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Carrion Crown Session 22

Session 22
DUNGEON MASTER: [You previously sold:  six suits of masterwork chainmail andsix suits of masterwork studded leather armor, four masterwork longswords, four masterwork heavy maces, two masterwork heavy crossbows,  a pouch containing a dozen masterwork shurikens, a masterwork silver war razor,]
DUNGEON MASTER: It is now approximately 2pm.  The party can visit any of the other locations on the Ravengro map if they like.  What do the intrepid heroes do?
DUNGEON MASTER: Listening to the heroes banter about their next purchases, Jominda puts in some advice: "You might want to check in with that whiney schoolteacher up the street... Alendru Ghoroven his name is, at the Unfurling Scroll."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "We might just do that. Thank you for the suggestion." Johan gives Jominda a curt smile before asking Solar, "Sounds like a good idea to me."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Indeed it does, Thank you kind Sir!  we shall head there now!
DUNGEON MASTER: The party marches up the muddy street towards the schoolhouse, where a number of young children sit scratching away on small chalkboards under the stern gaze of a thin, bald man.  He looks up and lifts his eyebrows as the heroes enter.

"May I presume you folk are here on business?" he inquires softly.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Yes Kind Sir we were directed to you.  Perhaps you could help us aquire some items?
DUNGEON MASTER: With no futher ado, he beckons the party toward his desk, under which sits a hefty foot locker that opens with a 'click'.

[This locker contains the following items, availbile at standard prices: A wand of cat’s grace (13 charges), a wand ofslow (6 charges), A wand of mage armor( 5 chares), and A flesh golem manual.  There are also twelve minor scrolls inserted into leather clad cases at one end of the locker.]
DUNGEON MASTER: [The locker contains the following scrolls:

Scroll of Acid Arrow (150 gp)
Scroll of Alter Winds (25 gp)
Scroll of Ant Haul (25 gp)
Scroll of Compassionate Ally (150 gp)
Scroll of Corrosive Touch (25 gp)
Scroll of Create Treasure Map (250 gp)
Scroll of Daze Monster (150 gp)
Scroll of Enlarge Person (25 gp)
Scroll of Flaming Sphere (150 gp)
Scroll of Glitterdust (150 gp)
Scroll of Hypnotism (25 gp)
Scroll of Mirror Image (150 gp)]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar steps forward and enquires with as much charm as possible if they could get a good deal on the woand of Mage armor.  He points out that they are trying to help the council in their daily workings Aid another 1d20=13
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perception 1d20+3=19
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Perception check: 1d20+8 = 27 (29 vs. humaniods)
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Perception check: 1d20+5 = 17
DUNGEON MASTER: As they walk up to the desk at the front of the classroom, Johan notices that one of the students--a skinny, stringy haired girl--has a poem scrawled on her slate.  The first two lines of the poem read:

Put her body on the bed.
Take a knife and lop her head.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan inspects the items before speaking with the store keeper, "Your wand of mage armour, what is the cheapest you could part with it to support our endeavours to assist the village?" Diplomacy check: 1d20+3 = 18
DUNGEON MASTER: Alendru eyes the party critically, but then his gaze softens somewhat.  "For you gentlemen?  I'd let that thing go for 50 gold."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan nods slightly in agreement, "Excellent. You have yourself a deal! You are both a gentleman and a scholar."
DUNGEON MASTER: The man smiles broadly at the compliment.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan parts with the coin required to purchase the wand. "Sir may you have a good good. Thank you for your customs."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Edit: good = day
DUNGEON MASTER: "And you as well, sirs," says Alendru.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan will comment on the girl poem, "That is a most interesting poem, did you write that yourself my dear or hear that?"
DUNGEON MASTER: The girl starts as Johan adresses her, and quickly begins to erase the rest of the poem.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Oh sorry I didn't mean to surprise you. Please finish the poem, do't let me interrupt you. If you don't mind me where you get the idea for that poem?"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Diplomacy check: 1d20+3 = 18
DUNGEON MASTER: "What's this now?" asks Alendru sharply, moving back towards Johan and the child.  The child hesitates, afraid of Johan and afraid of the schoolmaster.  Looking over the smeared portion on her slate, Johan sees a few other verses intact...

