as can be. Dawn is nearly upon you, when at last the muck and grime have been cleared away far enough to allow full access to the door.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Al'Qadim Session 1

Session 1
 DUNGEON MASTER: Several weeks after the incident in the cave along the river al-iltafat, the tired group of slaves, Dao, and Yak-Men arrive at their destination: a small, ruined temple in a ravine in the midst of the eastern jungle.
 DUNGEON MASTER: As the member of a non-human chain, you and those around you are gifted with infravision: thus, you are permitted several hours of rest before the night falls and you are sent to work clearing the rubble around the temple.
 LAZAR TARIQ: Lazar looks arround for a fether he may use as a pen
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar doesn't find any sort of feathers.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: During the time they are permitted to rest before whatever task they are given, Suhran spends what time he can afford praying to whatever gods in this forsaken land would listen to his silent words. He will attempt to refocus another Cure Light Wounds prayer in place of Sanctuary.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven sits down, cross legged and breathes deeply going through an internal claming exercise her grandfather taught her then slowly but systematically expands and contracts one at a time all her muscles to stretch and keep them loose.  the techniques is one designed not to be noticed by those causually glancing in her direction
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: While the group waits to find out what their fate is, Suhran engages in small talk with his elven companions and also the dwarves they had briefly spoken too before in the limestone cavern. Suhran whispers to them as they are grouped together inside one of the slave tents. "Any of you familiar with these lands from past experience or perhaps overheard stories whsipered over a jug of hard ale? I am curious to say the least what it is we will be facing inside the stone temple."
 DUNGEON MASTER: At what must have been the front of this temple stands a great mound of rubble and dirt, cluttered with rough gray stones and pillars wrought with various images. Small trees and large tropical plants have taken root in the spaces between the stones. It is here that the overseers set you and the other demi-human slaves to work.

However, even as the slaves are roused from their tents, one of the Yak-Men motions to a Dao who is standing at hand.

"Pass through this wall, Genie, and tell me what you see on the other side."

The Dao moves forward attempts to pass through the wall, even going so far as to try to claw the stones away with its hands. But the stones do not move.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I cannot, master," replies the Dao in a dead voice. "The walls here are stronger than I."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Good," replies the Yak-Man, who promptly turns his back on the slaves and walks back toward the pavillions.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The overseers set the slaves to work at once, giving each slave a shovel or a pick, urging you and your fellows on with whips when the pace of the labor slackens.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [It is now about 10:00 pm. The stars are bright in the sky.]
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar takes his place at the mound of rock infront of him working at a steady pace doing his best to remove the rubble and avoide the overseayers wip.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven takes a shovel and proceeds to treat this like an exercise and training, she is careful not to demonstrate her strength, but uses fluid movements which would aid her to strengthen her back, shoulders and and arms for sword play
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran looks to the sky for guidance, as if the stars above would answer his unspoken prayers in some obscure way. He knew the gods did not work that way, not at least with the understanding he had with Zann. Suhran sets to work at a steady pace so as not to attract the whip while at the same time avoiding unwanted attention. As he works he looks around to count how many overseers, Dao and yakmen are observeing them.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran notices no Yak-Men nearby. Two or three Dao seem to be moving around in the area, and a total of four overseerers are watching four chains of ten prisoners each.

The work proceeds steadily for several hours. Most of the trees and some dirt has been cleared away, when there is a cry nearby, when Suhran's shovel hits something crunchy and white in the soil.
 DUNGEON MASTER: *redact the cry nearby*
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran acts as if nothing untoward had happened. Instead working to loosen and remove a nearby rock that had been entanged and trapped within the debris and roots that littered the outside of this forgotten temple. He will attempt to inspect the unusual white substance as he continues to work.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Pick Pocket (<35%): 1d100 = 48%
 DUNGEON MASTER: It appears to be parts of a bone. None of the overseers appear to have noticed Suhran's discover--yet.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran will focus on carefully digging the rocks surrounding what he thinks would be the skeleton of the unfortunate creature that got trapped within the land slide. He will dig around the skeletal remains in hope something of value remains that could be of use to escape their inhuman masters.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran sucessfully digs several feet beside the place where the bone was found, when, a voice not far away calls out: "Oi! Dao! We've got something over here!"

