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Al'Qadim Session 5

Session 5
 DUNGEON MASTER: A broad stone table cluttered with tools and half-worked chunks of gray stone dominates this room. In one corner sit several large pieces of stone stacked against the wall, some of which have been worked.  
On the eastern wall a square block about three feet in each direction protrudes seamlessly from the wall.  A trio of buttons and a trio of small holes lie in its outward-facing surface.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party now stands in the room picking needles out of their backs and shoulders.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar leaves the room to serch the wall to the left of the closest door for any sighn of a lever or hidden compartment that may contain some sort of release meconisum.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar notices no levers or other devices in this area.
 LAZAR TARIQ: Lazar starts moveing the blocks infront of the wall where the darts came from to act as a barrier from any firther injery.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "I think that would be best in case it takes more than one attempt to work out the right combination," says Suhran as he moves to assist Lazar adjusting the blocks to create some sort of impromptu wall.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar sucessfully moves several of the blocks in front of the holes in the western wall. As he does so, he notices one large, heavy carving that shows three separate temples located in the midst of a jungle or a forest.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar shows the others the carving to his campanions "i guess there may be more than one of these temples and studdies the carving to see if he can work out if its a map of the airea
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven looks for secret doors/hidey holes in the sotnes
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar sees that one pyramid-like temple seems to be in a ravine, surrounded by a flowing river. If the picture is to be believed, part of the river actually flows out of the front doors of the temple. Another temple seems to be situated above the treetops, though its means of suspension is left to the imagination of the viewer. The third temple lies underground, near the source of the first temple's water supply. A long underground river seems to flow from the third temple to the first.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven finds no secrets within the stones, other than the set of small holes in the western wall.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar moves to the door to watch what happens when Suhran plays with the mecanisum
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "This level of architecture and craftsmanship is quite ingenious if the stone carving is to be believed. Allow me to test the release mechanism, this time testing the first small hole." Suhran removes the two finger bones, leaving only the finger bone within the first slot before pressing the button below it.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran places a second finger bone into the next small hole and presses the two upper buttons.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran removes all finger bones and presses all buttons for some kind of response.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran tries pressing each button seperately before trying different combinations with finger bones.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran places a finger bone into the middle slot before testing various combinations of buttons. He tries pressing each button seperately, before pressing two buttons together, finally all buttons to unlock the rooms to the north.
 DUNGEON MASTER: When Suhran presses the first and the last button in combination, the box emits an audible click, and a small hinged door opens in its face. Within, a pair of glass vials sit amidst a number of very badly corroded beakers and flasks.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven suggest pouring a drop on one of the stones to check it isn't acid
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran removes the potions and hands one each to Lazar and Raven as he focuses again on opening the doors to the north.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: This time Suhran places a finger bone into only the bottom slot before testing different cominations of buttons.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing happens.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran removes the finger bone from the bottom slot and tries it in the top small hole before pressing the buttons. "If this doesn't get a reaction I will try two bones  with the possible combinations."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Neither the top hole with a finger bone nore the two finger bones with the buttons produce any noticible results.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar walks out and serches to the right of the door looking for any sighn of a lever or hidden mechanisum
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran places a bone into the bottom slot together with the finger bone which is currently in the top/upper slot. He slowly and carefully tries each comination of the buttons.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven pours a tiny drop of the liquid in the vial on the stone table and if it seems safe to do so sniffs at it to identify its fragrance
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar discovers no sign of lever or hidden mechanism.

Suhran's efforts continue to yeild no results.