Feeds the stirge, so nice and ripe.
Drops of red so sparkly bright.
Splatters spell her name just right.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Smeared portion of the slate]
DUNGEON MASTER: Tricksy father tells a lie.
Listen close or
[The writing ends here.]
DUNGEON MASTER: As the schoolteacher looms close, the child continues frantically erasing the remainder of the text.
DUNGEON MASTER: By the time he approaches, there is naught left but a smudged smear of chalk on her slate.  Alendru frowns as he looks from the slate to Johan.  "What's all this about then?"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan smiles at the little girl, "There is nothing to be worried about. Where did you get the idea for your poem? I only wish you didn't rub it out."
DUNGEON MASTER: The girl looks at Alendru like a deer staring down a bull's eye lantern.

"Sure it was nothing," says the school teacher gruffly.  "These countrified children have the most confounded rhymes they chant.  Ugly and gross, all of them." Turning to the girl, he bellows: "Elsdra!  Into the corner!"
DUNGEON MASTER: Back to Johan, he says: "Tried to beat it out of them, but nothing doing.  Stuck in their minds, it is."  He attempts a wink, but with his mouth set in a grimace the resulting look is rather startling.  "Good day again, sirs."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Sense Motive on the teacher: 1d20+3 = 14 (16 vs. humanoids)
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan senses that the man is genuinely embarassed and upset.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Sorry again to have disturbed your classroom as such. Good day to you." Johan smiles and turns to leave with Solar and Mesodias.
SOLAR CE’NEA: "That was very Bizarre?  What just happened, did I miss something" Solar says confused.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Once they are outside and some distance away from the store Johan will explain what he saw with the girls surprising and grim poem.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "I suspect it wasn't a haunt this time, the girls action to rub the poem out and the teachers response would indicate it was real. What does that mean when a young child has knowledge of the prision and it's troubles?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: I suspect they were refering to the men in the Prison Amazing how past gruesome history becomes nursary rymes for todays youths.  It is a common thing passing stories back through time via nusery rhymes
SOLAR CE’NEA: I believe it helps the youg deal with scary issues.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Shall we move on or would you like to stay to see if you can talk to the child after class?
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "I suggest we move on. It just suprises me they would make a nursey rhyme about such things."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Shall we go get the wand of cure light wounds?
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Yes, I would like to contribute my fair share of the wand which we will all be able to get use out of."
SOLAR CE’NEA: That sounds good.  Solar goes with his compnions to the church and buys the Wand of Cure moderate wounds for 855 gp (285 each - 19 charges)
DUNGEON MASTER: The priests sell the wand to the heroes at cost.
DUNGEON MASTER: The party heads back through the ankle-deep mud and the pouring rain to the old Lorrimore house.  Kendra sits on the sofa, reading from an old book.
DUNGEON MASTER: It is about 3:30 pm.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias uses his final channel before they break for the evening meal. Channel energy: 2d6 = 7 hp healed
DUNGEON MASTER: Supper is a spicy beef stew, and soon everyone turns in for the night.  The party keeps watch as before. 

