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Carrion Crown Session 32

Session 32
DUNGEON MASTER: It is about 1 in the afternoon on the day before the trial.
GRUNDIG: grundig speaks up "i think we should go see the barister and find out more about the charges the beast is faceing
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan agrees to Grundig, "Sounds like a  good place to start. I'm interested to see who will be giving evidence during the day of the trial."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar pipes in and says I specifically would like to see how the victims of these crimes died
DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes march right back up the steps to the barrister's office, where Gustav Kaple sits at his desk shuffling papers.
DUNGEON MASTER: "You have signed up?"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan replies to the Barrister, "We signed up, questioned The Beast, pissed off a bunch of guards who want to see him burn and thought it wise to review the evidence against The Beast."
SOLAR CE’NEA: We would like to look at the case notes against the beast, do you also have a drawing of the beast so we can show it to people
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias quickly sketches a crude picture of The Beast with a large arrow stating "Flesh Golem" with his chalk and board.
DUNGEON MASTER: "I am not aware of any drawing that does this ... my client justice," he replies, after inspecting the heroes' certificates.  "The evidence of his crimes at Morast is provided courtesy of Lazne, the Elder of the village.  He is staying at the... ahem... Whore and Bottle, down on the waterfront.  He is to be the star witness."
DUNGEON MASTER: "As near as I can tell, the beast killed several of the townsfolk over a period of several weeks before being ambushed by the townsoflk and chased off into the swamp, where he was allegedly done nearly to death by a Caimen."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "The Beast claimed he did not kill Ellsa, he said something that a ghost or wraith claimed her life and he simply found her like that and brought her body back to town. If this is true her body would not have been physically harmed, in other words it would have been obvious if she died by The Beasts hands. Would the evidence paperwork include facts like this we could confirm before the case," enquires Johan.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Ellsa was a victim of the Beast's alleged crimes at Hergstag.  The evidence for that will be presented in two days' time and has no bearing on the incident at Morast."
GRUNDIG: so it would seam that the best corse of action is to talk to Lazne to start with and go for there
SOLAR CE’NEA: I agree, We need to look at each one seperately, he may have done one of them but controled like we believe he was in the University
SOLAR CE’NEA: Gentelmen as we go, is there osmething we could get and bring lazne to "warm him up" to talking to us?
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan replies, "I have a jar of preserved garlic cloves I have no use for."
SOLAR CE’NEA: That might do!
DUNGEON MASTER: The party asks a few other questions regarding the minuta of the case, then takes Grundig's advice and heads down to the Whore and Bottle.  They discover Lazne at the head of table surrounded by admiring townsfolk listening to his story.  Empty bottles litter the table, stacked into veritable mountain near Lazne's seat.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar realises that the old man is likely to talk more to a ranger than a scholar and tries to aid Johan aid another -diplomacy 1d20+0=15
GRUNDIG: aide another 1d20+2=22
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan approaches the bar before resting on one elbow against the bar before ordering a few more drinks for Lazne. "Evening barkeeper, may I order a few more of what they are drinking?" Johan indicates with a nod towards the table of townsfolk listening to Lazne's story.
DUNGEON MASTER: Lazne is a grizzled,middle-aged man with dirty gray hair and skin the color of swamp mud.

"An'then we set on him, we did!  Not like city folk, us--we went at 'im proper with all we had, and by Calistra's teat we nearly done 'im in.  But he ran off, that blighted beast did, right into the swamp.   But that wasn't the end!  Oh no!"

He stops and takes a long swig of beer while peering around for dramatic effect.
DUNGEON MASTER: "We was all of us ready to set off after him through the mud, like the true folk o' the swamp we be.  But just a'fore we could set out, one o our lads screamed out.  'A Caimen,' said he, and  a Caimen there was.  Tore into the beast like I an't never seen in my whole life.  Bloodied him good, all over his leg."
DUNGEON MASTER: "An that was the last any o' us saw of the thing.  He was screaming into the deeper part o' the swamp an we had him all took for dead.  But now I come to this here city to finish the job," he says with a grin.
