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Carrion Crown Session 35

Session 35
DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes return to their beds, Grundig with some cuts that look suspiciously like dagger slashes.
DUNGEON MASTER: Morning dawns misty and bright--the heroes waken at about seven in the morning, refreshed and ready to go.
 GRUNDIG: grundig gets up and makes his way outside and makes a small fire in a quiet spot and stairs into it whilst praying to Abadr for his spells
DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig performs his morning ritual in a nearby park, the early hour and the mists combining to conceal his activities.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan rolls out of bed and stretches as he collects his thoughts for the busy day ahead of them. After a short workout session comprising of push ups and squats, he heads downstairs to meet his companions for breakfast.
 GRUNDIG: grundig joins the others for breckfast
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar wakes up and checks on Kendra to make sure she is alright before heading down to the Kitchen to get breakfast
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias rises from his slumber and begins his morning ritual of prayer to Gorum for 'his' divine strength before for making his way downstairs.
DUNGEON MASTER: Breakfast is a elegant but brief affair.  If the butler or staff noticed the disturbance last night, they make no mention of it, or of the heroes' role in the affair.  Kendra comes in somewhat late, her hair done up in an elegant knot.  She too seems content to say nothing of the night's events.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: With a yawn Johan greets his companions at the dining table, "Morning, I hope you all had an uneventful night", with a slight smirk half concealed. He pulls out a chair and takes his place at the table.
SOLAR CE’NEA: "Oh yes my friend not a single thing of interest,"  Solar Chuckles
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perhaps we should go visit the man who knows about the insignia on the tools we have from the swamp
 GRUNDIG: though it would appear i have been sleep walking and got a few scratches
DUNGEON MASTER: The butler lifts his nose and sniffs while placing a platter of deviled eggs on the table.
 GRUNDIG: grundig says as he examins a scratch that looks more like a knife wound
 GRUNDIG: "shell we head to the black smith and see if he can help us with the marks on those instrements"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan queries his companions, "It seems we have a few hours before the court begins. I am not familiar with such formal things so I am curious if our current attire is appropriate? Perhaps we should consider leaving our bulkier weapons behind to avoid trouble with the court guards?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: I imagine that we can check our weapons in at the court themselves
SOLAR CE’NEA: I think I would like you gentleman ready for anything
 GRUNDIG: the only wepons i have is my quater staff and sling im happy to leave them behind when the time comes but would like to keep them handy untill that time
SOLAR CE’NEA: However we do have time Lets check with the Blacksmith.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Kendra dear, would you know where delicate and precise instruments such as these would be made or purchased?
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan replies, "Maybe we could ask around for the local surgen or blacksmith who might be able to give more information about them?"
 GRUNDIG: the surgen may have an idear thats a good point
DUNGEON MASTER: "I-do you know, I think dad used to have some tools with that mark?  I think he got those kinds of things out in the Surgeon's Flats--that's a block down in the south end of town, I think, where all those chirurgeons work..."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Well thats as good a place to start as any!
SOLAR CE’NEA: Thank you my dear once again you are invaluable to us!
DUNGEON MASTER: Kendra's smile is wide.  "I hope you'll be back in time for the trial?  I'm glad to be of help!"
DUNGEON MASTER: [The party has two hours before the trial.]
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan exhales loudly, "Well we better make haste, I don't know about you but I don't want to piss the judge off on the first day."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Yes lets us use our horses for more haste
 GRUNDIG: i think that would be wise grundig stands and bids kendra fearwell for now
SOLAR CE’NEA: Goodbye wonderous angel, we will endevour to be at the court with plenty of time!
DUNGEON MASTER: The party proceeds down to the Surgeon's Flats--a pair of city blocks where the city's chirugeons make their living.  The air reeks of alchemical fluids--and, most likely, other kinds of fluids as well.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar sugests johan do the talking but attempts to aid him in the investigation (aid another 1d20+10=17)
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "No worries but I might need your help understanding some of the more tecnical words they use," replies Johan.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan walks over to one of the surgeon flats before knocking on the door four times.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar suggests while they are waiting to say they are loolking for the makers to purchase some more
DUNGEON MASTER: A scruffy looking man in a badly stained white jacket opens the door.  "Yes?"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Good morning, my name is Johan and these my companions." Johan introduces each in turn. "We were wondering if we might have a moment of your time?"
DUNGEON MASTER: The man looks around at the small party outside his door and scratches his beard.  "Shore, I s'pose."  He opens the door wider to reveal a number of what appear to be livers and kidneys hung up on hooks.  "What can I do for 'ya?"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan enters the flat trying to avoid bumping anything that might explode or be of value. "Thank you, we were wondering if you would know who made these?" Johan motions to the items of interst, "We would like to identify the maker in order to purchase more of these fine instruments."
Diplomacy check: 1d20+5 = 21
DUNGEON MASTER: "Them?  Ha!  You're in luck, ye be!  Just a little shop up inside Anatomists’ Alley.  So small ye might have missed it if ye didn't look thrice!  Just happen to have bought a trio of pliers there week before last.  Zbraslav Hora and Sons, they be called!"
SOLAR CE’NEA: That is fantastic Sir, thank you very much.  you have saved us a long search!
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan smiles, "That is good news and you also have good taste in the best equipment money can buy. Please accept this as a gesture of thanks, otherwise we might have missed it completely." Johan takes out four silver pieces and offers it to the surgeon.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Why thank ye!  We don't need charity here, you understand, but tis much appreciated all the same.  Good day to you now!"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Good day to you too," replies Johan with a slight bow, as he leaves in the direction of Zbraslav Hora and Sons.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Well gentlemen we know where to go, how shall we takle this, I suspect they simply made these, we want to know who bought them, that might help us identify whoever was cutting up those people
 GRUNDIG: prehaps we try a direct approch and tell him that we found them at a crime seen
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan ruffles his hair nervously, "People like this are not going to just tell us who purchased it without a good reason, either with a donation of coin or some good bullshitting."
SOLAR CE’NEA: That might work, but they could ask why the constabulary were not there enquiring
SOLAR CE’NEA: although we could say we were hired as the gaurd had to much going on at the moment
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Yeah that might work, with the whole court case with the beast they might just buy that the guards are too busy and have hired assitance to gather information. If they ask for official papers we are in trouble though..." replies Johan.
SOLAR CE’NEA: do we not have offical papers from the Lawyer?
 GRUNDIG: thats even if he asks telling him that we have been hiered to investergate. i think it would be best to leave what we are investergating if we can.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan nods in agreement, "Sounds like a plan. Either case even if we can get a look at the purchase journal that's enough to work on."
DUNGEON MASTER: The mists are thick in Anatomists’ Alley.  The heroes' footsteps echo off the stones and walls as they make their way to the place where a crooked, slipshod paintjob of a sign marks the location of the dingy shop belonging to Zbraslav Hora and Sons.