It is about midnight, during the first watch, when a curdling scream cuts through the night.  By the sound, it came from Kendra's room on the second floor.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar runs towards the scream with his crossbow in hand
SOLAR CE’NEA: watching for anything unusual perception 1d20+3=19
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar bursts into Kendra's room.  The woman sits on her bed, ashen faced.  Across from her, on a bare space in the wall, are letters--written in crimson and dripping as if made of blood.  They read: K-E-N-D-R-A...
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar rushes to Kendra and holds her while keeping his weapon ready for anything that might happen
SOLAR CE’NEA: It is alright my lady, I am here. Everything is alright
DUNGEON MASTER: "Oh!  It was...." she stops and takes a deep breath.  "I woke up with the sense of ... evil ... near to me.  Oh!  It was dark.  And then there were bars on the windows and I could suddenly see the moon outside."  She points out the window, where the sky is currently overcast and rain continues to pour down.  "And then in the moonlight I saw a hand... writing..."
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar cast detect magic and looks around the room
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar detects no magic.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Perception check: 1d20+8 = 16
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Perception check: 1d20+5 = 19
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan and Mesodias roll out of bed in their chain shirts, reaching under their beds for their primary weapons before they move to the doorway. Johan calls out as he peers outide the bedroom, "Where is everybody? What the hell is going on?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Calls out "we are in Kendras room, Johan if you can come here, Mesodisu can you do a sweep of the house just to make sure. "
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: The two companions comply, Johan moving slowly to Kendra's move while Mesodias inspects each room on the lower level for any disturbance.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Perception check: 1d20+5 = 15
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias returns several minutes later, sword in hand, looking warily from side to side.  "Innnn  Unnnnn Ooooonnnn," he explains.  "Aaauuuuunnnnt."
DUNGEON MASTER: At that moment a knock sounds, loud and distinct, on the door below.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Can you show my friend perhaps I can kill it with Disrupt undead
DUNGEON MASTER: Knock Knock Knock
SOLAR CE’NEA: Kendra are you up to helping me hit it with your spell of disrupt undead?
DUNGEON MASTER: "Uuuuunnnn Oooooon," replies Mesodias, with a shake of his head.  "Aaaaaahhhhnn."
DUNGEON MASTER: Knock Knock Knock
SOLAR CE’NEA: Lets all go togehter
DUNGEON MASTER: "If I can see it," she replies bravely.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Prepare yourselves, it seems we have guests knocking on the door at such an hour."
DUNGEON MASTER: The four heroes pad down the stairs together into the front room.  Outside the storm still rages, though it seems to be abating somewhat.

Knock Knock Knock
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar stands back from the door to the side to allow the two armoured companions take the front
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Who is it?!" Johan cries out over the storm outside as he tries to distinguish who or what is outside the front door.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Deputy Anton!" comes the reply.  Outside a burly, hunched figure stands, head bowed against the storm.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Benjan's got something for ya!"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan opens the door and moves back several paces to regard this stranger.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Quickly step inside and get out of the rain and cold before you come down with something."
DUNGEON MASTER: The man is heavy set and red-face.  Water streams off his uncovered head.  "I can't!" he shouts over the storm.  "Somethings up at the prison--old Gibs has gone mad!  Benjan wants you to come see!  Got to hurry!"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Kendra will you be alright here? do you want to come with us?  Either way i thnk we need to go really quickly
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Give us a few seconds to grab our gear, we won't be long." Johan and Mesodias rush off to grab and equip the belongings before returning a few moments later at the front door.
DUNGEON MASTER: Kendra looks from the deputy to Solar.  "I'll.... stay here," she says after a pause.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Be back quickly," she pleas.
SOLAR CE’NEA: In that case just before we go could you cast mage armour on me once more pleae my lady?
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "If we need to retreat let's meet at the town library instead of coming back here. That is if we have to leave in a hurry ok."
DUNGEON MASTER: "Not yet," she replies regretfully.
SOLAR CE’NEA: A good idea!  I agree!
DUNGEON MASTER: The party bustles to readiness and hurries after the deputy through the night.  True to his word, he leads the party through the mud to the jailhouse.

It is at once clear why the sheriff summoned the heroes.  Inside a cell stands Gibs, his hand bloodied as if broken against the wall.  An insane light shines in his eyes as he sees the heroes come in.

"Ah good!" he cackles in a high pitched tone.  "You have come."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Who are you? What is it you want from us?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Percpetion 1d20
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Perception check: 1d20+8 = 18
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perception 1d20+3=18
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Perception check: 1d20+5 = 21
DUNGEON MASTER: One one wall, amongst splatters and splashes of Gibs' own blood, all three heroes make out the letters: V-E-S-O-R
DUNGEON MASTER: "I want to see you... and I want you to see me," he replies with a high pitched laugh.  With that he turns his back on those standing outside his cell and steps up to the wall.  Slowly, he draws his bloodied right fist against the rough surface, leaving bits of flesh and smears of blood as he writes.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar waits no longer and casts disrtupt undead at Gibbs
SOLAR CE’NEA: Disrupt Undead - (Ranged Touch Attack)
Damage 1d6=4 against undead
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "All I see is an insane crazy fool. You waste our time for this nonsense. Give us something more interesting then this!"
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar's ray illuminates Gibs' backside in blue light, but the tall man laughs and he appears to take no more damage from the effect than did Johan that morning.  Slowly and deliberately, Gibs writes with his grotesque instrument the letter 'I'.  He then turns to regard the group outside his cell with satisfaction.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan looks to the prision guards, "This name on the wall. Does it mean anything to you?" Johan regards Gibs, "You didn't answer my question, who are you really?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: I believe that is the Blue lady's name and if he spells it completley out we are all in danger.
DUNGEON MASTER: The guards shake their heads "no" in response to the question.