The liquid does not react with stone. Raven decides that the substance smells like garlic.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven tells everyone she is about to place a drop of the garlic smelling liquid and to be ready to help her if she needs it
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: O ce she is sure everyone was paying attention she does just that
 DUNGEON MASTER: The pain caused by the needles is lessened somewhat, and inspection reveals that the wounds have been reduced to small, white scars.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: I believe these vials might be cure light wound potions I feel much better.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven asks to smell the other one to see if it smells the same
 DUNGEON MASTER: Both vials do indeed smell like garlic.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: SOlar is convinced both are the same
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran watches as the vials are inspected carefully, "They could come in handy however it is frustrating we have been unable to budge the stone doors outside this room."
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: While the others check out the next door Raven is on guard and looks up the corridors to see if anything is approaching.  She is viligent as ever being one like her namesake...eaglehawk
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: SUhran inspects the floor and handle of the door for any obvious tell tale signs of traps before he tests the handle and puts some weight into it.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven also looks for tracks both recent and acient around the doorway and surrounding corridor
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar looks to the west watching for anything aproching form that direction
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran discovers no traps. The door opens to reveal a a narrow spiral staircase leading upwards

Raven discovers no footprints in this area, although the party has been through her several times and so anything older is quite possibly obscured.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran indicates to his companions with a single raised finger to his lips for silence before slowly inching his way up the staircase (move silently).
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: As Suhran moves up the staircase he inspects the steps for any hairline cracks that could indicate a pressure plate or even scratch markings on the walls that could indicate a trap.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven guards the door as her friends creep upstairs.  She faces outwards away from the stairs so as not to be surprised
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar keeps within rage of Suhran moveing as quiertly as he can
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran discovers nothing suspicious. The stairs  end on a small landing not very far up. A small knob protudes from the wall here, as does a long, thin stone lever.

Down at the bottom of the stairs, Raven hears a long, ominous croak from the east--judging by the volume, its source must be very close at hand.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran waits a moment for his companions to reach him. Once they are standing still, he inspects the small knob and thin stone lever for any traps, other then opening the doorway to the upper level of the temple complex.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran discovers no traps. However, he does hear the occasional sound from the other side of this wall--a whimper, followed by a sound not unlike flesh being torn by a wild animal.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran indicates backwards with his fingers.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar makes his way down and out the door
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party makes their way back down to the lower level.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: When the rest of the party arrives Raven asks about what they foend and reports the croaking she heard from the southeast
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: when she knows about the beast noises she suggests moving a stone block to block this door in case the undead monstrosity comes down stairs via the door
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "We can't assume that the frogmen will approach us in a friendly regard even though we have their lords blessings. To be honest I would prefer not to have to kill them if we can avoid provoking them. If in their shoes I would defend my temple from outsiders," replies Suhran at the mention of frogmen. "Does this change the fact about opening this door? Should we inspect another first?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Happy to have you open this door but I'd like to block the stairway first
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar moves to the east of the other door
 LAZAR TARIQ: "hay guys there is a giant toad comeing for me" lazar charges foward to atack the frog with his dagger

attack = 1d20+1=21 hit ac-2

dam= 1d4+2=6
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar successfully slashes the thing across the face, parting the flesh. In response the thing grabbs Lazar in its jaws, dealing 2 damage.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran winces not from pain but from frustration of having to kill the native inhabitants of this temple. He moves in a low crouch around the outside of the stone staircase to flank the frogman.
Move Quietly (Success less than 40%) = 52%
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran moves into flanking position and backstabs the frogman with his dagger.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0+4 = THAC0 1
Damage (dagger): 2d4 = 4 + 2 = 6 dmg
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran comes around from behind and finishes what Lazar started: a quick dagger right in the spine makes the kill and the thing falls to the ground twitching.

[Off rounds.]
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran carefully cleans the blood from his small blade before moving to inspect Lazar's wounds. "Are you alright?"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven goes up to the toad and puts her hand on it and says to Teo, we are sorry we had to hurt one of your own
 LAZAR TARIQ: a few cuts and nicks nothing a days rest wont heal
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Did either of you see where this came from?" Suhran looks to the corner behind him, he also listens for more tell tale sounds of croaking.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven goes to work tearing some cloth into makeshift bandages and starts patching her friend up
 DUNGEON MASTER: As if in reply, a loud croak echoes somewhere in the chamber below.
 LAZAR TARIQ: no it was just sitting there when i walked arround the corner
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: However Teo we give thanks for this food!
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "That's just perfect isn't it. They must be able to climb up through the opening and theirs at least one more down there that I can hear", replies Suhran.
 LAZAR TARIQ: "well we have something to eat now we wont go hungry today atleast"
 LAZAR TARIQ: "shell we check out the other door now"
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Sounds good.  Lead on.  Raven listens for more croaks and watches for any movements as her companions deal with the door
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran moves over to stand in front of the doorway, inspecting it for traps first before opening it.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran finds no traps, and the door opens easily once he grasps the handle.

