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Carrion Crown Session 4

Session 4
 SOLAR CE'NEA : "Councilman Heathman, We can assist in the following ways, I have a strong knowledge of the history of this town and the fire that plagued the prison through many discussions with the Professor.  My companions and I are not invovled or associated with any of the families that lost loved ones and so we can be objective in our enquires. Concerning this particualr event we can start investigating with fresh eyes, and not have any ties to anyone in the town
 SOLAR CE'NEA : My companions are excellent trackers and can help in trying to find where the vandels went to.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : we would be happy to investigate with little costs and have only the interests of the town in mind.  the safer the town, the safer Miss Kendra is.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Diplomacy 15+1=16
 DUNGEON MASTER: Councilman Heathman listens impassively as Solar speaks.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "In that case," he replies, "you have Ravengro's permission to track the malefactor as far as you are able.  We have not established a reward--yet--but rest assured that when we do, you will be considered eligible to receive it."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan replies to the Councilwoman's query, "We can be of service to the townsfolk by investigating the source of this matter. If we are to conduct this in an efficient manner we would appreciate it if you could encourage the townsfolk to work with us wherever possible." Johan pauses for a moment in thought, "Have these occurrences been ongoing and if so how long have they been happening?"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Occurrences?" she asks, in turn, putting a strong emphasis on the last letter.  "This is the only thing of this  sort I have witnessed in all my life.  Is there something else you are aware of that we are not?"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "The townsfolk here do not warm quickly to outsiders," replies Heathman to Johan's earlier query.  "We will tell them the truth of you, of course, but in the end they will decided for themselves how, and whether, to assist you."
 SOLAR CE'NEA : That is the the best we can ask for.  The townsfolk we have already met today were wonderful people!<!--more-->
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "What happened was only a minor occurrance. Mesodias explained it 'in his own words' as a haunt. It was like an illusion or my mind playing tricks on me. I saw something out of the corner of my eyes, and when I looked again it was gone," say Johan.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : It is just very unuasual to have to of these occurnaces within a short space of time, hence we were curious if there were other events we were unaware of
 DUNGEON MASTER: "That is strange," agrees Farvan.  "But it is not blood splattered on the monument."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan nods slightly in agreement. "With your permission, may we have access Harrowstone to investigate this area including other parts of the town for information regarding this manner. We will of course keep open communication with information of interest uncovered."
 SOLAR CE'NEA : We would be happy to meet with you all regularly or just to report to the sherriff our findings on a regular basis.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "You may have a look around Harrowstone," says Councilman Heathman after a long, awkward silence.  "Pray do not distrub things--and keep your visits quiet, if you don't mind... the townsfolk here won't like your digging around up there anymore than I do."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : While the conversion continues Johan looks around the area for any noticable tracks leading along the riverbed or away from the statue. Survival check (track feat): 1d20+7 = 16
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Dear Councillors and Father we will be as descrete as possible, however it will help us and lessen any disturbance for the townsfolk if you gave us permission to access the town hall records, the local Library and the church records and the Unfruled squirrel to assist with this investigation?
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers a decapitated, disembowled chicken in the tall grass about 10' off the path.  At the muddied edge of the path near the place where the chicken caracass lies, he sees something a bit odd--a bare footprint that looks to be from an unshod humanoid.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan makes his discovery known to those present.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar also asks permission of the councillors if he could cast detect magic on the statue
 DUNGEON MASTER: "You don't waste time," replies Father Grimburrow, his eyebrows raised in approval.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Yes, go ahead and cast your spells if you like," he says to Solar.  I already did, though, and didn't find an accursed thing."
 SOLAR CE'NEA : It is best to strike while the iron is still hot, the longer we wait the colder the track becomes Dear Father!
 DUNGEON MASTER: "The Unfurled Scroll is a private school run by the--ahem--esteemed wizard Ghoroven, and you will need his permission to look there.  You are welcome to have a look through my temple records, and I believe I'm right... here he pasues and exchanges a look with Councilman Heathman... yes, I believe I'm right in saying that you have access to the town hall."
