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Carrion Crown Session 3

Session 3
 DUNGEON MASTER: Having satisfied themselves that the house is secure, the group turns in for the night.  Professor Lorrimor kept a number of comfortable guest rooms, each furnished with a quilted bed, a small desk and chair, and a wardrobe.  Each room has a single iron-framed window looking out onto the windy autumn night.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [Is there any kind of watch system going on here, or is the party content to just lock the door and sleep the whole night away in their beds?]
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan regards his two companions before they retire for the night, "It seems we are charged with protecting these books and Kendra from harm's way. What do you think about setting up some kind of watch during the night?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar suggests that he can take the first or the last watch so that he can have his spells prepared for the follwoing day
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar has 3 sets of caltrops, which he suggests putting in strategic antry points at night in case of a breakin
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan looks to both Solar and Mesodias, "That's right two spellcasters. Please excuse my ignorance. In that case I will take a slightly longer watch in the middle of the night. I'm quite accustom to this during my time in the wilderness. Wake me after a few hours and I will rouse Mesodias just before sunrise."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Sleep well friend!  I'll wake you at the appointed hour.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar positions himself somewhat in the shadows of the front room with a clear view of the door and keeps an ear out for noises in the other rooms. perception 1d20+0=3
 DUNGEON MASTER: The night passes uneventfully, with the sound of wind whistling past the door the only noise that disturbs the party's sleep.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The next morning dawns bright and clear, a perfect fall vision of swirling orange leaves and crows cawing in the bare trees.  Kendra prepares a breakfast of oats and fried eggs, and thanks the party again for keeping her company during this difficult time.<!--more-->
 DUNGEON MASTER: From outside the cozy, sturdy Larrimor residenice, four obvious points of interest are visible.  The first is the Restlands, away to the north.  The second is a steepled church of Pharasma on the far side of the river.  The third is a circle of shops and taverns, built around what can only be the town commons.  The fourth is a grassy hill to the south, crowned with a reedy pond and a dilapidated walled structure.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Thank you mylady, this breakfast was delicious, as was the compny, (Solar  indicates all of the group at this statement, but does linger on Kendra)  May I enquire what field of study you have undertaken?
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Have you follwoed in your Fathers footsteps or branched out into into another area
 DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias slurps the oatmeal and eggs, a contended smile on his face as the others chat in the morning light.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan wakes in the morning, thankful that the farmers did not return to provide their own form of retribution against the Lorrimor household. When everyoe is seated in the kitchen/dinning area, "Morning. Thank you for the cooked breakfast. It is a luxury that is rare to enjoy when travelling on the road."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "You are most welcome," replies Kendra to Joahn.  Addressing Solar, she says: "I learned much of the art from my father, and with this library at hand..." she waves her hand around as if to explain.  "I suppose I do take after him, though perhaps I am more focused on discovering things than he was."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "What of yourselves?" she inquires in turn; "I know my father took up with every imaginable kind of person at one time or another."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "And would you care for some coffee?  We have a supply of Qadarian stuff that my father was fond of drinking in the morning."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: "I am a seeker of knowledge, my lady of every kind, I love the process of learning and putting my knowledge to good use.  I am my family often worked with your father exchanging the discovories we each found.  My family are all scholorly wizards in who work for the Wizard school at the Univeristy.  I myself am not as interested in the art of Wizardry as the arcane comes easily to me at my call without me having to learn it.  As such I leanr other knowledge as I am able!
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Ahhhh He often told me I should try this Coffee, yes please
 DUNGEON MASTER: Kendra is gone for moment, returning shortly with a strong-smelling quantity of freshly roasted powder, which she mixes into a pot of boiling water and then strains out carefully into four different cups.  A small pitcher of cream sits in the middle of the table, and she gestures to it as she sets a cup before each person.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: So Mylady, what would you be doing today, is there anything you would like us to do for you?
