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Al'Qadim Session 3

Session 3
 DUNGEON MASTER: As the rubble is being cleared away, the gray-haired Yak-Man as well as a couple others approach the entrance. Under their guidance, you and the other slaves begin moving sizable chunks of stone from the ruined pillars into a circle just outside the gray temple doors.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven Keeps working as instructed but tries very hard to see into the entrance whilst trying not to look interested.  She tries to pretend to look like she is tired and just existing.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The doors have not yet been opened--however, raven does note that the doors are graven with more images of anthromorphic frogs ensnaring a variety of genies.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven is starting to to thing their diety friend is one of these frog creatures (or their god) and that hey will easily deal with the Genie slaves the Yak-men have.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: While a certain amount of fatigue is starting to be noticable within Suhran's bloodshot eyes, he steadies his breathing and repeats a mantra over and over in his head to remain focused. Curiosity has the better of him as he wishes to confirm for certain who or what they were dealing with in regards to Teo's true nature.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Once the circle of stones is complete, the slaves are directed to pull open the doors by brute force, with nothing more than hooks, ropes and the strength of their backs. Your chain of slaves is given a rope within 15' of the door and directed to heave with all their might.

Your overseer, Semiha, seems particularily on edge, judging by the taught corners of her mouth and her liberal use of the whip to enforce discipline.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: As they are they are yanking the doors open, Raven looks around to see if they are being watched by the frog-men we saw the previous nights.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar pulls with all hs stringth awaiting what may come through the door when it eventualy opens
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven spots no frog-men, although he does note that there is another impaled corpse on display near the edge of the jungle.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran puts his back into it, heaving until the skin and blisters on his hands tear to budge the door from its possible hundred of years slumber.
 DUNGEON MASTER: After an hour's worth of labor, the doors come open with a screech of metal scraping metal. Through the opening the darkened interior beckons.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar pears through the doors and is thankfull for the wipping to stop.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The center of this chamber is dominated by the statue of a tremendous toad, whose tongue reaches up into the shadows near the ceiling. A number of pillars loom out of the right and left side of the room--only glimpses are visible from the entrance. Everywhere the stonework is the same--gray and drab.

After a Dao is sent within to confirm the room is unoccupied, the Yak-Men begin directing chains of slaves inside the chamber, into a number of lines in front of the frog statue. All about you stand sweaty, stinking bodies, packed together like frog eggs.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran stares at the giant toad statue that stretches upward into the shadowy expanse of the temple. He swallows hard as they are lined up to stand before the statue he assumes is that of Teo. Nervously he looks around to see what the yak mens intensions maybe.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The Slaves are herded to the sides, opening up a long path in the center. In the shadows, the gray-haried Yak-Man's voice rumbles. "Do it now, Kul'ana."

The scent of jasmine wafts through the air as a single cloaked figure approaches the statue. Slowly, gracefully, she kneels down and prostrates herself before the idol.
SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran stands perfectly still, watching the statue for any physical change, and also he attempting to sense any fluctuations of divine energy within the room.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Several minutes pass, interrupted only by the occasional shuffle of feet and the clink of chain.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven tries really hard to see all around the room at once.  she is watching the reaction of the Yakmen and the lady on the floor as well as any movements/lights/sounds from the statues
 DUNGEON MASTER: Then, suddenly, the robed figure jerks back to life. Slowly she rises to her feet.

"It is done, Thockmay," she says.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar watches the head yackman watching for his reaction
 DUNGEON MASTER: "What were your terms?" All four Yak-Men fix their gaze on the cloaked figure, and two of them seem to be clutching something under their robes as they back away toward the doors.

"Information. Names. Positions and habits."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "And in return?" Thokmay's voice is at once both eager and bemused. The four Yak-men are nearly to the great doors now.