A balding, crosseyed man in extremely large bifocals looks up with eyebrows raised as the party enters.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar once again Aids another to Johan 1d20+0=17
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan approaches the man with a smile as he introduces himself and companions. "Good morning, might we have a moment of your time good sir?"
DUNGEON MASTER: "Yes," he replies.  As the heroes' eyes adjust to the low light, they note that the walls are bare of any displays.  A metal lathe and a small forge to the back are the only signs of industry in evidence.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan nods as a sign of respect before continuing, "We were told you are a maker of fine surgical instruments, perhaps the finest in town?"
DUNGEON MASTER: The man coughs.  "Yes, well, I suppose we might be," he replies, his face reddening.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Perhaps you could help us, we would like to enquire what you know about these paticular items of masterwork crafting?" Johan gestures towards the items of interest.
DUNGEON MASTER: "They were made by us," the old man confirms briefly.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "That is good news", replies Johan. "Would you keep record of those who purchase from you? We would like to enquire who originally owned them?"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Diplomacy check: 1d20+5 = 21 (+23 inc. aid other)
DUNGEON MASTER: The man briefly consults a ledger sitting on the counter to the side.  "Vladka Kostel," he replies.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar tries to remember if he has heard of her Knowledge local (1d20+14=28)
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan enquires, "Does the ledger mention any other purchases from Vladka?"
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar has not heard this name before.