"YOU know who I am."  Gibs throws his head back and laughs, high pitched and mad.  "And *I* know who you are!"
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar says to Johan, I amgoing to cast protectino from evil on Gibbs to try and free him from his possession
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan regards the prison guards, "If what Solar says is true we must not let him finish what he is doing."
DUNGEON MASTER: Hearing Solar's words, Gibs steps backward from the bars and eyes the man.  "Come and get me!" he laughs.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Sheriff, I am going to ask something unorthadox, Give us the keys to the gibbs cell, then go outside the building and secure the door and don't let gibbs out, we will try and return Gibbs from this crazy behaviour but I need to cast a spell on him that requires me to touch him.  If we fail, you are the second line of defense.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Diplomacy =17
DUNGEON MASTER: Gibs laughs again.  "You can't trust them!  They've already betrayed you!  They've told me your *name*.... SOLAR!!"
DUNGEON MASTER: Sheriff Benjan looks grimly from the madman to his deputies.  WIth a silent motion, he waves them outside, where they begin securing the windows at once.

"I'll be the one to open the cage at once," he says stepping forward at once and flinging open the door before Gibs can prepare a response.

[Initiative please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: And I name you the "splatter Man"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Initative check: 1d20+4 = 8
SOLAR CE’NEA: Iniative 1d20+7=23
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Initiative check: 1d20+4 = 21
DUNGEON MASTER: Order is: [Solar, Mesodias, Gibs, Johan.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar steps into the cell and attempts to cast protection from evil on Gibbs 

Protection from Evil (Touch Attack)
Will save DC 15
SOLAR CE’NEA: TO do thT ATTAch he does a five foot step to gibbs, after touching him he moves back out of the cell and too the side to allow others accessAfter touching Gibbs Solar will take a 5 foot step back.
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar sucessfully touches Gibs and the spell takes effect.  Immediately his body heaves as though shaken by an outside force, and then he collapses, slumping to the floor at Solar's feet.

[End rounds.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias casts Stablise on the body of Gibbs.
DUNGEON MASTER: Gibs' knuckels and hand are raw and bloody, scraped nearly to the bones.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Thank Gorum that worked! I thought it would be his life stopping him from whatever it was he was doing."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar turns to the sherriff, "Sherriff we need to get this man out of town nad out of reach of the dark spirits" I think his evil acts have occured whilst under the influence of a dark spirit.  You need to secure him and ship him out of here as soon as possible the spell that has him under will only last 3 mins
SOLAR CE’NEA: DO you have Iron Manackles for his hands and feet?
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan turns a paler shade of white as he hears Solar's statement about the 'demon' being contained only for three minutes.
DUNGEON MASTER: Benjan meets Solar's eye.  "Let's get him manacled straightaway.  I don't know how quickly we can get him out of town--this isn't safe country to be traveling in, and sending out men on short notice isn't going to be easy."
DUNGEON MASTER: Sheriff Benjan calls his men in and they immediately set to work securing Gibs in a set of manacles.
SOLAR CE’NEA: We can help you take him to the outskirts of town right now, I just don't know how far the evil spirits can reach him. I am hoping there is a limit
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Let us make the most of the three minutes we have. We may be able to save this mans life if we act quickly or at least protect the village from the evil inside of him." Johan and Mesodias volunteer to carry the man as quickly as they can.
DUNGEON MASTER: "I can get a wagon together.  But let's tie him up proper so if he comes to under that... thing's influence, he won't be able to cause further trouble.
SOLAR CE’NEA: We can start carrying him out of the town if you want to grab the horses and wagon you can catch us up and we can put him on that. and move as soon as possible
DUNGEON MASTER: Several deputies bring forth coils of rope, and after a couple of minutes' work, the unfortunate Gibs appears closer to a mummy under the lengths of rope the deputies wrap around him.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Where is the wagon, is it just outside or do you need to go somewhere to get it?
DUNGEON MASTER: Outside, a cart and a pair of ponies await in the rain.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Lets get him on the wagon and head out of town in the opposite direction to the Prison
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "That sounds good. The second the wagon gets stuck in the mud Mesodias and I will carry him on foot."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Johan you want to sit on him and let me know when he stirs, I'll cast my next protection from evil spell on him
DUNGEON MASTER: The party drives the cart out of town, northward bound.  The storm, while still fierce, is abated somewhat so that it is now merely violent rather than record-breaking.  Still, the road is a sea of mud, and the heroes are scarcely out of town before the thing becomes mired in the mud.

