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Carrion Crown Session 36

Session 36
DUNGEON MASTER: The trial is over for the day, and townsfolk stream out into the street to resume their carousing.  Not a few give the heroes dark looks and one stout drunkard goes so far as to spit on Solar's boots as he hands Kendra up into the carriage.

[It is now 2 in the afternoon.]
 GRUNDIG: so where to from here what was the next crime he has been accused of
 GRUNDIG: i guess its off to Hergstag
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Before we leave the courthouse did we wish to access the court registry of residents for this mysterious purchaser of the surgical goods, Vlakda? This might give us some leads to continue regarding the crimes in Morast when we have the time," replies Johan.
SOLAR CE’NEA: I think that is a good idea my friend
 GRUNDIG: that would be a good idear do you think we will have time to do it or could we ask kendra to lookinto it for us whilst we go to Hergstag
DUNGEON MASTER: Kendra smiles politely at the gnome.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan scratches his head as he thinks about time constraints, with a sigh, "Yes you are probably right, it seems time is of the essence. Hergstag may take some time to travel there even by horse."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Makes a knowledge check to identify what he knows about Herstag. Know local 1d20+14=27
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar knows that Hergstag is a small, abandoned farming community about ten miles to the northwest of Lepdstadt.  He recalls that it was abandoned the same year as the infamous Hergstag murders.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar explains what he knows about the town.  He then goes on to say, they need to have witnesses or proof against the beast.  We need to ask what the evidence is or who is testifying so we can see what may or may not be the truth
DUNGEON MASTER: The party already is aware that three sisters named Garrow, Starle, and Flicht--all former residents of Hergstag--are witnesses for the prosecution
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "What do you guys think is the best course of action? Personally I think we should focus on determining what the sisters know and are going to say tomorrow at court," queries Johan.
SOLAR CE’NEA: I think we perhaps need to spend and hour with the sisters and then make our way to the town to investigate the possible ghost
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Perhaps we can invite them for dinner and drinks to loosen their tongue about what happened at Hergstag?"
Knowledge (local) check: 1d20+0 = 12 (Location the sister's might be lodging in the city)
DUNGEON MASTER: The three sisters live just outside of town, where they own and operate a windmill.
 GRUNDIG: that could be an option go to the old townstead then come and see them after.
SOLAR CE’NEA: We may get some clue from them what to check out before we get to Hergstag
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Let's quickly head back to Kendra's and grab out shit before we head out by horse," replies Johan.
DUNGEON MASTER: The party returns to the house with Kendra, grabs their gear, and about a half hour later calls upon the oh-so-aptly-named Three Sisters Mill just to the north side of town.  The wind-powered structure is decorated with numerous potted flowers and shrubs--it appears at least one of the inhabitants has a green thumb.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar suggests that as Johan is clealry the best looking that he talk to the ladies and he proposes to Grundig that the two of them aid Johan in both in diplomicy and sensing what the ladies are being truthful about or possibly hiding.
 GRUNDIG: i think that would be best im thinking that a gnome might just make things worse
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan places his hands on his hips, "Fine, I'll try and smooth these ladies over however I make no promises of success without the aid of alcohol and coin, neither of which I think is appropriate given the circumstances."
SOLAR CE’NEA: You underestimate yourself my dear Johan!  I know the ladies appreciate your manliness!
 GRUNDIG: iv got some good quality brandy if you think it would help!!!
 GRUNDIG: grundig says with a grinn
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "If it wasn't for your cleaning spell my manliness would knock out the ladies since I would not have bathed for a month, and I am comfrtable with that considering I grew up living off the land," replies Johan. "Maybe all this comfort living with Kendra is making me soft?"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan walks over to the door and knocks three times.
DUNGEON MASTER: A plump fourty-something blonde opens the door--her stringy bangs are no longer thick enough to conceal the fat wart that grows above her left eye.

"Yes?" she asks.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Looks like daniel's connection sucks goat balls.]
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan smiles at the young woman, "Good afternoon my name is Johan, my companions and I are looking for the Three Sisters Mill."
DUNGEON MASTER: "You've found it!  Ya want to grind yer grains?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar aid antoher for DIplomicy =1d20+0=17 Aid another Sense motive 1d20+0=13
 GRUNDIG: aid other on deplomicy 1d20+1=11
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Thank god we thought we might be lost. Such a relief we found your mill as I was the guide. Do you mind if we may come in and have a look around your mill?"
Diplomacy check: 1d20+5 = 20 (24 incl. aid other bonuses)
DUNGEON MASTER: "Psstsch!  Ya was at the trial, wasn't'cha?  Watcha want?"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "You are very perceptive, no fooling you I see." Johan nods slightly at her comment. "You are right we came from the court. We wish to speak with you and your sister's about what happened seven months ago. We would really appreciate your time and help in this delicate matter," replies Johan.
DUNGEON MASTER: The fat woman at the door scowls, but before she can respond a trill voice behind her speaks: "Yes!  Yes!  Come on in dearie.  Never mind Garrow, she's as dull as a Barrow!" 

A brown-and-silver haried woman steps out of the darkness and pulls the door open, ushering the party in to a small sitting room over her sister's scowls.

