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Carrion Crown Session 23

Session 23
DUNGEON MASTER: [Game starts here.]
DUNGEON MASTER: The party has arrived back from the prison, wet and dired.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar goes back to Kendras name to do a knowledge History check about Kendras name being on her wall and the possible conection to the Splatter man.
SOLAR CE’NEA: 1d20+11=27
DUNGEON MASTER: This bit of blood work appears identical to the Splatter Man's gory messages.  Other than the obvious (and disturbing) connection, there is no particular reason to see this as an immediate threat to Kendra.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar passes this information on to Kendra to help her reduce her levle of angst with the nights activities
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: While Solar is researching Johan will remove the bloodied writing on the wall.
DUNGEON MASTER: "That... is a relief," replies Kendra quietly.  She still eyes the writing with trepidation.
DUNGEON MASTER: The writing has the consistency and texture of dried blood.  It washes off easily under Johan's ministrations.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Would you feel better if we made up another bed in our room so you are not sleeping by yourself?"
DUNGEON MASTER: "Why ... I ..." Kendra hesitates a moment and her eyes flick from the still-wet patch of wall to Solar.  "I had better get used to sleeping in this room," she says at last. "Thank you for everything."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Perception 1d20+4=16 Solar is looking to see if any thing happened to Kendra when the writing was washed off the wall, either here getting damage or feeling rejuvinated or any change of mood
DUNGEON MASTER: Nothing appears to have changed.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan stashes his backpack in their room and loads his heavy crossbow with his other weapons sheathed across his back as he begins his sentry of the house.
DUNGEON MASTER: The party turns in to bed.  The rest of the night passes quietly, but for the lash of rain against the little house.  Morning dawns gray, foggy, and wet.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Spells are memorized and hp/abilities regained.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Morning gents." Johan stretches as he warms up his limbs and muscles, casting off the effects of a cold nights sleep. "What did you feel about visiting out friend Gibbs to check how he is going?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: I am eager to go up to the Prison and finish our busienss but perhaps you are right we should check on Gibbs first
SOLAR CE’NEA: Kendra what are you intending to do today my dear?
DUNGEON MASTER: "I think I shall continue packing up my things," she replies with only a hint of reproach.  "The agent is coming to look this place over in two days."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "I'm not that concerned about him. Sure the poor sod got possessed but there are more pressing matters at the moment. Finishing off the prision could resolve all these issues at once. However I'd like to check if they need help moving him to the church to have him looked at. If they don't need our help then I'm all for heading to the prision to deal with whatever we find there."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Sounds good to me!
DUNGEON MASTER: After a quick breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast, the party dons their gear and heads down to the prison.  A deputy on duty points to the cell where Gibs lies, trussed up like a chicken and wrapped like a mummy.  The prison evidently is not in posession of a true straightjacket, but they've certainly done their best with the tools they have, rendering the man completely immobile.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Well looks like everything is hand, but we should check, SOlar turns to the guards and asks if Sherriff Benjen is around
DUNGEON MASTER: "He's not in just yet," says the deputy.  "Hear you all was involved with a kind of ruckus last night..."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Yes just the usual thing that seems to happening around here at the moment
DUNGEON MASTER: "Said you all might like a bit of accomdatin' if you came around, so here I am accomdatin'."
SOLAR CE’NEA: We were just checking if we were needed. I figured you guys had it sorted but just checking.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Naw, yonder mummy's been all quiet this morning.  Aintcha, feller?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Well then we shall leave you to it.  You have a good and safe day then!
DUNGEON MASTER: "Later, fellers!"
SOLAR CE’NEA: "Lets swing by Kendas so she can cast mage armour on me andthen we can head up to the Prison" Solar says out of earchot of the guard
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Sweet. I'm glad they have things under control." Once the guys were outside Johan mentions, "DId you want to move out of sight from the town before we approach the prision?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: hd pick up the mysterious spell book that we deliberately left behind as it seem evil
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Sure of course. Let's stop by Kendra first and get prepared. That mage armour is definately a good spell to have as protection from the residents of the prision."
DUNGEON MASTER: Kendra is packing a number of books into a crate when the party turns back up.  She quickly agrees to cast the spell on Solar, and turns quietly back to work preparing her father's house for sale.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan and his companions trek back to Kendra's house to collect the Splatterman's old book and also a casting of mage armour on Solar.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Two hours of mage armor starts now.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: The group will make their way to the prision obscured by the light forest outlining the edge of town. Once within the prision grounds they will take their usual route through the training room to the recess in the ground. They will setup Mesodias' Rope of Climbing to access the lower level before continuing where they left off.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar suggesst going to talk to the Blue Lady to update her and see if she has any more advice