The man looks at Johan with his eyes crossed.  "I have no idea."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan eyes the man while a smile still showing on his face.
Sense Motive: 1d20+9 = 15
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan spots no obvious signs of deception.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "You have been most helpful." Johan looks to his companions, "Did we have any further business here?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar asks can you tell us who this woman is? where she is?
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan makes an untrained knowledge check against his favoured enemy.
Knowledge (local): 1d20+4 = 22
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Regarding Vladka Kostel.
DUNGEON MASTER: The man pauses a moment as if to reflect.  "She wasn't a peddler.  Maybe with the auction houses?"  Suddenly his eyes roll upwards to look at Solar and Johan.  "Are you here to buy?"
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan does not know the name either.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perhaps soon, We wanted to return these to the orignal owner
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "We understand time is money, this is for your assistence and help." Johan places a few silver pieces on the corner of the table where the man occupies.
DUNGEON MASTER: The man pockets the money without a word.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Once again thank you for your time. Good day." Johan nods and prompty leaves outside.
DUNGEON MASTER: The man looks back down at his books.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan looks at the morning sky, noticing how the shadows fall across the cityscape. "Time is against us, I fear we should head to the court house and make further enquiries at a later date about this person."
DUNGEON MASTER: [One sec guys
DUNGEON MASTER: The party leaves the small alleyway and heads back to the townhouse where they currently are residing.  The butler opens the door, and Kendra can be seen through an open door in an upstairs bedroom, putting the finishing touches on her makeup.
DUNGEON MASTER: It is a little after nine am.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Aid another to Johan for a dip;locy check 1d20+0 = 15
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Perhaps we could pick your brain a little? I assure you this should not be too painful." Johan softly chuckles, not expecting the butler to return the same social gesture. "Would the name Vladka Kostel ring any bells? We were hoping this name might be familiar with you? We are not from around here so we are at a loss."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Diplomacy check: 1d20+5 = 17 (19 incl. aid other)
DUNGEON MASTER: The butler--a thin man with a prominent nose who answers to the name of Igleve--answers Johan's question without hesitation or pause.  "I do not know of anyone by that name.  But  I understand from Miss Lorrimor that you are en route to the courthouse?  I believe they keep a registry of residents there, sir."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Thank you Igleve, you help is appreciated!
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar is wearing his best traveling, scholarly clothes he casts Presdiiation on himself and his companions so the clothes are clean and new looking
DUNGEON MASTER: "Yes, sir," replies Igleve.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan will be equipped with a simple dagger at his belt shealth, wearing no armour, only his traveller's outfit in order to raise less eyebrows at the court house.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias will wear his mw chain shirt underneath his traveller's outfit, including a dagger at his belt sheath. It pains him to no end to leave his greatsword behind, something he will not easily forget or forgive.
 GRUNDIG: grundig is traveling to the cort house as he is (traveling cloths with his lether amour over the top using his quarter staff as a walking stick) he will however ask Solar if it is appropriate.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar will be traveling with all the wands he has tucked into his robes
DUNGEON MASTER: Thus equipped, the heroes climb into their carriage and proceed to the courthouse.
DUNGEON MASTER: En route, they remember that there seemed to be no restrictions on weapons or armor enacted on them during their previous visit.
DUNGEON MASTER: However, they also remember that the trial process is steeped in the history and traditions of Ustalav.  On particular point si that any new evidence must be submitted to the Clerk of the Court before 10 a.m. of the day it is to be brought before the court.
DUNGEON MASTER: [We keep losing someone--it looks like Daniel.]
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: [Connection issues]
DUNGEON MASTER: A carnival atmosphere evelops the courthouse as the heroes draw near.  Despite the early hour, numerous townsoflk are hoisting tankards and singing raunchy songs.  Several people are building up the pile of wood about the feet of the Punishing Man.