Within, you see a large stone wheel set with long steel spokes protrudes from a rectangular hole in the floor. Several smaller wheels, each the size of a dinner plate, are set into the wall.

Two skeletons rest with their hands against the spokes of the larger wheel. As the door opens, a light burns within their empty eye sockets and they lurch to a semblance of life.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran rushes into the room and attempts to stab into the frogmans underbelly with his dagger.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC0 5
Damage (dagger): 1d4 = 2
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran's dagger does some damage to the skeleton. In return, both attack him and one successfully smashes him across the shoulder for 1 point of damage.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven runs into the room and sees Suhran attacking the skeleton so Raven attacks the same skekeleton hoping to destroy one of them.
Hit (Short sword): 1d20+4 = 1 THAC0
Damage (Short sword): 1d6+6 = 10
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven batters the skeleton with her sword.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran ducks under one of the skeletons attacks however he is knocked back slightly from the second as it claws at his flesh. He stabs at the same skeleton Raven slashed at.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC13
Damage (dagger): 1d4 = 3
 DUNGEON MASTER: Suhran's attack misses--somehow the thing manages to step aside just in time.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The skeletons both strike at Suhran again--this time one hits him directly across the head for 5 damage.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar moves foward aattacking the first skeleton he sees

attack1d20+1=14 hit ac=6

dam 1d4+2=4
 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar hits his skeleton.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The fourth elf runs in to attack, but her wild swing misses the mark.
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven sees that Suhran has been significant damaged so she tries to psuh him behind her so that the skeletons can only attack her and not Suhran
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven attacks the same skeleton hoping to take it out
Hit (Short sword): 1d20+4 =  AC 3
Damage (Short sword): 1d6+6 = 10
 DUNGEON MASTER: Raven smashes her skeleton to bits and pieces.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Both the fourth elf and the skeleton miss with their attacks.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran begins to softly chant the pray to cure the wounds he has sustained. "Vessel of flesh and bone, giver of life, he who bears the name of knowledge and wisdom! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of pain, unmake these wounds and make whole once again."
Cure Light Wounds: 1d8 = 5 hp healed
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar lashes out again with his blade slicing into the bones infront of him
first attack

1d20+1=13hit ac 7

dam 1d4+2=4

2nd attack 1d20+1=16 hit ac 4

dam= 1d4+2=5
 DUNGEON MASTER: Both attacks strike true, dealing consideral damage to the remaining skeleton. Its bones crumble and and shattter.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: Suhran moves foward to attack the remaining skeleton with his dagger.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+0 = THAC18
 DUNGEON MASTER: The skeleton swings again and clumsily misses.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar slashes out once again

attack 1d20+1=13 hit ac 7

 DUNGEON MASTER: Lazar smashes the remaining skeleton to bits.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [End rounds.]
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar serches the skeletons for any tresure or usfull items
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven looks at the skeletons and suggests some of us take the clubs as she thinks they moght do better against any other skeletons they might come accross
 RAVEN EAGLEHAWK: Raven assist in looking for treasure
 DUNGEON MASTER: Both the skeletons carried old delapidated clubs--and little else.
 LAZAR TARIQ: lazar looks about the room to see if there is anything worth taking
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: "Perhaps these open the doors outside this room?" Suhran runs his hand through his hair as he stands there after the battle had finished.
 SUHRAN ATH’THALITHA: He moves further into the room inspecting the walls for any traps, especially tiny recess in the wall for needle traps.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [Game ends here]

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