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "I was apprenticed at a young age to learn how to read the subtle signs and tracks of animals and humaniods. I studied within a small unit of rangers charged with preventing smugglers into and out of the city border. We were trained to live off the land and be self-sufficient by hunting for our own food."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Thank you very much for the coffee. It smells wonderful."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Today?  I  must run some errands into town, and see to some further arrangements with Father Grimburrow," she says with a hint of anger crossing her forehead and vanishing once again.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: "You seemed troubled my lady, clearly the last few days have been taxing for you, but this seems different", would talking to us about it help unload the burden?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Oh, I am sorry.  It is just that _ignorant_ oaf Gibs.  To say that my father was a necromancer!"  She takes a sip of coffee and calms herself before proceeding.  "I will need to visit the temple to ensure that there are arrangements ensuring that my father's grave is not disturbed.  It is no burden to unload, however, as you have already done far more for me on that matter than I could have ever hoped."
 DUNGEON MASTER: "You really may enjoy looking about town a bit, come to think upon it--the people here are ignorant, but honest.  The shops here may not rival those of Caliphas or Thronestep, but you may be pleasantly surprised.  Old Jorfa, for one, always seems to have something new on hand."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Well perhaps that is where we should go first today, what do you think Johan?
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan wipes his mouth after finishing his breakfast and coffee. "I would enjoy to stretch the legs and take a look around the village. Shall we meet back here in a few hours?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: I am happy to do where the whim takes us!
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Please excuss us, we are going to take a look around the town." With that Johan rises from the table and prepares his belongings for the trip into town.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar bows tpo Kendra and with Johan prepares for the trip into town
 DUNGEON MASTER: "By all means," replies Kendra.  "Here is a copy of the house key--it was my father's.  Be well, friends!  I shall see you back here in the afternoon."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: While walking around the house preparing for the trip into town, Solar keeps and eye out for  good place to hide the chest of books perception
 SOLAR CE'NEA: 1d20+0=20
 DUNGEON MASTER: The place Kendra indicated--a not-quite-secret but certainly unobtrusive compartment beneath a bookshelf in his study--seems to have done the trick for many years.  Other options would be somplace in the kitchen or pantry--or perhaps in one of the bedrooms.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan notices Solar inspecting the rooms closely, "Are you looking for something in particular my friend?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Yes, I was thinking of hiding the books in order that if people come looking for them they would have to search hard to find them!
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Perhaps we could leave the chest in plain sight as a decoy of sorts, and hide the books within a sack something more difficult to find. Did you have any place in mind that would be suitable?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Perhaps under this sofa chair, under the floor boards
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Did you want to do this know before we leave?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: We should probably ask Kendra for permisison but if we have the tools to do so yes, if not we might buy something in town that allows us to cut the floor
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "I will have the tools required to loosen the nails and remove the floorboards without causing too much damage." With that Johan removes his Thieve's Toolkit from within his tunic. "This has everything for the job. But yes, I think we should ask Kendra before we do this."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar goes to Kendra and says the following "Dear lady, Would you mind us offering some advice and some assistance regarding the books your father left us?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: "Due to their nature, we are concerned that undesirble people may come looking for them and we would like to secure them in a hidden location
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I trust your judgement in this matter, just as my father did," replies Kendra.  "However, I know of no secret rooms or such anywhere in this house.  If you are concerned that my father's study too obvious a place to look, then I would suggest moving it to a more obscure location--you are welcome to move it beneath the floorboards if you like," she adds, smiling at Johan.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan ruffles his hair as he considers the idea, "Yes, well that would work quite well."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan will use the small metal implements to carefully loosen the floorboard underneath one of the dinning room tables with the assistance from Solar and Mesodias.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar Aid another +3
 DUNGEON MASTER: Working together, the pair pushes aside a plush red and dark-wood sofa, and lifts up the floorboards to reveal a space about one and a half feet high--more than enough to  contain the sack of the late Professor's books.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: While Johan is creating the hidey hole, Solar takes the chest and grabs a couple of interesting but none descript books from the house library and places the books adn the Chest back in the chests original position
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "I am happy with this result. The chest will act as a decoy for the true location of the books which won't be simple to locate."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Satisfied with their work, the party replaces the floorboards and the sofa, and prepares to head out to the village.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: On the way to Town, says to both Johan and Mesodias he feels something strange is going on here. The way the Professor had notes on each book, had prepared all of us to come for the reading of his will, it seems to predetermined by the professor for this period of time, like he predicted his own death.  Solar uses the example of his own will that states that his materil goes to his sister but he wouldn't know to have certain things taken elsewhere by friends and family that he currently had on loand from the University