A number of other black carriages arrive at the courthouse ahead of the heroes--these appear to belong to judges and other persons of importance.
 GRUNDIG: we head to see the gustove kaple to let him know what we have found out.  We show him the things we have found. we tell him our theiry about someone hideing ther identity with the skined face, and our thiroy with someone pretending to be a beast by taking the alcomey potion and using the dark vision potion. and also the fact that the acused has no scars form the attack by the kaymon  and anything elce the party can think of telling him.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Notes for Barrister

At the Grave site of the local village found a camp that had been there for about a year discovered:
a small firepit with a waterskin (still half full of wine),  the aged remnants of some trail rations,
a curious glass vial scattered on the ground nearby. The bottom of the vial contains a dried green substance (alchemist’s darkvision extract.)

Golems have Night vision so there is no need for "the beast" to have such a potion.

Also found at campsite: The coracle with a moldy leather travel bag with a damp artisan’s outfit (a shirt, breeches, shoes, and a cloth apron) inside, and a vile object— detached human face the face of  Nan Klebem a local.  This can be wore as a disguise to move amoungst the locals. In addition,a bag was found large enough to hold a human in fact. The sackholds some rope, a gag, a rusted lantern, a trio of heavy knives, and a rusted shovel.
also discoveed was r a leather-bound casefilled with fine tools, made of silver with amethyst handles, buried in the undergrowth nearby.

Also found Aspect of the beast extract

We found 6 graves of the 40 graves in the boneyard that appear to have been tampered with, sagging into the ground as though they had collapsed from below, and leaving wide depressions in the muddy earth.

This all suggests the surgeon tools and the missing bodies from the graves and the 10 dead people suggests some body or body parts trafficing for some reason and the face suggests osmeone was trying to pretend to be someone else to be able to move around unnoticed.  They could have been cornerd and taken the extract to run away and the "beast" eneded up fighting the Camien
DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes discover Barrister Gustav Kapel in his office above the main chamber, sweating under his wig and rehearsing a speech of some kind.  He looks genuinely relived to see the party members, and profusely thanks them for their contributions. 

"I-I-I'll get the evidence registered right away," he says.  "Who s-should I-I-I list as the witness for each exhibit?"
DUNGEON MASTER: "Y-you have done good work," he adds. "But we havent m-m-much time... I should like to discuss these findings in greater detail after the testimony is given today..."
SOLAR CE’NEA: We are the witness Dear Sir, Johan will talk and I will add things as the case is needed.
DUNGEON MASTER: The arrangements for the despositons are made, and shortly after the large clock at the University clangs ten o'clock and the trial begins.  A trio ofguards leads the Beast into the court and shackles it to the large iron chair in the center of the courtroom to the jeers of the crowd.

Moments later, the three judges file in--the occupants of the courtroom rise--and then the judges are seated, with the rest of the occupants finding their seats shortly after.
 ***DUNGEON MASTER sent Untitled picture.png Untitled picture.png Untitled picture.png ***
DUNGEON MASTER:  Chief Justice Ambrose Khard commences proceedings by laying out the rules of the court in a lengthy speech, interspersed with gongstrikes by the Herald. Khard concludes his speech by announcing that the good people of Lepidstadt have
suffered many acts of terror and barbarity at the hands of the Beast of Lepidstadt for many years, and that while the Beast is doubtless responsible for numerous murders, the prosecution will focus on three recent cases to prove the Beast’s guilt during this trial.

Thirty minutes later, Prosecutor Otto Heiger outlines his case. He alleges (in a loud, ringing voice) that the Beast is responsible for the murder of 10 people in the village of Morast a year ago, in addition to two other horrendous crimes that will be described as the trial continues.  The crowd cheers his speech at every interval.
DUNGEON MASTER: Next, Barrister Gustav Kaplethen makes his case for the Beast’s innocence, a halfhearted attempt full of stutters and awkward pauses--all the while being jeered and booed by the baying mob in the gallery.
DUNGEON MASTER: With the opening statements complete, the trial begins in earnest.
DUNGEON MASTER: At about eleven in the morning, the prosecution calls its first witnesses--a young man and two young women.  The trio describes events as they sawthem happen—that over a series of nights, the Beast came to the village and took people away; that a trap was finally laid for the Beast; that the Beast was driven into the swamp, and, they assumed, killed.

