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Carrion Crown Session 50

Session 50
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party has only recently triumphed over the gang of trolls that had occupied Caromarc's gatehouse.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar says to his companions, "Johan, Can you perhaps used the spyglass to look from the top floor to where we might be heading or perhaps to see if you can see where the Beast ended up?
 DUNGEON MASTER: Each of the towers has large, pointed stones piled at the top, similiar to the ones previously thrown at the heroes.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan nods to Solar's suggestion as he approaches the edge of the tower to look out at the remaining buildings with the spyglass.
Perception check: 1d20+12 = 24 (+26 vs. humanoids)
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Hmmm, this might be a good use of the smokesticks if we encounter more trolls prepared to throw the stones at us from the roof of the towers." Johan peers through the spyglass looking for any sign of movement. Solar turns to Solar and Grundig, "Do either of you know if trolls can see in the dark without difficulty? Just wondering if it might be worth sneaking up to scout."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan inspects the buiildings to the north.

To the north of the tower extends a broad stone terrace has no rails at its edge. To the north, a stone bridge arches above a waterfall that drops into the river two hundred feet below.  A medium canine figure--similiar to the construct encountered at Vorkstag & Grine's-- keepds watch on the north side of the bridge.

Little else of note can be seen.  The rope bridge certainly does look rickety and dangerous.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar says my friend Trolls can see in almost anything, they also have scent as well as darkvision and low light
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "This will be most troublesome." Johan explains his observations to his companions as he remains on the rooftop overlooking the area before them.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Do you think the golemhound friend or foe? I have a perfect vantage point to snipe the shit out of it before it reaches our rooftop," replies Johan as he waits for a consensus on what to do next.
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the troll for dog bites

heal check 1d20+8=25
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar does a knowledge check Arcana to try and remember what he knows about these golem dogs.  Specifically weakness that they could use to get past it, either by stealth, deception or the best way to fight it. Know Arcana 1d20+16=35
 DUNGEON MASTER: Some of the trolls do indeed have small scars consistent with a large canine jaw.
 GRUNDIG: grundig makes grouling noises and points at the troll.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Interesting. Perhaps we could show it the bodies of the trolls we have killed and try and speak to it. Ofcourse being prepared to kick its ass if it approaches too quickly."
 GRUNDIG: grundig drags the troll to the door and points out side
 DUNGEON MASTER: While they are rummaging about looking for something to feed the dog, the heroes notice a stained and ragged gray tunic with blue trim jumpled in with the other rubble in the barricade.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar says he thinks that this might be a tunic of a guard of the castleand it might be worth johan putting it on to get past the Hound.  He is hoping that guards could walk in and out without being hastled by the hound. Solar cast presditiation on the tunic to clean it up.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "I will volunteer to wear the tunic and pass as a guard or employee of the castle." Johan places the tunic over his chainshirt and sheaths his longsword as he prepares to approach and befriend the golemhound. "Hope this works," he looks out towards the hound as he prepares himself.
 GRUNDIG: grundig makes his way over the baricade after Johan
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar lets his companions know all he knows about the hound and says I can hit him with a Ray of frost if he doesn't let us through which should slow him somewhat so you johan and mesodius can attack with their magical weapons
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan carefully picks his way over the makeshift barricade of rubble before walking a few paces forward towards the hound. Johan whistles softly to the dog, loud enough for it to hear over the constant roar of the waterfall in the distance. He gestures with his fingers for the hound to approach, attempting to use wild empathy to befriend it without knowing if he could create a bond with such an abomination. "We have killed a few of these trolls, those behind me are our friends and not to be harmed."
Wild Empathy: 1d20+7 = 25 (if applicable)
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar is prepared to fire his Ray if frost at a moments notice
 DUNGEON MASTER: Strings of drool fall from the thing's jaw.  It issues a low, gutteral growl, and its tail swishes from side to side.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Good boy, I mean girl, err thing." Johan turns to his companions, "Good idea, seems to work."
 GRUNDIG: grundig moves through the doors and stands just behind Johan
 DUNGEON MASTER: The thing's tail continues to swish back and forth as Johan and his companions step forward.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party moves forward slowly across the slender stone bridge that arches gracefully over a roaring waterfall here, linking the gatehouse to a fortified manor house clinging to the cliff on the far side.