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar suggests they all keep their eyes and ears open and to let each other know about strange happenings as the professor seems to have trusted them all, and you respect his judgement
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "I had given that some thought and I agree with you. I didn't want to say anything at the time, however I must tell you of something strange that happened at the burial site of the late Professor."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "In my line of work we are trained not to ignore what we consider figments of our imagination. When we were standing at the Professors burial site I noticed one of the tombstones had your name on it". Johan looks at Solar to indicate who he meant. "Now at the time I looked at you to see if you noticed, however when I looked back the name was gone, only a worn out tombstone remained."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "I do not mind showing you the tombstone itself once we are finished browsing the town centre. It's just that my eyes are not easily fooled which would indicate what you suggested before about something sinister being afoot could be a possibility. However I am at a loss to pinpoint what it could be."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: "I would trust that when a ranger has seen something, that it happened, you are all trained to notice things others miss.  This is somewhat disturbing".  This makes me even more uneasy, magic or the supernatural would seem the answer to how such an event could happen.  The Professor was one who unmasked evil and the supernatural as part of his work.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: I agree lets go into town with our eyes open and then go to the grave site.  I would check that all is still undisturbed
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Knowledge check religion 1d20=15
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar's training offers him no insight as to would manner of thing would cause such behavior from a gravestone.  However, at his side, he hears Mesodias make a muted noise in his throat.  It sounds like "aaaunt"  Or maybe "unt".  Or perhaps "ownt".
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party enters the town square and heads straightaway into the general store.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The Ravengro General Store contains all manner of sundry goods and dry foods that one would expect to find in a small farming town.  Besides the usual, there is a highly-polished suit of full plate mail stood up on display in the back.  There is no price listed, and judging by the dust in the creavices, it has been on display for a very long time.  [Ravengro has a purchase limit of 5,000 gp; most non-magical items below that price are availiable for sale here.]
 DUNGEON MASTER: Behind the counter stands an aproned, overweight man who looks at you under furrowed bushy eyebrows.  A similarly overweight woman tends the stock, while a number of young girls run in and out of the store laughing.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Good morning. My companions and I will be staying in town for a while and it is custom to make introductions so that you know who we are if you notice us around town. My name is Johan." With a wave of his hand, "This is Solar and Mesodias."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Diplomacy check: 1d20+1 = 20
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Welcome to Ravengro," replies the man.  "And welcome to my store.  I am Luthko Avanaki and that is my wife Marta.  How may I be of service to such fine city folk as yourself?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: First good Sir, would you have a small blackboard we could purchase?
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I most certainly do.  Keep em around for kids headed into old Ghoroven's school," he says with a wave of his hand.  "What else can I get you?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: perhaps Also some small bells, good sir!  Are these your children, it is wonderful to hear the joyess laughter of ones so young!
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Could we purchase a few sticks of chalk? Also I hope you don't mind me prying, however will there be any events or places you could recommend we see while we enjoy our stay here?"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "They are!  The pride their mother and the death of their father, no doubt!" he replies jovially.  "This one here is Livia, there is Paula, in back is Monica, and outside are Lenuta and Catalina!"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "I have all the chalk you'll ever need, right here!"
 DUNGEON MASTER: As the characters go about their business in the store, they notice a small crowd gathering out in the village square.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: "Goodness, you have a whole tribe here, I can see they being the death of you" Soalr quibbs good naturedly. "we will certainly buy as much as we can from you during our stay here so you can feed all those hungry mouths!"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "No dobut, no doubt!  I appreciate the business, and doubly appreciate the patronage of such good mannered folk as yourself.  Now I don't know about events or the like--you may check the Posting Poles for news.. wait, now actually come to think of it I believe that there may be a troupe coming in to play at Sabrina's this night, or maybe the next."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: "How wonderful, I always enjoy traveling troups!.  Do you perhaps know what that is all about?" Solar indicates out the window to the gathering crowd
 DUNGEON MASTER: "What?  No, I reckon I don't," says the storekeeper thoughtfully.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Presently a small boy runs into the store breathlessly.  "Luthko!  Sir!"  The boy suddenly notices the strangers in the store and stops short.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Luthko motions for him to continue.  "They're all right, Bertle," he says.  "What's the matter?"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Well, sir--there's something a-going on down at the stone.  The moname--er, the mon-you-ment.  It's been all bloodied and all!"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Been bloodied?"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "All of that!  Blood and gore, sir!  The council's down there, and Grimbottom-- (That's Father Gromburrow, boy)--yes, sir, and there's a big to do!  Come and see!"