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Thank you esteemed ladies and gentleman, we will endevour to make your trust in us pay dividends tenfold.  Unless there is something further you wish of us, will will start our investgation while the trail is still warm.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Just this," says Heathman.  "Don't upset folk more than you need to, and let us know at once if you find something.  Good day."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan replies with a slight bow. Feeling that all that should have been said has been. He looks to his companions with a knowing look before moving off to inspect the tracks.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar cast detect magic on the statue andthe surrounding area
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar discovers faint emmanations of magic from all those present.  There are no other signs of magic nearby.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan carefully stalks along the river bed looking for the tell tale signs of disturbance. Footprints, broken river reeds, perhaps chicken feathers or blood from the chicken that was used in desecrating the statue. Survival check: 1d20+7 = 22 [+24 vs. Humanoid (human)]
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers no additional signs of bare human feet--although a capable tracker, he faces a great difficulty in the numerous footprints obscuring the trail from the crowd of villagers who traveled this way.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar looks for a very large leaf with the idea to cut it into the shape of the foot print in order to get a reasonable mold/shape of the persons foot size
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan regards hs companions, "At first though what we are dealing with just feels like it is of the supernatural. While trust me, I wish it was not so. I'd prefer to be dealing with something of flesh and blood rather than that which I do not comprehend."
 DUNGEON MASTER: The remaining councilmen, Kendra, and Father Grimburrow work to cleanse the statue through judicious use of what appears to be Mage Hand and Create Water.  When the task is complete some thirty minutes later, they return to their homes and places of business.  Kendra raises her eyebrows slightly at the characters as she files past.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [The party is now alone at the defiled monument.]
 DUNGEON MASTER: [Un-defiled!]
 SOLAR CE'NEA : I am concerned that with all the executions, the prison fire and the deaths of the warden, his wife, his gaurds and the prisoners, there is an evil taint to this area that either something has arisen from it or something or somene is trying to draw power from all the death and misery
 SOLAR CE'NEA : perhaps we should investigate who actually died in this fire and what the professor was looking at in the months before he died.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : I am getting concerned that the professor seems to have pre-empted his death, brought us here and there there is a strange set of events happening now
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "I think we should arm ourselves with whatever weapons we can, and in this case knowledge seems the best at this time."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : a = wooden gazebo
b = tall pole with signs
c = laughing demon tavern
f = ravengo general store - Luthko Avanaki and that is my wife Marta
k = inn
d = ravengo town hall
j = silk purse
g = ravengro forge - blacksmith
h = jamena's apothecary
 SOLAR CE'NEA : e = church
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Let's have a quick look at the names on the statue for any family names that might stand out in our research," says Johan.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : agreed my friend, that would be very important. In fact, My dear Mecedious, would you mind if we borrow briefly the blackboard we just bought.  I would like to write these names down.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Having done all they can at the statue, the companions head into town to start investigating, first stop, the Town Hall
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : When the party reaches the town hall, Johan knocks on the door or entry three times before entering. He stands just inside as he looks for somone to provide assistance.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party travels back along the road towards the town commons, and makes their way into the town hall.  After several knocks on the door, an old woman with her hair in a bun comes to answer it.  "Eh?  Come on in then.  You'll be here for the records?"
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Yes please, we would appreciate that. PLease allow me to introduce myself, I am Johan, and this is Solar and Mesodias."
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar bows with a little polite flourish
 DUNGEON MASTER: "So you are," she says brusquely.  "Heathman told me you'd be here, and that's that.  Come on back.  What will you be looking for?"
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "We would like to research historical records of the town. Records of town planning and information in particular regarding the older sections of the town."
 SOLAR CE'NEA : We were also wanting to see what prisoners were here when the prison burnt down, and the names of the poor families that lost loved ones in the prison
 SOLAR CE'NEA : We greatly appreciate your help good lady!
 DUNGEON MASTER: The woman leads them to the back office lined with shelves that are in turn filled to overflowing with old bound books and scrolls.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Town planning?  Not much out here to plan.  This ain't Caliphas!"  She laughes coarsely at her own joke.  "All this town's pretty much the same age, I reckon."
[9:06:01 PM | Edited 9:06:44 PM] DUNGEON MASTER: Roddyn Hawkran, Warden
 DUNGEON MASTER: [A total of twenty five names are listed on the statue: 23 guard members, the captain, and his wife.