The arched bridge ends at a small cobbled terrace with a curious looking iron door depicting a scowling sun being devoured by ravenous clouds. To the left, two hundred feet below, a huge waterfall plummets into the depths.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Let me check the door out before we all approach." Johan stealths forward in order to inspect if the door is trapped and locked.
Stealth check: 1d20+14 = 21
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan sucessfully moves across the bridge.  The golem dog is noticibly more hostile to the group standing at the south end of the bridge, once Johan is separated from the group.
 GRUNDIG: grundig moves up about halfway across the bridge
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar suggests That they all move as a group or else the Hound is likely to see us as a threat that is seperate from the tunic wearing guard (johan)
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan inspects the door for concealed needle traps or magical runes before testing if it is locked.
Perception check (traps): 1d20+12+3 = 30
 DUNGEON MASTER: As soon as Johan moves so that he is no longer standing between the golem hound and the rest of the group, the golem hound howls and leaps to attack.

[Initiative please.]
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan Iniative check: 1d20+4 = 9
Mesodias Intiative check: 1d20+4 = 12
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Initiative 1d20+7=20
 GRUNDIG: initiative 1d20+4=22
 GRUNDIG: grundig holds off untill Johan acts
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar readies a ray of frost until after Johan acts
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Mesodias, seeing the hesitation in his companions holds his guard but only just as he stands there ready to arm himself if the beast attacks.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan moves in between the hound and his companions to disarm the situation. "Shhh, calm down boy. These are friends do not attack."
 DUNGEON MASTER: THe dog back down and flicks its tail, drooling and growling gutterally all the while.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [Off rounds.]
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar says to his companions, Gentlemen, if the hound has protected this entrance so well, perhaps all is well inside and e could just knowck on the door.  Just a thought?
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar tires to see (from a safe distance) if there are any recent markings on the hound indicating it has been in a fight.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan picks up a stone from the ground before tossing it into the air, out over the ledge and over the river before commanding the golemhound to fetch.
 DUNGEON MASTER: There are no obvious markings on the hound to indicate he has been in combat recently.

The dog growls and wags its tail at Johan.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan gestures with his hand for the hound to approach the door.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Come on, follow me to the door."
 DUNGEON MASTER: The hound dog backs up about 5', but stays facing Johan and the group.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan continues to move forward, ushering the hound to approach the building to the north. Johan will stand beside the hound as he inspects the door for traps.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The hound moves increasingly reluctantly northward with Johan, never taking its eyes off the group clumped together in the middle of its bridge.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan inspects the door for traps, but discovers none.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan firmly knocks on the door several times as he waits for some kind of reply.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The sound of Johan's knock is quite weak against the roar of the waterfall below. However, looking around, Johan notices a hidden bell pull hanging by the eastern side of the door.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan rings the bell several times to attract the attention of anyone left inside.
 DUNGEON MASTER: While Johan waits, a previously concealed view port above opens, and then quickly closes.  A half a minute later, the door opens, pushed forward by invisible hands.
 DUNGEON MASTER: A huge portrait hangs above an enormous, lit fireplace in this large entry chamber. A set of steep stairs rises to the right.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan hesitates not sure what to expect, "Um, good evening? May I ask who is there?"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "I also wish to inform you that we have dealt with a few trolls that were troublesome if that influences your next actions" replies Johan into the somewhat empty room before him.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Silence greets Johan's query.  The room is luxuriously furnished, with oak doors, brass fittings, and plenty of sconces for torches.  There is still a good deal of light coming down from the windows.
 GRUNDIG: grundig moves foward into the room checking for traps around the room on the floor and walls