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "If you don't mind, would that be fine if we follow for directions?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: "well this is different, I assume this is not a normal thing, are the townsfolk prone to pranks?"
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Something terrible must have happened here? Let's head out and find out what has occurred."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Lead on Luthko, we can complete the business transaction afterwards.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Luthko looks at the characters.  "Let's finish up this sale.  You all are fine folk, and I appreciate your patronage, but I'm sure nobody'll want outsiders involved with any trouble down at the Harrowstone Monument.  Good day."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Outside, the crowd begins to move away from the town center and strings out along the road headed south.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Of course you are right. How much do we owe you?"
 DUNGEON MASTER: "That will be five gold and one copper, then"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Thank you Sir, Madam, we will leave you to attend to your business.  Thanks Again
 DUNGEON MASTER: The shopkeeper nods, and sees the characters out, closing and bolting the shop door behind them.
 DUNGEON MASTER: [I can hear both of you.  Stephen, can you not hear us?]
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan looks to his companions, "Well you heard the store owner, as outsiders we will not be welcomed to stick our noses whatever is going on at the monument. I don't plan to let such an idle threat stop us from finding out what is going on. However I think we should approch this with caustion to avoid getting caught up in this."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: "Should we walk at the back of the crowd, or follwo from a safe distance, I am also conscious of the fact if we do the later we might look suspiscious
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "To be honest I think we will stand out either way. And you are right about it looking more suspicious if we distance ourselves too much. Let's try and get as close as possible to the action because I'm not one to shy away from something important like this. What do you think?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: I agree, either way could be bad, lets go with your being obvio as we are curious like everyone else
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "Keep your eyes open gentleman." Johan follows the general direction the townsfolk are heading in to closer inspect the strange and bloody occurance.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: While walking with the crowd, Solar asks Mesodias Guorun to write on the chalkboard what he was trying to say about his name on a gravestone
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Perception 1d20+0=11
 DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias takes the chalkboard in hand and carefully scrawls out the following word: "H-A-U-N-T"
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Perception check: 1d20+6 = 15
 DUNGEON MASTER: The party notices no signs of trouble as they follow along with the crowd.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The crowd of townsfolk moves southward along the road, veering off toward the river and then following a well-maintained gravel path toward a 25-foot-tall stone statue that overlooks the river.  [O on the map.]  The moss-covered statue depicts a proud, muscular human man dressed in leathers and wielding a truncheon.
 DUNGEON MASTER: However, the memorial stands splattered with gore.  Entrails wind around the arms and the legs of the statue, and bits of flesh stick out of the green moss.  At the base the blood is even thicker, culminating in what may be a character of some sort--perhaps the letter "V", perhaps something else.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Around the statue stands a throng of about 50 townsfolk--at the center of which stands the stout Councilman Hearthmount and the shrouded, bristling figure of father Grimburrow.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar Wonders silently to himself if the "V" is in simlar writing to what Johan saw on the tombstone yesterday.  He tries to remeber to ask the question when they are not sorrounded by people.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar looks amoungst the crowd to see if everyone is surprised or if someone inparticualr is showing a different emotion
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan stands there silently next to his companions, as he waits for one of the prominant figures closet to the monument to begin speaking.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The reaction of the crowd appears to be universal: horror, disgust, and fear.  There are no guilty looks or shifty glances among this throng.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The crowd buzzes amongst themselves like a throng of angry bees.  Speculation is rife.  Everyone is talking to one another, and, for the moment, the town principals seem content to let people talk without adressing those gathered.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar, just stands and listens to whatever patches of converstaions he can hear from the crowd
 DUNGEON MASTER: The statue is surrounded by a circle of well-mown grass 30' in radius; beyond this the grass grows tall with occasional trees.  The river flows muddy and deep to the west.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan will carefully pick his way through the throng of townsfolk without causing too much attention to himself or his companions. He inspects the gore covered statute fro the edge of the crowd to determine if or what the remains are from. [Knowledge (nature) check: 1d20+4 = 15]
 DUNGEON MASTER: The blood could be from anything, but the entrails appear to belong to a smallish animal.  A few loose feathers stuck into the mess appear to belong to medium sized bird--a chicken, or a duck maybe.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Most of the talk is clearly speculation--some say that monsters did it, others say that ghouls did it, others say that certain unnamed strangers did it.  The only matter for consensus seems to be that this bodes ill, and the sooner it is cleaned up and forgetten the better for all.