DUNGEON MASTER: The group cheers and pats the old man on the back, and orders him another round.
DUNGEON MASTER: The barkeep nods and absently pours Johan's drink.  He rolls his eyes at the old man's story--judging by his demeanor, this is not the first time he's heard it told.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan pays the barkeep a handful of silver pieces for the mugs of ale before handing out the drinks to his companions and offering one to Lazne. He takes a seat at the table as he listens to the old man's story.
Sense Motive (deception): 1d20+6 = 18
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan spots nothing suspicious in the man's demeanor--however, he certainly does seem to be enjoying the telling of his tale.
DUNGEON MASTER: Lazne accepts Johan's offered drink with a mere nod, setting it in line behind the four others he's already got waiting to drink.
DUNGEON MASTER: Lazne has a stash of foul-smelling swamp reed in a bowl beside him.  Occasionally he puts a handful into his mouth and chews medititavely, before spitting it back out.
GRUNDIG: knolage nature as to what swamp weed may aid in healing 1d20+9=28
DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig knows that this reed called Halebriar--a nasty smelling plant that grows in the more tepid sections of the swamps.  It can be shredded into a chewable product that has a mild naracotic effect, although it remains an acquired taste at best.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan gets comfortable in the seat before taking a mouthful of refreshing ale. "Terrible business what happened at Morast, breaks the heart to hear it." He shakes his head slightly at the thought of innocent towns folk dying. "I hope for their sake The Beast didn't toy with them and they passed quickly?" Johan tries to prise more details from the man about the circumstances without giving away his true intensions.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Diplomacy check: 1d20+4+2+2 = 19
DUNGEON MASTER: Lazne nods absently at Johan's remarks.  "They was all quick killed, so far as we can tell.  We had to act, an'so we did.  Laid us an ambush.  We folk take matters into our own hands--gotta, ya see, that's how it is out there."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan nods in agreement at Lazne's words, "I understand what you mean, Gorum respects those who stand up and do what is needed. If you don't mind me asking how did the towns folk pass? Is it true this all happened over a period of time and not in one night?"
DUNGEON MASTER: "Yeah it's true.  Night after night we had our folk done in, an all that was left of em was blood and that accursed beast's tracks."
DUNGEON MASTER: Lazne takes another long swig of ale and lets the stuff dribble down his stubby beard.
SOLAR CE’NEA: So you were never able to get the bodies back, did the bastard take the bodies and hide them?
DUNGEON MASTER: "The bodies?"  Lazne squints his eyes at Solar as if just now noticing him.  "They was gone from the place, every time.  Now I haven't met you, have I/  You city folk look all the same to me, you know that!  Ha!"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Were there any other strnage goings on at the time?  I am just wondering what hapened to the bodies, it would be good for you all to be able to put them to rest properly
DUNGEON MASTER: "Now what kind o' question would that be?  There's always strange goings on afood in the Dipplemere, but nothing in particular springs to mind."
GRUNDIG: was that the end of the killens when you almost killed the beast or did he come back for more later on? deplomacy 1d20+1=21
DUNGEON MASTER: "Why o'course it was!  After a whopping like that, would you come back little feller?  He left and we'd done thought he was dead."
SOLAR CE’NEA: How did you take him on?  tell us that tale
DUNGEON MASTER: "Ah!" he says with a toothy smile.  "That's a tale!  We set a trap for it in our bone yard--it was always coming for folk at dusk when they was all alone on the nether parts o town.  So we set one of our women to putter about in our boneyard at dusk, and we was all around in the bushes, ready with torches an the like.  So up comes the beast out of the water and we laid into him.  And off he flees, cursin' to make the worst whore blush.  But not before he bled all over our graves, an we stopped usin' the place on account o' the defilement.  I'll take another drink," he says pointedly to no one in particular.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar looks into his mind and tries to remember if a construct is capable of bleeding
SOLAR CE’NEA: Knowledge arcana 1d20+13=25
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar knows that constructs are not usually capable of bleeding, though that will depend on the specifics of their construction.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Sense Motive (deceiption): 1d20+6 = 20
GRUNDIG: can you tell us about the foke that where taken? those poor soles.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan observes Lazne for any deception after this last statement about him seeing The Beast in the flesh.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Sorry what do you mean defilement, is that just becasue you can't bear to use the site or did his blood actually do anything?