"He gave me power over." The speaker's voice is not visible, but it is impossible to miss the smile in the tone.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Over everyone. Over my kind."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Then our bargain is complete. The reward is yours." The Yak-men are at the temple doors now, along with their dao servants.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The figure bows, and then gracefully steps out of her black robes, revealing a femine form--but with long, gangly arms and legs, and jaws filled with sharp yellow teeth. A feral light shines in her eyes.

Suddenly, from the slaves who stand nearest to Kul'ana, a voice screams: "Look out! She's a ghul!" While the screaming voice is quickly cut off, its message is repeated by a hundred other voices in the darkness, as a frightened mob of chained slaves scrambles to get away from the robed one.

Slowly, the shaft of light shining in from the doorway begins to narrow, as the massive metal doors began to creak closed.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran raises an eyebrow at the mention of the ghul as he initially inches away from the ghul. "This complicates things somewhat. Our options seem to be to put distance between us and it or deal with it in our own way."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Gentleman, I think it is now time to ask to be released from our bonds.  agreed?
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar nods at raven agreed
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Dear and great Teo, we ask to be released from our bonds so that we may live and get to prostrate ourselves before you in the future (Raven tries to speak aloud but quite enough that the Ghul can't hear Teo's name.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar speaks within his mind "Teo the time has come releace my  bonds so i might escape"
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran nods in agreement at his companions suggestion to guarantee our freedom from the chains. Suhran whispers, "Teo, I wish to be free from these bonds."
 DUNGEON MASTER: In the chaos, no one seems to notice as the chains drop from the arms and legs of the trio of elves.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven prod the other two and indicates with hand gestures running stealthly behind the pillar to their right.  Once she is confident they understand she tries to untangle herself from the rest of the slaves as stealthy as possible and move over to behind the pillar hopping that her two elven companions are joineing her.  She Specifiaclly tries to see if there is anything dangerous on the other side of the Pillar before she gets there.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes move to separate themselves from the stinking, terrified throng, and to move behind the pillar. No obvious dangers preclude hiding here.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes hunker down behind the pillar. Screams and cries of terror echo through the chamber, beam of light shining through the door narrows, and then disappears altogether.

In the darkness, the party observes a curious thing--their overseerer, Semiha, seems to be also moving away from the chaos and toward the hole in the floor to the northwest.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven indicates to her companions going to the other column and starts to make her way quickly and stealthly over to it, pointing out Semiha to the rest of the group.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran follows Raven, moving forward in a crouched position along the edge of the temple wall to invistigate how deep the foundation of the collapsed pillar lies.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar follows suhran to the edg of the hole
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party moves toward the rent in the floor, rather ignoring their half-elf overseerer who seems likewise content to ignore them. The hole apparears to extend 10' deep, ending in a pile of broken gray stone.

Semiha clearly notices the party and acknowledges them with only the slightest of nods. Quickly, she lowers herself by her hands and drops down into the level below.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran's eyes squint as he observes her reaction. Seeing no inital malice or mistrust, Suhran is satisfied at this stage to not slit her throat and give her an opportunity to prove herself to each of them. He looks to his companions with a sly grin, "Ladies first it seems?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven doesn't muck around, she immediatly goes do to make sure it is safe for her "brave" male companions
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar follos raven down the hole easing himself down into the hole letting go once he is at full strech.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran follows, however as he lowers himself into the pit, he pauses for the briefest of seconds as his hands turn white from the effort to offer a silent prayer to those left behind who have given them the opportunity to escape for the time being.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran prays to Zann and Teo, "The past and future can be a terrible burden bound to you by an unbreakable chain. You can drag it with you, forever looking over your shoulder at what holds you back. Or you can let it go and move forward. It’s your choice. We have made our choice, we will pray for the souls of those unable to bear the burden before them."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Perhaps it because they are fewer in number, or perhaps it is because of the distance between them, but it now seems as if the screams of the doomed slaves are quieter than they were before.

The party stands on the ruins of a wall separating two small chambers. No furnishings fill this room, nor do any markings indicate what purpose this temple might once have had for a fifteen foot square room comprised only of gray stone.

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