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Carrion Crown Session 34

Session 34
DUNGEON MASTER: [Game Starts Here]
DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes return through the darkening evening up the muddy road back to Lepidstadt.  They arrive at about 10 pm to find the townsfolk once again reveling in the streets in anticipation of tomorrow's trial.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan runs his hand through his hair as they arrive back to town to the sight of celebrations for the upcoming trail.
"Do you wish to retire for the night and make an early start in the morning? May I suggest tomorrow we come to court in appropriate attire."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "What I mean is that we look like walking armoury and weapon shop at the moment which may not be allowed in the court. I have no idea, never been to court before," states Johan.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Yes I think that is a good idea, however lets set a watch, too many strange things have happened
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan eyes Grundig for a moment as he asks a question, "What are you planning on doing with that finger? Make a necklace for Kendra? I would keep it concealed if you plan on walking around town with it."
 GRUNDIG: it is in my trophy bag and i dont like shearing my trophys with others it stays with me but i dont get anything out when others are arround
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "As long as I don't wake up with a finger on my pillow I don't mind your strange habits", Johan lowers his raised eyebrow as they continue to retire for the night.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar in his spare time will seek out Kendra to enure she is ok, and then sleep or do his watch
DUNGEON MASTER: Kendra is retired to her room when the heroes arrive back at the richly furnished townhouse.  The butler makes no obvious notice of the heros' late arrival, nor their disheveled appearance.
 GRUNDIG: grundig takes his turn at watch while the others shuffel off to there bed rolls
 GRUNDIG: perception = 1d20+12=25
DUNGEON MASTER: The party turns in, and the night proceeds without incident.  Splatterface remains out on the balcony, growling occasionaly in the cold autumn air.
DUNGEON MASTER: At about 2 am Johan's watch begins.  He patrolls up and down the hallway, ending each leg in his room to peep out the window at his pet wolf. 

It is about three thirty in the morning, and the mists are growing, when Johan looks out his window to see a flash of movement outside.  At once Splatterface springs up, and even in the darkness it is obvious his back hair is standing straight up.  He is growling, low and dangerous.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Perception check: 1d20+10 = 24 (+26 vs. humanoids)
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan squints as he tries to pin point the source of movement as he slinks into the shadows to conceal himself. He stands silently in the shadows, holding his breath as he waits for any sign of threat to materialise.
Stealth check: 1d20+12 = 27
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan remains still and silent in the shadows.  For a few moments nothing happens.  Then, quite suddenly the stillness is broken by a horrified scream from somewhere below, followed by an angry bellow. 

Splatterface's growl grows livid, nearly akin to a bark.
DUNGEON MASTER: [DC 22 Perception to wake up.]
 GRUNDIG: perception =1d20 +12=23
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar sleeps fitfully through all the ruckus
 GRUNDIG: grundig wakes at the sound of the scream rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he starts putting on his armour
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan silently curses, before whsipering to Shadow, "Come on let's wake the others." Johan rushes down the hallway, bursting into his companions rooms to wake them from their blissful slumber.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar wakes up saying...."Kendra" then sees Johans face and immediately gets up ready for anything.  Solar immediately casts Dancing Lights
SOLAR CE’NEA: Whats up my friend.  What needs doing?
 GRUNDIG: grundig runs out of the room grabbing his quarter staff and sling on the way out.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Something foul is occurring on ground level, hard to tell if it is outside of the building at this stage," replies Johan.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perhaps I can go on the balcony and send my lights below
DUNGEON MASTER: Splatterface refuses to oblige Johan's request, as his attention is clearly fixed on something below the balcony outside.

Johan goes inside to wake the others, who come out of sleep to the sound of screaming and shouting in the street below the outer balcony.  Moments later, Splatterface breaks into a vicious barking, like an alpha male who is being challenged.
 GRUNDIG: grundig casts speek with anamils and asks shadow what he saw
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan moves quickly to join Shadow on the balcony as he looks around at the scene below for the cause of the disturbance.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar gets his crossbow ready and then says if we go out on the balcoany I can send my limy dancing lights out towards the sound
 GRUNDIG: grundig joins Johan on the balkiny
 GRUNDIG: balcoany
DUNGEON MASTER: The mists make observing the scene below rather difficult, but it is clear that both a man and woman are standing below, he bellowing angrily and she weeping and shrieking hystairically. 

Shadowface is looking up towards the roof of the opposite townhouse, still growling and barking his wolfish bark, with the occasional howl mixed in.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar takes some understanding from the wolf and sends his dancing lights up to the roof Splatterface is barking and growling
SOLAR CE’NEA: perception check 1d20+4=23
 GRUNDIG: grundig casts talk to animals and asks shadow what he sees handle animal 1d20 +7=14 as he looks towards where he is looking perception 1d20+12=17
DUNGEON MASTER: Splatterface growls in response.
 GRUNDIG: grundig makes a growling nois towards shadow
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar illuminates the roof of the townhouse opposite the heros', but observes no activity there.  The mists are fairly thick, and hiding in the nooks and crannies would be an easy task.
 GRUNDIG: grundig points in the direction of the roofs and says quick solar put your lights over there as fare as you ccan
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar does as he is instructed
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar sends his lights out to the crest of the roof, illuminating the whole area as well as he might.  There is no sign of movement.
 GRUNDIG: grundig turns in to a giant bat and takes off towards the roof to wich solar is looking
 GRUNDIG: looking for any sighn of the threat.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar casts detect magic in the direction of the dogs barck scanning as much as the roof and uper wall of the house as he can to try and see if something registers
 GRUNDIG: perception 1d20+15=26
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar detects no magic.