 DUNGEON MASTER: While inspecting the statue, Johan notes an inscription carved into the base of the statue: "In Memoriam.  The Guards of Harrowstone.  4661."  Underneath, in smaller letters, is a long list of names.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan whispers to his companions, "It looks like the remains are that of a few chickens or perhaps some other kind of small bird. I just hope this crowd hasn't ruined any chance of tracking the footprints of whoever was here last night."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar whispers in response, "once everyone is gone I will cast detect magic to see if something did this with either divine or arcane means"
 DUNGEON MASTER: Coming up from behind the crowd, a tall man sporting a wide-brimmed hat pushes his way forward, followed by several men armed with flat-ended wood billy clubs.  "Coming through, folk!"  He calls out.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: We will need to try and discover what is the signficance of this statue, it may hold a key to why it was defaced
 DUNGEON MASTER: Reaching the councilman and father Grimburrow, he shares a few words with them and then turns to address the crowd.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Looking off to the other side, the party notes the tall, black-haired figure of Kendra, looking upon the statue with the same mixed expression of horror and disquiet as the rest of the crowd.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar Indicates to his companions that Kendra is present and indicates they move to her
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Johan silently agrees by following Solar and Mesodias through the crowd to stand closer to Kendra.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar descretely ask Kendra who the people are on the dais and what their role is in the town.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Citizens of Ravengro," the man in the wide-brimmed hat begins.  "As you can see, this monument to those who died in the Harrowstone fire has been desecrated.  This action is a discgrace to those who gave their lives, and an affront to the citizens of this town."
 DUNGEON MASTER: The crowd buzzes in agreement.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "But, now, I need you to return to your homes.  Father Grimburrow, The Council, and a few others will remain.  We will get to the bottom of this, I assure you.  If you know anything about this event--well, you all know where to find me.  Go along, people, and rest assured that this matter will be taken care of."
 DUNGEON MASTER: With that the man, who people nearby are adressing as Sheriff Benjan Caeller, begins to herd the crowd away from the monument, while a select few, including Kendra, approach the statue and begin to examine it more closely.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar and his compainions, walk forward with Kendra to help her assess the situation.
 DUNGEON MASTER: In all, six figures stand near the base of the desacrated statue.  Father Grimburrow, Kendra Larrimor, and Benjan Caeller, the party already knows of.  In addition, three others step forward--an old, earthy woman who others address as Councilwoman Straelock; a middle-aged woman who goes by Councilwoman Faravan [picture included]; and a well-groomed man wearing a black suit and whose gray-black hair is neatly combed, who everyone addresses as Councilman Muricar.
 DUNGEON MASTER: The remainder of the townsfolk rapidly decamp from the memorial, under the watchful eyes of the deputies, and soon these six, along with the characters, are all that remain.
 DUNGEON MASTER: "Who are--Ah, yes, you three," says Councilman Heathman by way of greeting, as the party approaches.  "I understand that you have an--ah, interest in protecting Kendra here, but this is no place for outsiders to be poking their noses in, if you will pardon my bluntness."
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "I appreciate bluntness in such serious circumstances as these. May I be so bold to ask if any of you have years experience tracking beasts or perhaps 'whoever' caused this scene before you? You see we have this experience, any if I may be even bolder perhaps an outsiders perspective on this might be required to resolve it discreetly."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Solar adds "I have boundless years of working at Universities leanring many different things that may be of assitnace here, using these skill sets to help solve this issue is important to us as clearly there is soemthing untoward going on here and we were charged to protect Kendra, this is clearly something that may interfere with that charge.  We are honour bound to assist in any way we can.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Councilman Heathman begins to respond, but at that moment Councilwoman Faravan steps foward.  "Can you indeed track the footprints of the malefacter here?" she asks directly.