Roddyn Hawkran, Warden
Sulachy Faeld, Guardsman
Lortoro Radir, Guardsman
Urncer Endormo, Guardsman
Erldan Lerhris, Guardsman
Lyeacha Swuyer, Guardsman
Elmyeri Pheine, Guardsman
Tiarane Taidyn, Guardsman
Voring Hia, Guardsman
Issbano Umim, Guardsman
Sloser Lyeon, Guardsman
Ketas Supol, Guardsman
Thoran Ineack, Guardsman
Philer Ageeng, Guardsman
Kalpolu Onrad, Guardsman
Oldyere Vesith, Guardsman
Ranpack Whukin, Guardsman
Omor Ardshy, Guardsman
Roddtor Ertur, Guardsman
Kininge Vestase, Guardsman
Sulnal Estaq, Guardsman
Aweni Kalrelm, Guardsman
Agebel Anel, Guardsman
Ackurno Kimfet, Guardsman
Vesorianna Hawkran]
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Knowledge (local) check: 1d20+0 = 9
 SOLAR CE'NEA : knowledge (local) 1d20+10 = 28
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Knowledge (history) 1d20+8= 18
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan ably discovers that seven local familes bear the same name as a deceased guardsman: [Vesith, Kalrelm, Ineack, Taidyn, Faeld, Lerhris, and Radir.]
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar discovers the following information about the prisoners of the Harrowstone at the time it was destroyed:
 DUNGEON MASTER: Originally, Harrowstone housed only local criminals, but as the prison’s fame spread, other counties and distant lands began paying to have more 16 dangerous criminals housed within this prison’s walls. At the time of the great Harrowstone Fire, the number of particularly violent or dangerous criminals imprisoned within the dungeons below was at an all-time high. [100 xp]
 DUNGEON MASTER: The five most notorious prisoners in Harrowstone at the time of the great fire were Father Charlatan, the Lopper, the Mosswater Marauder, the Piper of Illlmarsh, and the Splatter Man. [200 xp]
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party has been researching for several hours and it is now early afternoon.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar says to the Record keeper, Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated, may your afternoon and night be highly enjoyable! He again bows and makes his way out with his companions (after ensuring he has tidied up for the records keeper.)
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Thank ye!" she replies heartily, and the old woman beams as she shows the group out.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party heads back to Kendra's, using the key she provided them to open the locked front door.  Within, the house lies just as they left it.  It appears that Kendra herself has not yet returned home.  [It's about 2 PM.]
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar takes this time to investigate the books that radiated magic when he did detect magic the night before
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan has a brief look around before placing his backpack and weapons into the guest room.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : As well as looking at books that seem interesting and possibly on topic for what they are currently researcing
 DUNGEON MASTER: There appear to be two bookshelves that radiate magic in the professor's study, and four bookshelves in Kendra's study.  Outside of the studies, Solar disovers two scrolls stuffed into the outside bookcases.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Know (local) 1d20+10=24
Know (history) 1d20+8=17
Know (Arcana) 1d20+10=26
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan takes a seat at the study table, "Throw me a few books and I'll skim through them for anything of interest." Aid Other - Knowledge (local): 1d20+0 = 2
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Aid Other - Knowledge (history): 1d20+0 = 14
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Aid Other - Knowledge (arcanal): 1d20+0 = 11
 DUNGEON MASTER: There are two books in the Professor's study that radiate magic.  In Kendra's study, there are three books that radiate magic, as well as one 10" long shiny black stick on her desk.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar, looks at the books that are radiating magic and the scrolls and uses read magic to see what they are.  Solar also passes several books to Johan for him to look through.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Perception check: 1d20+6 = 12
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Perception check 1d20+0=16
 DUNGEON MASTER: Working together, Solar and Johan discover a number books that show signs of both recent and heavy use.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The Whispering Way is a sinister organization of necromancers that has been active in the Inner Sea region for thousands of years. [50 xp]
 DUNGEON MASTER: Agents of the Whispering Way often seek alliances with undead creatures, or are themselves undead. The Whispering Way’s most notorious member was Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, although the society itself has existed much longer than even that mighty necromancer. [100 xp]
 DUNGEON MASTER: The Whispering Way itself is a series of philosophies that can only be transferred via whispers— the philosophies are never written or spoken of loudly, making the exact goals and nature of the secretive philosophy difficult for outsiders to learn much about. [200 xp]
 DUNGEON MASTER: Exact details on the society are difficult to discern, but chief among the Whispering Way’s goals are discovering formulae for creating liches and engineering the release of the Whispering Tyrant. Agents often travel to remote sites or areas plagued by notorious haunts or undead menaces to perform field research or even to capture unique monsters. Their symbol is a gagged skull, and those who learn too many of the Way’s secrets are often murdered, and their mouths mutilated to prevent their bodies from divulging secrets via speak with dead. [400 xp]
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party is elbow deep in research work when Kendra arrives home three hours later.  "Good evening!" she says brightly, her face red from the cool autumn evening.  Under her arm she carries a sack of freshly-picked apples.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar jumps in surprise, and then smiles greeting Kendra as she walks in the door, "how was your day Milady?"