DUNGEON MASTER: The party, at Solar's suggestion, marches back up through the first floor of the prison where Mrs. Hawkran's ghost presides.  She rises up like a blue mist as the characters enter the room.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Hello Lovely Lady, We come with good news we have defeated all the major evil spirits other than the Splatterman, We seek him out now, do you have any further advice for us which we can use to defeat the Splatterman
DUNGEON MASTER: "I saw it... you are brave and couragous, all of you... do not underestimate the Splatter Man; that is my advice.  He is cunning--I know it was he who outwitted my poor husband so long ago..."
SOLAR CE’NEA: are there any traps or haunts that of beings that the Spaltter man may have put in front of him to weaken us, such as the stirges for the piper?
DUNGEON MASTER: "I would be surprised if there were not.  But his room is empty now, save for his own foul spirit."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "So we can kick down the door and hit him hard with everything we have got."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Which room is that my lady, if we draw you  map in the dust here could you point out how to get to him directly?
DUNGEON MASTER: The blue lady complies yet again, pointing the location of the final ghost on a drawn map.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "I think there is only one place left to explore. If he wants to hide then we will track him down. I hope he seeks an upfront fight."
SOLAR CE’NEA: My lady how did he outwit your husband?
DUNGEON MASTER: "I do not know, for sure.  But he is the only one of the brutes down there with the wit.  And I have heard him speak--boast--of besting my husband."  She pauses and a smoky blue tear drops from her eye.  "I fear for what they did to him before they all perished down there.  Go heroes, and may you defeat that... that monster."
DUNGEON MASTER: With that her form fades away with a sigh.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Don't worry we will not fail you my lady. This is one fight we will bring to him."
SOLAR CE’NEA: We shall return hoppefully victorious and you free, Be well my lady!
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan regards Solar, "Do you mind if I ask something of you. My heavy mace is magical, while only a minor enchantment (+1) will this make it effective to ghosts compared to my greatsword?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Knowledge check religion 1d20+8=16+8=24
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar knows that ghosts--as incorporeal creatures--can be hit by magical weapons, although still at reduced damage.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "If that is the case, while it pais me to put my greatsword away for the time being I will use the heavy mace."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: The group move back down the recess into the lower level of the dungeon.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "So what do you say, head through this southern area and let's crush this bastard."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "I recommend checking out this first door, there may have been a guard post to allow access through the portculiis. Let me check it for traps before we do anything."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Go, ahead but be careful
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Perception check: 1d20+10 = 23
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan notices nothing amiss.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: If the door is unlocked, Johan will open the door and peer into the room. "Do you mind sending a light spell through into the room?"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: While they are waiting Mesodias will cast a Light spell on his holy symbol to shed light as they move around the prision.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Before we open doors and so forth perhaps we should identify how we are going to take on the splatter man, we have several means of attacking him.  We have one Haunt Sypin, we have mesodius channel, I can do disrupt undead as well A new spell I have learnt called Flaming Sphere and I think the book allows uas to limit how he attacks us, I think if you rip pages out it will stop him from being able to cast spells at us.  How do you want to do this?
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar also cast dancing lights
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Well I'm happy to rip the book to shreds. However once we pass the portcullis I think it would be pruedent for all of us to have protection spells active."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "We have plenty of options. Mesodias can hit him with a few positive channeling plus that magical floating weapon that dealt with the last evil we fought. Did you want me to hold the spellbook or would you prefer me to get into melee with my magical mace? I just hope it is effective against this evil."
SOLAR CE’NEA: I think If you just wail on him enlarged , Mesodius uses his spiritaul weapon and I use the book we should be right
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "You have yourself a deal. Now let's check out what's in the room. I'm hoping for a lever to open the portcullis."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan nudges the door open with his heavy mace, looking inside the room.
DUNGEON MASTER: This room is black with caked ash and soot.  Like the other rooms, it contains a blackened lever connected to a chain.  Little else seems to have survived the inferno that enveloped this prison all those years ago.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan looks to Mesodias, "What do you think? Do you recon we can lift that portcullis by ourselves?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar sends in his dancing lights to see what is behind the Portcullious