perception 1d20+14=20
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar suggests to the others that they go forward into the room but keeping Johan between the golem hound and them
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar moves into the room too
 DUNGEON MASTER: Before he takes more than half a step into the room, Grundig notes a large shape lurking under the stairs-- a strange animated object of metal and hooks and flesh.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan commands Shadow to follow Solar into the well lit room.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Mesodias follows his companions quickly into the room.
 GRUNDIG: grundig moves  to the western wall
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan enters the room, attempting to use the tunic to ward the animated creature.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Unless the metal thing attacks Solar does a perception check for looking around the room Percpetion 1d20+7= 24.  Particularly the painting and the fireplace.  He will aslo detect magic around the room.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Now that they have entered the room, the thing under the staircase can be more clearly seen.  Although predominantly a thing of metal and wire, this construct has some organic parts that seem more for decoration than for a purpose. It currently rests itself upon two huge, scythe-like forearms.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Stand down these are my companions! Make yourself useful clean this place up or something." Several trails of swear bead off from Johan's forehead as he attempt to act with confidence looking at the gleaming scythes-like forearms of the animated construct.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The portrait above the fireplace is of a white haried man--it shows him as a deeply curious scientist, surrounded by objects in a museum. It is apparent that this paiting was made here at castle Caromarc--through a painted window behind the figure one can see a long, slender bridge standing exactly where the rope bridge now dangles.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The creature eyes Johan from under the staircase, but does not move from its resting position.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar discovers no traces of magic or of secret compartments.
 GRUNDIG: perception 1d20+14=24
 GRUNDIG: checking to see if any of the objects in the window match the description of the object stolen from the museum
 DUNGEON MASTER: The creatures in the background appear to be weird, stuffed and perhaps preserved creatures, including a pair of ice mephits, a bugbear, and several large spiders.  Grundig discovers no sign of anything resembling the description of the Seasage Effigy.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The painting looks pretty valuable.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "What I would like to find would be more of these uniforms so we all can move about freely," says Johan. "Which door or staircase did you want to go through? I will keep between you and 'it'?"
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan moves over non-threateningly next to the animated construct.
 GRUNDIG: checks the door closest to him for traps

perception 1d20+14=18
 DUNGEON MASTER: The construct eyes Johan balefully but does not move.  A tendril of yellow goop dribbles from one the organs on its left thigh.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan shivers as he stands tentitively before the killing machine. He holds his breath praying to Gorum not to tempt fate.
 DUNGEON MASTER: To the best of his ability, Grundig inspects the door for traps and discovers none.
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks as best as he can for traps on the door to the east

perception 1d20+14=33
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no traps here either.
 GRUNDIG: grundig moves to the side and points at the door and then points at mesodies
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Mesodias move to the eastern door and opens it.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The door opens
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Mesodius perhaps go down the end of the corridor and we will follow.
 GRUNDIG: grundig opens the door to the north
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan instructs Shadow to enter the safety of the hallway.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The door scorches somewhat under Grundig's touch.  The door opens to reveal a room with many shelves crammed with books. A comfortable leather chair sits in the room’s center.
 GRUNDIG: grundig opens the door to the south
 DUNGEON MASTER: This room is crammed with taxidermied animals and stuffed heads.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan moves closer just in case he needs to position himself in between any automated threats they encounter.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan closes the door next to Shadow before moving to open the door closest to Mesodias.
 DUNGEON MASTER: A billiards table fills up most of this chamber, and a rack of cues on one wall. A brass and gold score checker hangs by the door.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "This guy definately had style, I gave that to him. Maybe another time," says Johan.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan moves forward quickly to inspect the room to the north.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The vaulted ceiling of this large room is adorned with gilt. A pair of halberds hang above a huge lit fireplace in the far wall. A great dining table and twelve chairs take up the center of the room.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan enters the room, hesitating for a moment as he looks around for any sign of movement before moving to open the doors to the west.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar casts detect magic and looks around the room
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar detects no magic.
 DUNGEON MASTER: This room is crammed with items in boxes and on shelves, and the smell of beeswax lingers in the air. It appears to be a household storeroom containing furniture polish, mops and brooms, torches, and other simple tools for the use of the servants in their daily chores.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan moves into the storageroom and opens the door to the south.
 GRUNDIG: grundig sees no advantage in ataying a fire element and extinguishes himself
 DUNGEON MASTER: This is another storage room, well-stocked with wine bottles.
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the room for any secret compartments

perception 1d20+14=34
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no secret doors on the north wall.
 GRUNDIG: starting on the north wall consontrating on the fire place moveint to the east wall
 GRUNDIG: perception 1d20+14=20
 SOLAR CE’NEA: WHile Grundig is at the north wall Solar searses the southern wall  Percpetion 1d20+7=25
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no secrets on the eastern wall.