DUNGEON MASTER: "Off into the swamp, most likely, t'be treated to the worst depravities the mind can wonder up!  You are inquisitive for a short feller, y'know that?"
DUNGEON MASTER: Lazne stops talking and coughs pointedly at his empty glasses.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Diplomacy 1d20+0=18
GRUNDIG: grundig walks to the bar and buys another round of drinks and brings them back to the table.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Thank'ya kindly, feller!" he says.  "Neither I nor the others liked that thing bleeden on the graves o'our people.  Curses em like as not, and better t'be safe than sorry where such things are concerned.  So we moved on t'another spot.
GRUNDIG: sorry Lazne i ment what where they like who where they? grundig asks sitting the tray of drinks in forn of him
DUNGEON MASTER: "All kinds of folk.  Trappers n' fishers and tinkerers and the like--all the sorts of people liable to be out by themselves come nightfall."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Sense Motive (deceiption): 1d20+6 = 20
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan sees no signs of nervousness or duplicity.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan finishes the last of his drink, looking to the bar considering buying another round. "Did anyone catch The Beast in the middle of the terrible acts of voilence?"
DUNGEON MASTER: Lazne looks sharply at Johan.  "What kind'o question would that be?  That's why we're here, ain't it?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: I was just curious how he did it, may be important if he makes a fuss today to protect ourselves from him
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Aye it is, Gorum give us strength. I just hate cowards who sneak around and pick off townsfolk. There is no honour in such things. If you want to pick a fight you do it, face to face. It just doesn't sound right this Beast sneaking around at night doing this and that if you know what I mean."
DUNGEON MASTER: "I reckon it used its hands--have you see the thing? Big enough to knock down a dragon!  Damn straight it's not right!  But we'll make her right soon enough," he says with a nod of his head.
SOLAR CE’NEA: oooh so you didn't see what fighting style he had.
SOLAR CE’NEA: diplomacy 1d20+0=20
DUNGEON MASTER: Lazne glares at Solar, but his drink seems to have got the better of him.  "Ha!  We saw enough of its *style* when we chased it off.  It's *style* is to beat the livin' tar out of the weakest person it can fined, then run off when it has to take on some folk that are properly ready.  That's what its *style* is!  Tell you what, I have you pegged for a beast-lover myself, though so long as you keep buyin my drinks I an't gonna hold it against ya none."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "It is a shame none of the town watch heard anything or saw a sign of struggle when the beast came into the town from the swamp. If only there was a curfew or people couldn't move about alone at night. If only they had caught him in the act before it went on so long."
SOLAR CE’NEA: What made you think the Caiman got the beast?
GRUNDIG: did you ever try to catch that big caimen that attacked him.
DUNGEON MASTER: Lazne turns his red faced glare at Johan.  "Oy!  I reckon you're all a lot of  Beast lovers.  Dim as the twilight y'are.  As if a curfew would'a saved us from that thing!  Now be gone with you, 'less you want to see how a man o'the Lippermere treats those who disrespect him!"
DUNGEON MASTER: The old man's shouting carries over the ambient noise in the bar, and folk are turning to look at the heroes.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "It appears I have insulted you where I meant you no disrespect. I must apologise if I came across like that." Johan stands and leaves the tavern to avoid further troubles. He waits just outside within ear shot for any sign of trouble.
GRUNDIG: grundig  follows out the door after making his appolagys
SOLAR CE’NEA: sorry you see it that way friend, I thought you and your fellow villigers were very brave of characther to do what you did and i admire you all for standing to togther, but I will wish you a good day
DUNGEON MASTER: The old man spits out a clump of weed and glares at the heroes.