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar peers through the bars of the portcullis.  Shadows dance and sway under the influence of his dancing light spell.  The room appears similiar to the cell block to the north, except that instead of the oubliette there is merely a standing pool of water in the room several inches deep.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Perception 1d20+4=6
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Perception check: 1d20+11 = 20
DUNGEON MASTER: "Uh ooon," replies Mesodias with a nod of his head.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Perception check: 1d20+6 = 17
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Strength check: 1d20+4 = 17           Mesodias Strength check: 1d20+4 = 21
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: The two burly figures walk up to the portcullis and struggle as they attempt to lift it with brute strength.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar aid another 1d20=15
SOLAR CE’NEA: +1 =16
DUNGEON MASTER: The portcullis rattles and shakes but does not budge.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Son of a bitch!"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Mesodias, do you mind if I borrow your Rope of Climbing to open this lever from a safe distance?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Good idea!
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "I'm just hesitant pulling the level in a place like this in case something bad happens as a result of it."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan will instruct the rope to secure itself to the end of the lever. Once it is secure he will carefully put his weight into the rope to shift the lever slowly from its position while outside the room, or at least as far away as possible.
DUNGEON MASTER: The lever screeches against its casing as Johan pulls.  Presently the the rope gives.  From within the room comes the sound of metal falling--as if the chain were trailing down and falling into the room at the feet of the lever.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Well that answers that question. Not as devious as expected." Johan will instruct the rope to untie itself and he returns it to Mesodias.
DUNGEON MASTER: The rope does as instructed, coiling up at Johan's feet.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Good to check though Good to check!
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Strength check (take 20): 20+4 = 24          Mesodias Strength Check (take 20): 2-+4 = 24
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Come on you stubborn piece of shit!"
SOLAR CE’NEA: I'm trying!!!
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "I was talking to the portcullis!"
DUNGEON MASTER: After much lifting and grunting, the portcullis gives way, creaking upwards in a series of screeches, clangs, and clicks.  It stays jammed about 4' off the ground.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar looks around to see if there is something in the debris around that will keep the portcullis wedge at the 4'
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan retrieves the Splatterman's spellbook and offers it to Solar, "This is yours for the time being."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Thanks, Solar then gives Haunt syping to mesedious
SOLAR CE’NEA: Shall we cast protection from evil now?
DUNGEON MASTER: [It's a syphon, gosh darn it!]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Definately. If nothing is in this area we should have enough time to check out the other passage we haven't exploder yet."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Sounds good, Lets protection up!
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias channels while grasping his holy symbol, casting Protection from Evil on himself.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar cast protection from evil on both himslef and on Johan
DUNGEON MASTER: [4 minutes of protection from evil starts now.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar has the book in his hand ready to start ripping
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Cover me." Mesodias supports the portcullis while Johan drops to the ground and rolls underneath it into the room. He looks around for any immediate threats. Perception check: 1d20+11 = 25
DUNGEON MASTER: The room is empty and silent, but for the distant dripping of water.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Are you guys going to come in or wait for me to check this room out first?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Do we want to use hide fromundead scrolls?
SOLAR CE’NEA: I have two
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Your call. Do whatever you wish with them."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan moves slightly further into the room, hugging thewalls to avoid the pool of water in the centre.
SOLAR CE’NEA: I'll come in but I'll let you and Mesodiusgo first
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Stay away from the pool of water. You never know what might be lucking at it's depths."
DUNGEON MASTER: The party creeps forward through the ruined cells.  Shadows waver and sway.  Several iron doors line the walls of this partially ruined cellblock—the doors themselves hang askew on
their hinges, revealing empty cells beyond. Partially burnt wooden support timbers still function to the north, while to the south they’ve collapsed and caused cell walls to crumble as well. Rivulets of water drip down the southwestern wall to create a shallow pool in this ruined portion of the room, with overflow filling an oubliette hole in the middle of the room nearly to the rim.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Percpetion 1d20+4=19
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Perception check: 1d20+11 = 13
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Perception check: 1d20+6 = 21
DUNGEON MASTER: The party is about halfway through the room when Mesodias pauses.  "Aaaaauuuuuunnnnt!" he bellows, pointing to a place on the wall where drops of blood are oozing forth.