"I'm Starle... how can I help you *strapping* young men?"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan blushes, "Why thank you, these are my companions." Johan makes a formal introduction. Johan smiles at Starle, "Do you mind if I have a moment of your time? I would like to enquire about what happened at Herstag? I understand this could be a delicate subject but any information would be greatly appreciated."
DUNGEON MASTER: Much to her sister's chagrin, Starle launches into her tale.  "Oh, it was more horrible than folk will ever know!  One after another, them chill'rens went missing in the night.  One by one.  Imagine that!  It was months before we finally caught the rascal!  That beast it was, and we found him red handed!  Menfolk set on him and drove him out, but the damage was done!"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "That's terrible, the innocent being taken so early in life. What do you mean by caght red handed? One of the townsfolk caught the beast in the act? I don't mean to pry intimate details but how did the poor children die," queries Johan.
DUNGEON MASTER: The woman is taken aback by the question.  "Well, he had the poor child in his arms!"
 GRUNDIG: sence motive 1d20+4=19
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Sense Motive checvk: 1d20+9 = 22
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discerns that there are things being left unsaid.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Were their signs of physical harm caused to the children including Ellsa, as we have heard rumours that something supernatural might have been at play," queries Johan.
 GRUNDIG: im attempting to see if they are telling the truth as they beleave it
DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig notices no signs of falsehood.

"They were dead!" replies the woman.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "How did they pass? The beast being such a brute would have made quite a mess. I hope this wasn't the case not only for the children but also for the grieving families?"
DUNGEON MASTER: "Well, truth to tell, I didn't see so much gore... but that don't mean there wasn't any!  Yes, that's it!  Men must'ave cleaned it up before we all got to look at it!  An' ain't you interested in talking of something else now?" she asks, flipping her hair over her shoulder.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "It's ok take your time. We understand this is a destressing thing to have to talk about however it's really important to clear up what happened so that the rumours don't confuse the facts."
DUNGEON MASTER: Starle smiles winningly at Johan, while her sister emits a loud "harumph" and stomps off towards the next room.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan walks over and comforts the woman, placing his hands on her shoulders before telling her to take a moment. "You are kind to speak with us, I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me being able to clear up the rumours by talking to you first hand."
DUNGEON MASTER: She sniffs and smiles up at Johan.  "You're a dear one, no doubt!  You have big arms..."
 GRUNDIG: was there anything elce out of the ordenary happening arround the time of the deaths?
DUNGEON MASTER: Starle jumps in momentary fright as Grundig pipes up.  "Oh!  A gnome!"  She reaches for some smelling salts sniffs them, then proceeds as if she had forgotten Grundig's question.
SOLAR CE’NEA: I am sorry to ask my dear lady, but the deaths of the children, when did they occur? where they on the same night or different nights.  when was the first death and when was the last? and what happened to the bodies of the poor children?
DUNGEON MASTER: "Oh, one night and then another.  Went missing one by one, one every few nights.  The bodies?  Sure, we found Ellsa's..."
SOLAR CE’NEA: yes lovely lady you found ellsa's but that was becasue the beast brought it to you...what happened to the other bodies?  were all the children's bodies found.  So the last child that was killed, was that ellsa and regardless of if it was was the last child (or children) killed before or after the beast was run off.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Diplomacy check 1d20+0=17
DUNGEON MASTER: "The bodies?  How should I know about such horrible things?  Menfolk buried them, I suppose... Oh, let me see... the first was poor Allen, then Gaard, and Maarten, after that Rachel, and sweet Ellsa, .. and then Karin ..."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan asked Grundig's question to Starle, "Was there anything else of important to note during the time of the deaths? Anything at all you might remember?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: My dear lady one more question, sinse the Beast was run off, why is the village now deserted.  As I understand it no-one now lives there.
DUNGEON MASTER: Starle looks up at Johan.  "Yes... I cannot hide anything from such a strong man... the last one--Karin--she died screaming in her bed two days later.. her father found her without a mark, and there were no open windows or othersuch.  It was a mystery..."
DUNGEON MASTER: She turns to face Solar's question.  "We three left that same day... the others, they followed after... they said it wasn't right there any more... and then... well, we three are the only ones left now..."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "What do you mean about the town not feeling right anymore? You are safe now, I think it is wise to stay way from such a place. Terrible events like this can leave a mark on a place. Could there be some history of the town that could have created some kind of haunt? I mean if poor Karin died without a mark?"
DUNGEON MASTER: "They said it, dearie, I don't know... they all seemed so... old... and others died in their beds, too, from what I gathered... it was just too awful to keep thinking of, you understand... that that beast could do such a thing!"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "We have experience with defeating evil like this. If it remains in Hergstag we will find it and give it the true death it deserves. When you mentioned them seeming old, do you mean they had aged quickly, faster than it would have been natural too?"
DUNGEON MASTER: "I don't know what's natural in times where beasts walk about in daylight and murder children!  The
DUNGEON MASTER: They seemed old, though, older than I like to have remembered them... some of them had been only twenty or likesuch, as I remember them...
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. We will search the town you have left and if we find anything that remains there it will be offerred no mercy, that much I guarantee you," replies Johan.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Come back again!  We'll grind your grain, dearie!" she adds with a wink.
DUNGEON MASTER: The party proceeds up the dirt road toward Hergstag--it is about 4:30 and the sun is moving towards the horizon, when the heroes lay eyes on the abondoned farming town. The whole farmland has fallen to ruin, and now even the well-trodden pathways are overgrown. The crops have gone to seed and high corn grows everywhere, blocking the view as thouroughly as any forest undergrowth.

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