Two of the Dao converge on the dig site and scan the area, as several of the slaves simultaneously unearth bone skeletons that once belonged to humanoids, by the looks of them.

The Dao's eyes flash violet as they scan the area for several minutes. "There is nothing of worth here. Continue," they command, and leave the slaves to their labour.

Dirt-cached bones now protude from the earth nearby, including a complete set of ribs, two skulls, and the radius and ulna of an arm bone. A rusted sword hilt also lies in the dirt nearby.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven hearing the commotion about the bones, slowly digs closer and closer towards where the bones were found. when she gets there she looks for a bone such as a rib or sholder blade that could be easily hidden and easily sharpened into a shiv/dagger
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven goes for one of the ribs.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: trying to disguise what she is doing
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar continues the digging steadely looking over at his conpanions checking what they are doing apon seeing Raven scrumiging in the ground Lazar turns to the the overseayers asking for a drink of water as he walks slightly away from the workface.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven looks around and to see if anyone is watching and tries to see if grabbing the sword is possible for her without being noticed.  A bone no one would care if they saw her a sword, that might cause the guards a problem
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran moves to block line of sight from the nearest overseer observing them to assist Raven's attempt to conceal a length of bone or the blade underneath her clothing.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: IF she feels comfortable that she can do it without being seen Raven tries to grab the sword and hide it in her clothing
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: As weel as the bone
 DUNGEON MASTER: The sword proves to be completely rusted when Raven pulls it from the ground--it falls apart in her hands. On the other hand, the ribs belong to a complete pelvis, and she is able to sucessfully slip one of them into her garments for future use.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The dig continues through the night, with multiple skeletons and fragments of rusted weaponry unearth and take custody of by the overseers. At one point the party notices that their own chain's overseer, a bitter sarcastic elf by the name of Semiha, takes posession of a gray dagger that seems to have avoided becoming rusted.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven as she has been digging has been using the time to identify the habits of her captors, where they walk to when they take breaks, where they go on their breaks.  which aupervisoers are friendly to whci hother supervisors, who seems to be in charge amoungst the supervisors, where there are little diggings/mounds where one could hide behind in any direction things like that.  She is also watching the other prisoners for possible snitches or allies.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven notices that Semiha does seem to have slipped the dagger into her clothes rather than add it to the collection of weapons and bones for the Dao's inspection.
 DUNGEON MASTER: On the same chain are a dwarf, a gnome, a half-orc, a halfling, and three half elves.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The night contiunies without further incident until just before dawn, when a horrible scream rises from the edge of the camp, where Raven has observed that the overseers go to answer nature's call.

"It's a cat!" calls one of the overseers nearby, and the party can see a pair of Dao rushing off into the night towards the sound of the cry.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran looks in the opposite direction of the noise to notice if it is a distraction of sorts to conceal something more interesting happening.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven uses her elven hearing to try and hear a cat or cat like animal off in the distance
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar keeps his eyes on the direction the noise came from and readys to defend himself.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven does hear a sound in the distance--it hears more like the cry of a humanoid  though, if she is any judge of such things.

Suhran sees a slight movement in the opposite direction--it appears to be a small human , albeit with long, frog-like legs. The thing quickly darts out of sight.

Lazar notices nothing from the direction of the noise for several minutes, until at last the Dao return bearing the corpses of several frog like humanoids, dressed in leather and bearing primitive bows and spears.

At the Yak-Men's command, the dead frog creatures are mounted on stakes at the edge of the jungle--the party has an excellent view of their impaled bodies half an hour later as they go off shift and trudge back to their tents.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Looking over the scene, the party determines that one of the overseerers perished earlier--their corpse is laid out at the feet of the impaled frog men.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: When the opportunity allows, Raven tries to sharpen her bone into a knife.  She tries her best not to allow others to see her.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven, after several hours' work, succeeds in turning the rib into a passable shiv. Soon the party heads to sleep, chained together hand and foot.

... only to waken after a few moments, in an entirely different location. Where before had been jungle, sweat, and chains, now the entire party finds themselves unchained, on the edge of a river bank. An old man sits bobbing a long fishing line in and out of the water.