[Initiative please.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Iniative 1d20+7=20
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Initiative check: 1d20+6 = 13
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Initiative check: 1d20+4 = 22
DUNGEON MASTER: [Order: Mesodias, Solar, Johan, Aaaauuuuunnnnt.  Mesodias and the aunt act in the surprise round.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Will Save: 1d20+6 + 2 (PfE) = 18
DUNGEON MASTER: Drops of blood well forth from a wall of rotting wood on the southern end of this chamber.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias charges the wall of blood and strikes at it with Destructive smite (+2 dmg)
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+7+2 = 27
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+6+2 = 17
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias' sword slams into the wall slicing through rotten timber and bashing the place where the blood was welling forth. 

However, the blood simply moves to a new place further up the plank, close to the ceiling.

[Will saves from everyone, please.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Will Save: 1d20+3 + 2 (PfE) = 18
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Will save: 1d20+4+2(PfE)=16
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Will Save: 1d20+6 + 2 (PfE) = 22
DUNGEON MASTER: A long, snaking 'S' appears on the wall, written in dripping blood.  [-2 wis to solar.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias casts Detect Magic and looks around the room, not knowing the true source of the haunt as yet.
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias detects a source of magic at the bottom of the oubielette.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Cast Disrupt Undead - (Ranged Touch Attack)
Damage 1d6=5 against undead
SOLAR CE’NEA: Knowledge check religion 1d20+8=25 to identify what type of haunt it is and what sort of things can damage it
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar's ray illuminates the entire southern wall.  A distant, muffled, scream echoes through the room.

Solar realizes that this is most certainly a haunt--whether it is the splatter man himself is hard to say, though at any rate this certainly seems to be his handiwork.  Judging from the results, this haunt appears to be damaged by both physical attacks and magical ones.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar lets the others know what he knows about the haunt
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan yells out to the haunt or the Splatterman, "Come on show yourself. Don't hide in the shadow you pussy!" Johan moves and strikes at the bloodied scrawl written on the wall with his enchanted heavy mace.
To Hit (heavy mace +1): 1d20+9 = 18
Damage (heavy mace +1): 1d8+7 = 13
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan's blow shatters the wall.  A distant scream fades, to be replaced by a cackling laugh as the entire ceiling at this end of the room gives way.

Timbers, rocks, and rubble drop from above, smashing down upon the heroes' heads or in dusty piles at the ends of the room.

[3d6 damage to all, ref 17 for half.]

An insane, mocking laugh rises out of the oppisote end of the room.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Reflex save 1d20+4=18
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Reflex Save: 1d20+6 = 11             (12 dmg from collapsing debris)
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar 8 damage from debris
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Reflex Save: 1d20+3 = 18               (11 dmg halved to 6 hp)
SOLAR CE’NEA: Redo, Solar got 4 damage (8/2 for reflex save)
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan winces in pain as chunks of mortar and wood crush him as they fall to the ground.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Order from here out is: Splatter Man, Mesodias, Solar, Johan.]
DUNGEON MASTER: The Splatter Man throws his head back and laughs as the collapse rains down upon the heroes.  Without wasting a moment, he throws up his hands and casts a spell--red tinted missiles streak forth to strike Johan and Mesodias.  [10 hp each.]

Eyeing Solar, he says: "You came--SOLAR!  And you brought friends!"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias growls in fury as he senses the aura of tainted evil eminate as the Splatterman appears before them. He focuses on casting Spiritual Weapon, creating the greatsword on the opposite side of the Splatterman (medium range spell). He shifts five foot to put himself in between the Splatterman and Solar.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: To Hit (spiritual greatsword): 1d20+3+2 = 19
Damage (spiritual greatsword): 1d8+1 = 4
DUNGEON MASTER: The Splatter man actually laughs again as Mesodias' spell cuts a small line across his back.  "Oh!  Stop!" he says in a femine voice eerily reminiscint of Kendra.  "That tickles!"
SOLAR CE’NEA: "I have Splatter man, and today we will realease you from your bonds to this place". Solar casts enlarge person on Johan
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan dashes forward, his knuckles white as he grips the heavy mace with all his strength and determination. He pivots at the last moment, swinging the mace downwards to crush the Splatterman into the ground.
To Hit (heavy mace +1): 1d20+9 = 28
Damage (heavy mace +1): 1d8+7 = 25
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Damage (heavy mace+1): 1d8+7 = 15
DUNGEON MASTER: [Halved for 7 damage.]