[Strength check to move the thing forward, or head forward on foot?]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Fuck this. Mesodias you know the plan. Let's carry him outside of the town." Johan and Mesodias pick up the secured body of Gibbs and carry him on foot.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar follows behind them closly ready to cast his spell when needed
DUNGEON MASTER: The party abandons the wagon a little out of town, carrying the well-bound prisoner on their shoulders across the wet, rainy moor.  The wind whips across the grass and away to the east the lake froths and crashes in the storm. 

Although three minutes time have come and gone, the bound Gibs shows no sign of violent behavior.
DUNGEON MASTER: [The party is presently 500' out of town, to the north of Ravengro.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "What are we going to do with him?" Johan checks for Gibbs vital signs, Heal check: 1d20+2 = 14
SOLAR CE’NEA: Knowledge Arcana 1d20+12=23
DUNGEON MASTER: Permament protection from evil spells are pincipally the domain of summoners, who use the spell to hedge in demons and the like.  It's not likely that any such magic will be availiable in Ravengro.

Gibs does not stir, but he appears to be alive--he is still breathing, at the very least.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Well he isn't dead which is a good thing. He appears to be breathing normally at the moment. What do you think about taking him to the temple? Maybe they have something that can be done to stop the return of the beast within him?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: I don't think the temple will have anything that can stop any possession
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Well we just can't leave him outside of town in this weather. Maybe your spell cured him? Is there anyway we can check this?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: I think we might be able to return him to town but first thing in the morning they need to send him away so he can't be possessed again
SOLAR CE’NEA: I broke the connection right now but he can be possessed again
SOLAR CE’NEA: He will need to stay confined like he is until they can move him somewhere else
SOLAR CE’NEA: I think we are fine for the rest of the night. but we should keep him tightly secures
SOLAR CE’NEA: I think the best bet is to get some sleep and deal with the splatter man first thing in the morning
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Whatever you suggest I will take your advice. You seemed to have stopped whatever it is from controlling him which is a good sign at the least."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Just be aware this is an educated guess
DUNGEON MASTER: The party turns around and takes both the cart and the prisoner back to the prison, where Benjan greets the group with unconcealed surprise.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Sherriff we seem to have broken the connection for tonight, however, I suggest you keep him tied up like this in a different Cell, TOmmorrow morning at first light I suggest you transport gibbs to another town, his possession seem to happen at night and we need to stop them from occuring, I think if he is held somewhere else he will be out of resach of the dark spirirt.  We will go get some rest and in the morning see if we can deal with and defeat the dark spirit causing all these problems
DUNGEON MASTER: Sheriff Benjan eyes Solar.  "I'm not sure we'll be able to do it like that.  It's hard, getting a man to take this prisoner out elsewhere, and elsewhere like as not wouldn't want him.  I'm not saying I wouldn't be glad to see him gone from here, though..."

"We'll take your other advice, though.  A different cell and lots of ropes for you, boy-O," he says, nodding at Gibs' limp form.
DUNGEON MASTER: "And, thanks for your help tonight.  We'll keep a close eye on this one from here out."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Not a problem Sherriff as always we are at your service!
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan slaps Solar on the back, "Your spell did the trick and you may have saved not only this mans life but you stopped whatever it was he was doing."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Well I just think we were lucky I had a speel that could effect him.
DUNGEON MASTER: The party heads back to the house, where Kendra greets them, crossbow in hand.  The rest of the night passes without incident, and the morning dawns, overcast and drizzling.
DUNGEON MASTER: [400 xp each.]

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