 DUNGEON MASTER: Before the party can reply, she reaches into her bag, pulls out some silver dust, and begins chanting in an arcane tongue.
 SOLAR CE'NEA: Spellcraft check 1d20+10=13
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Diplomacy check: 1d20+1 = 3
 DUNGEON MASTER: Solar does not recognize the spell that Farvan casts, and there are no visible effects of her casting to judge from.  Soon she speaks again: "Give me your names, and swear to me that you do not mean harm to the town of Ravengro or its citizens."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: "My Name is Solar Ce'nea, and I swear that as long as no citizen means harm to Kendra, I mean no harm to the town or any of it's citizens.  I do however reserve the right to hold my promise of protecting Kendra in any way seems appropriate."  Other than that, none in the town should fear me, bar me boring them to death with my love of emparting knowledge" Solar says with a little bow and a twinkle of obvious humour in his eye
 DUNGEON MASTER: Farvan shows no sign of amusement at Solar's jest, but she nods in satisfaction at his response.
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : "My name is Johan d'Almenta, and I swear that I do not mean harm to the town of Ravengro or its citizens." Johan pauses for a moment, "My friend here is Mesodias Guorun, a cleric who is mute not by choosing but by some past occurrance. I swear on his behalf that he harbours no ill feelings towards this town or it's citizens. We are trustworthy and honest folk."
 DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias does not respond with words, but he locks eyes with Councilwoman Farvan for a full minute, after which she nods in satisfaction.  "Councilmen, Councilwoman, Sherrif--I think we may trust in these three... in this matter."
 SOLAR CE'NEA: "All we wish to do councilwoman is to help as much as we can"
 DUNGEON MASTER: Evidently her word is good enough for Councilman Heathman, who gazes levely at Solar.  "So be it, then.  What services to you propose to offer the town?"
 SOLAR CE'NEA: I am a scholar dear Sir and I am at my best in places of knowledge, I retain such information and am excelent , if I do say so my self, at peicing togehter different pieces of information and creating a whole picture out of different and seemingly obscure facts.  If I had access to the different Libraries around the town I might be able to glean something
 JOHAN D'ALMENTA : Knowledge (local) check: 1d20+0 = 20
 SOLAR CE'NEA: know local 1d20+10=29
 DUNGEON MASTER: Harrowstone is a ruined prison—partially destroyed by a fire in 4661, the building has stood vacant ever since. The locals suspect that it’s haunted, and don’t enjoy speaking of the place. [50xp]
 DUNGEON MASTER: Harrowstone was built in 4594. Ravengro was founded at the same time as a place where guards and their families could live and that would produce food and other supplies used by the prison. The fire that killed all of the prisoners and most of the guards destroyed a large portion of the prison’s underground eastern wing, but left most of the stone structure above relatively intact. The prison’s warden perished in the fire, along with his wife, although no one knows why she was in the prison when the fire occurred. A statue commemorating the warden and the guards who lost their lives was built in the months after the tragedy—that statue still stands on the riverbank just outside of town.[100xp]
 DUNGEON MASTER: Most of the hardened criminals sent to Harrowstone spent only a few months imprisoned, for it was here that most of Ustalav’s executions during that era were carried out. The fire that caused the tragedy was, in fact, a blessing in disguise, for the prisoners had rioted and gained control of the prison’s dungeons immediately prior to the conflagration. It was only through the selfsacrifice of Warden Hawkran and 23 of his guards that the prisoners were prevented from escaping—the guards gave their lives to save the town of Ravengro. [200xp]
 DUNGEON MASTER: At the time Harrowstone burned, five particularly notorious criminals had recently arrived at the prison. While the commonly held belief is that the tragic fire began accidentally after the riot began, in fact the prisoners had already seized control of the dungeon and had been in command of the lower level for several hours before the fire. Warden Hawkran triggered a deadfall to seal the rioting prisoners in the lower level, but in so doing trapped himself and nearly two dozen guards. The prisoners were in the process of escaping when the panicked guards accidentally started the fire in a desperate attempt to end the riot. [400xp]

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