Adrian takes flight over the rooftops, and out of sight of the others.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan stands there with his mouth open in surprise as Grundig changes form into a bat and flies off into the night. "What the fuck... is he a were creature?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: No My friend, he is a druid and has nature as his ally and can transform himself into animals
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar calls out to the man and woman below in the street.  Can we help you, or are you both ok?
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan stands on the balcony trying to spot any movement that might betray what dangers lurk on the roof opposite their building.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Oy!  Bloody cut her up he did!"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Sorry?  What are you saying?
DUNGEON MASTER: "Ware!  There's a fellow with knives about!"
SOLAR CE’NEA: SLow down miss, tell me exactly what happened!
SOLAR CE’NEA: Mesodius, can you go down and look at this poor womans wounds
SOLAR CE’NEA: I will come down with you once I wake up Kendra to make sure she is safe and prepared for anything
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias grumbles at the inconvience of the situation, however if it means getting back to sleep he complies by retrieving his Rope of Climbing and commanding it to secure itself from the balcony to the ground below.
DUNGEON MASTER: Just at that moment, a huge fireball explodes about 100' away in the direction which Grundig flew.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar tries to discern what happened in the glare of the Fireball Percpetion  1d20+4=12
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar cannot see over the reach cap.
 GRUNDIG: ridge cap
DUNGEON MASTER: The rope secures itself as Mesodias commands.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias climbs over the balcony ledge, moving quickly to ground level before rushing off towards the direction of the fireball, having forgotten about the injured woman in the streets.
Climb check: 1d20+3 = 15
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar runs quickly to Kendra and wakes her up saying there are things afoot and nd then goes back to to climb down stairs to join the others
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar joins the others downstairs and recasts the dancing lights near them searching for safe passage in the mist
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan scales down the rope of climbing before commanding it to unfurl as he dashes off in the direction of the fireball. 
Climb check: 1d20+7 = 13
DUNGEON MASTER: Another flash of fire lights up the night.
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias and Johan rush off towards the fire, moving to within 60' of the fires lighting up the night above.

Solar makes it out the door in the same amount of time, leaving him within 120'.
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan and Mesodias arrive at the scene of the fireball to discover the roof midly ablaze, with no sign of Grundig or anything else.
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar is 60' away.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan stands against the corner of the nearest building looking skyward for Grundig and whatever it was he was engaded with.
Perception check: 1d20+10 = 25
He looks behind at Mesodias and then back towards the rooftop now ablaze. "Looks like Grundig has been here having fun without us the bastard... where the hell is he now?"
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar arrives moments later, somewhat out of breath.
 GRUNDIG: grundig swoops down to where the others are standing and transforms back to his usual shape "quick get some water on that roof
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan sigh out loud, "Troublesome fire bug! Really starting to get on my nerves! We can't let this poor sods house burn down..." Johan commands the Rope of Climbing to secure itself to the roof top before asking Mesodias to follow him to Create Water.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar keeps and eye out for anything unusual (beyond buildings being on fire)
 GRUNDIG: sorry i was hopeing to stop it from getting away but it just opend a hloe in mid air and steped through
SOLAR CE’NEA: It, What was "IT"?
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias' create water spell suffices to extinguish the blaze, while Johan assists.  Meanwhile the others stay on the ground to discuss the night's events.
 GRUNDIG: i wasent shore but i have heard of storys in the airea baout a creature that scears ppl and then vanishes
DUNGEON MASTER: The fire is nearly put out, when the city watch and the fire brigade arrive with unforgiving looks on their faces.
 GRUNDIG: deplomicy check =1d20+2=4
 GRUNDIG: grundig looks to the city guard aproching with the firefighters cloce behind and waves at them quick up there get it out before it spreads.
 GRUNDIG: trying to play the inosant bystander
DUNGEON MASTER: The city watch posts a detachment to watch over the suspicious pair as scores of firemen scale ladders up to the rooftops, to discover Johan and Mesodias wiping sooot off their faces.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar says to the Firefighters, we have tried to put out what we can, you can see this and this (indicating where Johan and co have been working) has been dealt with you will need to look after these areas
SOLAR CE’NEA: Diplomacy 1d20+0=14
DUNGEON MASTER: After some convincing, the city watch agrees that the heroes were most likely not the source of the conflaglaration, and the party returns to bed somewhat wearied.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Knowledge (nature): 1d20+8 = 19
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan is out of his element on this one; he has to defer to Grundig's greater knowledge of things natural.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan runs his hand through his hair as he racks his brain. "I can't remember ever hearing a story about something like this? Either way next time let's try and avoid setting fire to someone's house unless they deserve it."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "If it disappeared with magic it will be impossible to track unless it is determined to show itself again. I'm content to finish my watch if the flying demon decides to let us sleep," says Johan.
DUNGEON MASTER: The party returns to their borrowed townhouse, where they finish the night's sleep uninerrupted.

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