Solar discovers no secrets on the southern wall.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan moves back into the dining room and searches underneath the large wooden table for a concealed trapdoor or hidden compartment built into the table itself.
Perception check: 1d20+12 = 22
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the table for moveing pannels or any falce pannels

perception 1d20+14=26
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers no secrets under the table.  He does however notice that this room seems to be relatively unused, judging by the piles of dust that have accumulated around the legs of the table.
 GRUNDIG: grundig moves into the room with the bilard table and serches the table for any secret compartments or any sighns of air rushing from gaps arround the floor next to it

perception 1d20+14=24
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no secrets in the billards room.  It appears to be relatively unused as well--the tips of the cue sticks have gathered some dust since they were last put into use.
 GRUNDIG: grundig moves to the unchecked doors and opens the door to the north
 GRUNDIG: and south
 DUNGEON MASTER: The door to the north opens into a cramped, tobacco-stained room where two plush chairs sit around a small lit fire. Numerous tobacco jars stand on a shelf next to a pipe rack filled with strange pipes.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan moves to the west before opening the door.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The door to Grundig's south opens into another room filled with taxidermied animals and stuffed heads.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The door to Johan's west proves to open into a large kitchen containing a roaring stove, several workbenches, and a spice cabinet.  As Johan stands watching, invisible hands open the door to the stove, insert several pieces of wood, lift a stick to stoke the flames, and then close the door.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "I've never seen such a creepy and amazing place before as this." Johan watches the wood sticks magically float into the stove before he snaps out of his reverie.
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the wall for any sighns of leavers or lachers that may reveal a seckret door on the wall to the west of him

perception 1d20+14=29
 DUNGEON MASTER: A small draft through several sections of the wall reveals a hidden panel, which opens up to reveal a long hallway ending with a stout oak door on the right.
 GRUNDIG: "i think i found the way out of here guys "
 GRUNDIG: grundig opens the door to see what tresures he may find
 GRUNDIG: grundig sirches theroom for any tresure

perception 1d20+14=30 he also casts detect magic as he looks about the room
 DUNGEON MASTER: This room is a larder stockedwith wedges of cheese, cans of walnuts, and other excellent foodstuffs. It appears to be linked with pipes to the waterfalls below, lowering the temperature the room's contents.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grund discovers no treasure in this room; however, looking back to the previous room, it is apparent that some of the bottles of wine are of excellent vintage.
 GRUNDIG: grundig opens the final door to this level
 DUNGEON MASTER: This room appears is yet another stock room, filled with heaps of coal for the manse's fireplaces.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "I guess we have the decision to leave this building or inspecting the level above us?"
 GRUNDIG: hay Johan those bottels of wine look like there a good drop be worth grabbing a few
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Pick out a few good bottles and I'll stash them in my backpack for after we clean out this place."
 GRUNDIG: and yer tink it would be best to go up first
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar aggrees
 GRUNDIG: and hands one each to his comrads
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan opens the door to the south and moves next to the animated construct while still providing enough room for his companions to pass.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The shadows lengthen as the party continues to inspect the premises.  Presently, the darkness settles outside.  Invisible hands bearing lit torches float down the hallways and stairs, lighting torches in each of the sconces.
 GRUNDIG: grundig follows after him
 DUNGEON MASTER: It is now about 6:30 PM.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig grabs the best vintages in the store room--by his estimate, he now carries about 1,200 gp worth of excellent wine.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The company sucessfully ascends the staircase, while Johan keeps watch on the hooked monstrosity lurking below.
 GRUNDIG: grundig opens the door to the east
 DUNGEON MASTER: The door opens to reveal a pair of other doors.
 GRUNDIG: grundig opens the door to the south
 DUNGEON MASTER: White sheets cover the four-poster bed, wardrobe, and dressing table in this luxurious guest room.
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches the cobourd for any tresyre

perception 1d20+14=23
 DUNGEON MASTER: The wardrobe is mostly empty but for a few plush bathrobes.
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the dresser
 GRUNDIG: and the bed
 DUNGEON MASTER: The dresser is mostly empty, and the bed contains little of note, other than a pair of fur-lined slippers underneath.
 GRUNDIG: grundig opens the door to the south
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Mesodias opens the door to the north of him while the guest room is searched. \
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig's door opens out onto a narrow stone balcony with no handrails, which affords a spectacular view over the falls.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias opens a door to the north.  Three simple cots are arranged within this chamber. Numerous drawings and books litter a nearby table.
 GRUNDIG: grundig opens the door to the east
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig's door opens into what appears to be a master bedroom.  This neat bed chamber holds a resplendent four-poster bed surrounded by oak furniture.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar looks around in the room he is in he particually looks at the table and the beds in the room Percpetion 1d20+7=23
 GRUNDIG: grundig checks the desk for traps

perception 1d20+14=18
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar appraise 1d20+5=21
 DUNGEON MASTER: In the three-cot chamber, The drawings onthe table appear to be various attempts at plans for rebuilding the bridge between the workshop and museum. 