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan looks up from the desk, glad that Kendra was home to provide something of a distraction to the study. "Good evening, how is everything?"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "All things considered--well, I suppose I am well," she replies.  "And you?  How did the hunt for the defiliers of the monument fare?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Not well, unfortuantely, however we have stumbled accross what your father was studing before he passed, and there seems to be some strange goings on, which bear further investigation, things may all be realted or they may not, it is still too ealry to tell.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : "I don't suppose you know anything about what your father was investigating or where he went in the last few months?
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "We wouldn't be asking so soon if we didn't think it was of importance."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Kendra frowns.  "He did seem more distant before he died--he had been away on another of his trips, and when he came back... well, it was only a month after that..."

She sighs, and offers each person an apple before taking the bag into the kitchen.  From the kitchen she calls back: "It does look like you've taken after my father!  I recognize some of those books as his favorites!"
 SOLAR CE'NEA : "I would be honoured to take after such a great man", Solar says with a sympathetic smile, "do you remember where he went on his last trip?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Oh, Lepidstadt, and probably a few other places," she calls back from the kitchen.  She comes out a few moments later wiping her hands on her newly-donned apron.  "He didn't really like to tell me what he was up to.  What about apple strudel and ribs for dinner?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA : That sounds wonderful Dear Kendra, do you mind if we keep looking though the Library or would you like some company?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "You're fine there," she says,  "I could use a hand with the ribs later though.  Brought em back earlier when you loafers were still out!"  Her smile is very wide.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan laughts at Kendra's jest. "We were catching up on some of the places of interest you suggested earlier. The town has quite an indepth history to it after a brief glance."
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Yes and that history seems a little nefarious which makes it all the more interesting.

It would be our pleasure to help with the ribs, Call out when you need us!
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Friend Mecedios, we seem to be dealing with some interesting undead powers here, would you mind making a large batch of holy water that we can take with us for future trips?
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar uses read magic to look at the magic scrolls taken from rooms other than Kendras
 DUNGEON MASTER: Magic Mouth CL: 3
Cause Fear CL: 2
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : While Kendra is busy in the kitchen Johan asks Solar and Mesodias, "Do you mind helping me move the sofa as we can take a closer look at those books tonight?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Not a problem friend, I think it is time we see what we are really dealing with!
 DUNGEON MASTER: Working together, the two push aside the sofa and retrieve the sack of books.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar, suggests to Johan that he should detect magic on the lock first before they think about trying to open it.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Excellent." Johan carefully removes the wooden floorboard before taking the sack from it's hidden compartment. "Yes I do not want to be surprised by any magical effects that could have been avoided."
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar casts detect magic over all the books
 SOLAR CE'NEA : that were hidden in the compartment
 DUNGEON MASTER: None of the books radiate magic.
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar informs Johan that he can pick away at the lock as there is no magic affecting the lock
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan sits crossed legged on the guest room bed as he studies the book with his masterwork thieves toolkit spread out on the quilt before him. He carefully manipulates the internal mechanism of the lock with his lockpicks to open the book. [Take 20 - Disable Device: 28]
 DUNGEON MASTER: Johan's skill, while impressive, is not sufficient to open the clomplex lock which binds this mysterious book shut.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "What the hell?!"
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Solar comes running in the room to see what the problem is
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "This is a first, a lock that will not submit to my gentle touch." *sigh*
 SOLAR CE'NEA : Stick to Chastity belts my friend, they are easier!
 DUNGEON MASTER: Kendra, hearing Johan's outburst, calls up: "Everything all right up there?  I'll need some help with those ribs soon!"
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan walks into the kitchen with the late Professor's books. "My outburst before was my frustration with this book in particular. We would like to open it however without the key with this triangle indentation it is near impossible for us to figure out what its contents are."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Kendra eyes the purple, locked book as Johan presents it to her.  "I have seen it before--once or twice, I mean, not many times.  It was my father's and he kept it away from me.  He gave it to you with the other books?  I am sorry--I do not have the key, nor have I ever seen any that looks like a match.  Here, now, you're just in time... cut the ribs."

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