The party gets up to leave, and the old man grumbles for a bit but soon turns to re-telling his tale to a new audience.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan asks his companions, "So what did you guys want to do now?"
DUNGEON MASTER: It is now 2:30 in the afternoon.
GRUNDIG: we could go to the town and have a look arround and see if we can finde something that may help us
SOLAR CE’NEA: I think we need to travel to the Morast
SOLAR CE’NEA: IT seems great minds think alike my friend.  I suggest we get transport immeditely
GRUNDIG: and prehaps buy some horses to get there as fast as possible
GRUNDIG: Grundig buys a pony (combat trained) a riding saddle and 2 saddle bags. Total 59 gp
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "That would be faster and more practical than taking the carriage," replies Johan.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar purchaes a combat trianed war hourse with saddle and two saddle bags
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan and Mesodias purchase a light combat trained horse with riding saddles and bit for the journey to Morast.
GRUNDIG: grundig buys a bit and bridle 2gp
DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes set out in the afternoon.  The party atmosphere is returning to the city streets--on corners and in the parks men can be seen hoisting tankards in the spirit of the contuing festivities celebrating the Beast's capture.
DUNGEON MASTER: The journey east to Morast takes about two hours.  The rood soon branches into a muddy path that winds through the swamp.  Soon the miserable wattle-and-daub huts of the village materialize out of the autumn mist.
DUNGEON MASTER: Black-faced swampers and ill-mannered, loutish looks greet the heroes as they approach.
DUNGEON MASTER: [It is about 4:30 in the afternoon.  Sunset this time of year comes at about 6.]
GRUNDIG: first things first we should find a staable for our mounts
GRUNDIG: or atleast somewhere safe to keep them
DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig discerns that there are no stables in this town; neither are there any barns likely to hold even one of their beasts.
DUNGEON MASTER: As the heroes tarry on the outskirts, a lanky, straw-headed fellow comes out with a wide grin that isn't the sort usually associated with friendliness. 

"Now what a fine day for a walk in the Dipplemere, it is!  Welcome to Morast! How do you suppose I can help you folk?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar knowledge local 1d20+13=32
DUNGEON MASTER: Knowledge check result: The swampers of Morast are a curious group. Local rumor claims that somewhere in their somewhat inbred ancestry, they mingled with strange swamp creatures, tainting their blood and marking them with queer countenances. No one
knows how or why, but the people of Morast have legendary constitutions—sickness is rare among the swampers, and the villagers live long, healthy lives. While admired for this fact, they are also shunned for their strange appearance.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan greets the man as he approaches them, "Why yes it is a fine day indeed. I was hoping we could have a moment or two of your time? You see we were sent to gather information to support Lazne's evidence against The Beast. So we are here on business not pleasure and we need your support as time is of the essence." Diplomacy check: 1d20+4 = 13
Bluff check: 1d20+2 = 21
DUNGEON MASTER: The man brightens considerably.  "Lazne sent you, did he?  Well I'm blessed!  How can this humble village lad be of service?"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "To be perfectly forward with you we need to cover all the bases as you could put it. It would be a great service if we could visit the sites where the unfortunate events happened and speak to anyone who has knowledge of this. We promise to be careful with such a sensitive thing," replies Johan. "Good man my name is Johan and this is Mesodias, Grundig and Solar."
DUNGEON MASTER: "Tell you what!  For a mere twenty gold, I'd be your man for the rest o' the day.  Boat you everywhere you care to go, an' introduce yourselves to whoever ya care to meet!"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "You sir are a gentlmen, you don't know how important this is to us." Johan pays the man twenty gold pieces upfront and offers his hand to seal the deal.
DUNGEON MASTER: The gangly man spits on his hand before shaking with Johan.  "The name's Bratzig!  Where'll you be goin' to first?"
GRUNDIG: can we head to the bone yard first?
DUNGEON MASTER: "Surely ya can!  Surely!  Come right down here to the boats and we'll be off..."

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