The engineering books on the table are technical manuals worth a total of 100 gp. Also on the table are a magnificent jade and gold writing set with several jars of valuable inks worth 150 gp, and a small portable ink jar with a silver clasp worth 20 gp.

Solar also discovers several tunics similiar to the one Johan now wears.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar lets the others know what he has found and suggests they put on the tunics
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "Well spotted!" Johan joins Solar as he slowly places a tunic onto Shadow's 'upper' torso.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Mesodias grumbles to himself however he ends up putting one of the tunics however non fashionable they are on to avoid any complication fro the castles defenses.
 DUNGEON MASTER: It is obious that no one has slept in the mater bedroom for days. The furniture
consists of a wardrobe, a dressing table, chest, and a tall dressing mirror.

There is no desk in this room.
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches the wordrobe for traps 1d20+14=33
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no traps in the wardrobe.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar does an aid another 1d20+7=22
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches the desk 1d20+14=29+2=31
 SOLAR CE’NEA: perception
 GRUNDIG: correction wordrobe
 DUNGEON MASTER: The wardrobe is crammed with fine men’s clothing—10 noble’s outfits, six scholar’s outfits, and one royal outfit.
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches for secret chambers

perception 1d20+14=21
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no secret chambers.
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches the rest of the room
 GRUNDIG: perception 1d20+14=33
 DUNGEON MASTER: One of the dressing table’s drawers containsa jewelry box holding a silver chain worth 50 gp, a gold snuff box set with a topaz worth 400 gp, a platinum handled magnifying glass in a leather case worth 600 gp, and a monocle with a silver chain ending in a diamond pin worth 800 gp.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar does detect magic around the room concentratating specifically on the furniture in the room.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar detects the faint glow of magic coming from somwhere around the chest.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar lets his friends know of the magic.  He asks them if they would like to detect for traps and perhaps aid each other.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan moves into the room next to the chest before inspecting it closely for traps.
Perception check (trap): 1d20+12+3 = 28
 GRUNDIG: grundig aids Johan in checking for traps

perception 1d20+14=15
 DUNGEON MASTER: Aided by Grundig, Johan searches the chest closely for traps.  He discovers none.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "So what does that mean."
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: "It doesn't appear to be trapped and yet you detected some magic?"
 GRUNDIG: grundig casts detect magic and serches for the item

perception 1d20+14=28
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar spends more time looking at the glow of magic using detect magic  trying to identify where the glow is coming from
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: While the spellcasters stare intently at the area with magical scrying spells, Johan pushes the chest to see if there is something hidden underneath.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar concludes that the magic is emmanating from somewhere at the back of the chest.

Meanwhile, Johan pushes aside the chest to reveal a cunningly hidden cupboard behind the chest.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan checks the hidden trapdoor for traps.
Perception check (traps): 1d20+12+3 = 20
 GRUNDIG: grundig aid another 1d20+14=22
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers a very nastly little trap that shoots a bolt out at the hand of the person who opens the cupboard.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan covers up the opening as he attempts to disable the mechanism that activates the neddle trap.
Disable Device check: 1d20+17 = 32
 DUNGEON MASTER: With great care, Johan stops the opening where the needle was meant to emerge from, and carefully jams the gears behind the handle that activate it.
 JOHAN D’ALMENTA/MESODIAS: Johan opens the trapdoor and steps back. "You guys found it."
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar directs his detect magic in the trapdoor to find what was responding to his spell
 DUNGEON MASTER: The secret cupboard contains several chests of coins totaling 2,000 gp, and a figurine of wondrous power (ivory goats).
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches the last room
 GRUNDIG: grundig puts on a tunic
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers another guest room, similiar to the first.
 SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar tidies his tunic with presdigitation
 GRUNDIG: grundig casts detect magic
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discovers no magic.
 GRUNDIG: grundig serches the room for tresure

perception 1d20+14=21
 DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig finds no treasure.

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