"Peace and blessings be upon you," he says with a gentle smile.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Blessing and peace to you grandfather
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: how do we come to be here?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Those Genie masters brought you to my realm, I suppose. And so here you are. Do you like it? My realm, I mean?" As he speaks a chourus of toads and frogs begins singing along the riverbanks.
 LAZAR TARIQ: it is much more plesent than being chained with a group of strangers forsed to dig away bone filled rubble. do you know why they have brought us here?
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: There is a tranqulity here grandfather, a feeling I have not felt in a long time
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran takes a deep breath of the fresh air and breeze along the shore of the river bank. With a look of scepticism, he regards the old fisherman. He nods slightly in agreement with Lazar's statement. "A dream perhaps or some elaborate use of the arts? Either way a break from reality no matter how brief is most welcome."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Yes my chain comapanion asks a good question.  Do you know why we are here, and who might you be grandfather?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "My realm is the temple where you dig. *I* brought you here. Into my presence. I have a simple bargain for you. A simple bargain but an honest one, yes? I can save you from those who mean to betray you."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: are you refering to the yakmen as our betrayers
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Perhaps." His line tugs and he quite sudden flips a fish up on to the bank beside him, where it thrashes for a few moments before he ends its life. "It is not mine to see everything."
 LAZAR TARIQ: what is our end of this bargen?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Ah. Simply kneel and worship me. I am humble and inoffensive, yes? This is an easy thing, yes?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: to workship you we would need to know who you are Grandfather, who are you?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Introductions! How inconsiderate of me. I am Teo."
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran bows slightly in respect, "My name is Suhran, your offer is most appealing as freedom is one I hold most dear as would my elven companions. THe concept of slavery and our longed lived lives is one I wish not consider. What terms and conditions are involved in this bargain you are offering?"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Bow and worship me. Promise to enter my temple and worship at me again in that place. And that is all. In exchange I will undo the genies work when you call on me. This is our bargain, yes? Shall we seal it with the bond of salt?" The old man smiles up at you and opens a container beside him containing a white substance.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Why is it important to you that we worship you, you must surly know we alrady workship other gods?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "That is no concern of mine," he replies, cutting open the dead fish and sprinkling some of the white powder on top of it.
 LAZAR TARIQ: it is a difficult disition to make, when we do not know what you stand for. to blindly agree to something like this without knowing more about the religon would be unwise, prehaps you could tell us more about what it is you stand for so we can make a more informed disition.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I stand for... this," he says waving his hand along the river bank. "I stand for gorging onself on fish who cannot bite me back. I stand for bargains with travelers in the evening, when the sun sets orange in the west. I stand for snaring those that would sting me."
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Riddles within riddles. Would you be oppossed or in conflict with Zann or is he of no concern to you as well? I decision like this is tempting, if not to earn our freedom by protecting your interests within the temple. I am curious about what dangers and possibily that which is useful within your temple you could tell us about?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Is yours an enternal bargain or is it one we can do for a day?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I do not oppose Zann or any of your other gods, so long as they do not oppose me. Enlightened you call them, yes? I do not oppose enlightenment." He cuts the salted fish in pieces and offers one to each of you.

"The bargain is for a tenday; by this time you will have worshipped me in my temple. It is a good bargain, yes?"
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "As long as your words remain true I find this bargain to our mutual benefit." Suhran accepts a piece of salted fish and carefully eats it, testing the flavour and texture before finishing the simple offering.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "My favor is yours, once you bow and worship me." He smiles kindly at Suhran.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The raw fish tatstes fatty, and salty in his mouth.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran kneels before the river bed before the old fisherman as instructed.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I am yours to call upon, when you seek a release from your chains," Teo replies solemnly.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar steps forward taking a piece of fish i agree to your bargen as the enemy of my enemy is my friend. and pledges as requested
 DUNGEON MASTER: "And a good friend I shall be. Will you bow now and worship me?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: I have one final question, are the frog people you children or do they belong to another?  Are the yak peolple your children or do they belong to another?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "That is more than one final question! Old men beside rivers still can count, yes? Two questions, but one answer: I have no children. Will you take some fish?"
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar dose bows low to the ground and worships the old man standing before him.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Your chains shall be released when you call upon me, young one," the old man promises.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Against her better judgement Raven takes some of tbe fish and follows the olds man instructons
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Then our bargain is complete. Stay and fish beside me if you like. Or return to your chains and your piss and your mud. We have made a good bargain, yes? Call upon Teo when the time is ripe."