The Splatter Man notices Johan as if for the first time.  "You DARE!" he shrieks.  "What are you but a dead man in another man's tomb!  JOHAN!"

With that he casts again, taking a step backwards before sending reddish bolts flying forth to strike Johan.  [20 damage.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan screams out in agony as his body is ripped apart.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias grips his holy symbol, holding in front of himself as he channels a wave of positive energy assaulting the Splatterman. 2d6 dmg (Will DC 13 for half).
Channel Energy burst: 2d6 = 10 dmg
Mesodias moves over to stand beside Johan.
To Hit (spiritual greatsword): 1d20+3+2 = 18
Damage (spiritual greatsword): 1d8+1 = 4
DUNGEON MASTER: The Splatter Man takes some damage from Johan's channel, and more damage yet from the greatsword that menaces him.  [9 damage total.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Casts Flaming Sphere  and directs it at the Splatter man, 3d6=14, Will save 1d20+4=17
DUNGEON MASTER: The Splatter man shrieks as the flaming sphere engulfs him [7 damage.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan moves five foot away from the Splatterman before retrieving a Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds from his belt pouch and drinking it.
Potion of Cure Moderate wounds: 2d8+2 = 16 hp healed
Johan looks at the Splatterman with a look of fear in his eyes. The damage is definately taking a toil of his body and spirit.
DUNGEON MASTER: The Splatter Man moves gracefully, drifting over the pool of water in the center of the room.  From there he launches another barage of missiles, hate burning in his eyes as he attacks Johan.  "Drink!  Drink!" he says laughing.  "So did the Lopper Man so long ago!"

[15 damage.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias retrieves the Soul Syphon before activing it in front of the Splatterman.
Soul Syphon: 3d6 = 13 positive energy
Mesodias then focuses on directing the glowing greatsword to float to the Splatterman and attack.
To Hit (spiritual greatsword): 1d20+3+2 = 10
Damage (spiritual greatsword): 1d8+1 = 9
DUNGEON MASTER: The Splatter Main positively screams--his form is frayed and dispirsed as Mesodias pushes down on the haunt siphon's plunger.  Likewise, the sword continues to slice away at his essence.  For the first time, a hint of fear appears in the ghost's eyes.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar directs the Flaming Sphere to be in front of him between him and the Splatter man [move action], Solar then waves the spellbook in front of him and says to the Splatter man, Looky what I have here". Then proceeds to rip a page out of the book [standard action] and throw it in the flaming sphere
DUNGEON MASTER: The Splatter Man's gaze turns at once to Solar, burning with anger and hate.  His scream is both unearthly and vile.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan collapses to one knee under the vicious barrage of magical attacks from The Splatterman. Knowing he can't take another hit like that he retrieves yet another Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds and drinks it, his skin knotting up leaving several areas still bleeding.
Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds: 2d8+2 = 9 hp healed
DUNGEON MASTER: The Splatter Man ignores Johan for the moment, focusing his rage on Solar.  From his hands, red missiles streak forward, striking the Sorcerer in the chest.  [22 damage.]
DUNGEON MASTER: The Splatter Man's form is frayed and vague now--despite his increasing rage, he has suffered in this fight, and it is unlikely he can last for much longer.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias channels a postive healing burst (healing allies) while grasping his holy symbol in front of him.
Channel Burst: 2d6 = 11 hp healed
Mesodias then focuses on directing the glowing greatsword to float to the Splatterman and attack.
To Hit (spiritual greatsword): 1d20+3+2 = 18
Damage (spiritual greatsword): 1d8+1 = 9
The spiritual weapon strike The Spaltterman before rapidly rusting before your eyes, leaving no trace of it's existance.
DUNGEON MASTER: The spiritual greatsword's final strike slashes striaght through the Splatter Man.  As it disappears, the ghost's form appears very weak indeed.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar rips out all the pages of the spell book at once and throws it on the flaming sphere. "Be released into hell Demon spawn, you have no power over us!"
DUNGEON MASTER: The Splatter Man's eyes widen into huge red spheres as Solar throws the pages of the spellbook into the flame.  A spectral mouth opens and emits a scream--horrible and high pitched.  Slowly the sound of the screaming rises, as if the Splatter Man's himself were being immolated in the flames and rising as ashes to the heavens.  His form dissipates into dust that falls gently onto the surface of the water.

[End rounds.]
DUNGEON MASTER: [1,600 each.]

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