Otto then calls the village elder,Lazne, who led the mob that drove the Beast off. He confirms the events related by the other three villagers.  "Sent him off into the swamp," he snarls, "and it'd had gone better for him if he'd died out there.

The crowd cheers heartily at this final remark.
DUNGEON MASTER: Throughout the proceedings, Barrister Kaple fidgits nervously at his desk.  Finally, Judge Khard's voice booms out: "the defence may call its first witness". 

Kaple straightens his back awkwardly.  "T-t-the defence calls Johan ... D-D-D'Almenta"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan straightens his outfit as he stands before the court, readying himself to give his speech.
DUNGEON MASTER: Barrister Kaple moves up to stand before the witness stand.  "Johan D'Almenta, I am given... to u-understand that you came into the posession of some ideas relating to some facts that may pertain to certain a-a-aspects of this beast's presumed innocence?"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan nods in solem agreement, clearing his throat before he describes in detail what his companions discovered regarding the innocence of the beast.
"Your understanding is correct, we have uncovered facts that prove the beasts innocence in the unfortunate incident of Morast. With the assistance of the locals, we examined the grave site of the village of Morast in detail, discovering a camp site that had been there during the time of the incident. Further study revealed the prescence of a small firepit with a waterskin half full of wine, the aged remnants of some trail rations, a curious glass vial scattered on the ground nearby. The vial contained a dried green chemical substanced clearly identified as alchemist's dark vision extract. It is a fact well documented that golem's have natural night vision, therefore the beast would have no need for such a potion. Also found at the campsite was a coracle with a mouldy leather travel bag with a damp artisan's outfit including a shirt, breeches, shoes, and a cloth apron, inside a vile object, a detached human face who was identified as Nan Klebem, a local. This face could be worn as a disguise by one proficent in such techniques in order to move amoungst the locals without raising suspicion of the death of the villagers. In addition, a bag was found large enough to hold a human. The sack held some rope, a rusted lantern, a trio of heavy knives, and a rusted shovel. Also discovered was a leather bound case filled with fine tools, made of silver and amethyst handles, surgical tools used not by one as large and combersome as the beast but someone with more delicate and evil purposes. We also discovered an alchemical extract identified as aspect of the beast which would allow the person to create the mistake identity that a golem was responsibile for the crimes. Within six of the 40 graves we found signs that the grave sites had been tampered with. This all suggests the surgeontools and the missing bodies from the graves and the ten deceased locals were involved in some evil and sophisticated body part traffiicing, and the missing face proves someone took great lengths to conceal their identity, to remain hidden within the village while the killed. When they were cornered they took the extract aspect of the beast and escaped. The beast that stands before you bears no scars from the fight with the camien. Whoever was involved planned this to decieve the locals into thinking it was a golem to conceal their true evil motives."
Diplomacy check: 1d20+5 = 18
DUNGEON MASTER: The Judges and other members of the court listen solemnly to Johan's speech--even the boisterous members of the audience wait until it is finished to boo and jeer Johan's defence of the Beast.

[Total bonus +15 to Diplomacy Check.]
DUNGEON MASTER: An hour later, when the court is adjourned for the day, Barrister Gustav beams and offers his hand to Johan.  "That was b-b-brilliant!"
DUNGEON MASTER: [The party gains the following XP:
  Six of the graves in Morast’s boneyard have been robbed( 1,200 XP).
The Beast can see in the dark, so it does not require an extract of darkvision ( 1,200 XP).
Although the Beast was clearly seen to be bitten by a blood caiman, it has no scars from such an attack. (1,200 XP).
Displaying the removed face of the poacher Nan Klebem(1,200 XP).
Fending off the mysterious attacker in the night (1,200 XP).]

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