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Carrion Crown Session 31

Session 31

The party leaves the residence of Judge Daramid.  It is about 10:30 in the morning on the day before the Beast's trial.
DUNGEON MASTER: They spend the next hour visiting the shops and making sundry purchases.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan's Purchase List:
Masterwork Toolkit (Stealth) - Soft Leather Boots - 50gp  1 lbs

Mesodias Purchase List:
Masterwork Toolkit (Stealth) - Soft Leather Boots - 50gp  1 lbs
Spell Component Pouch - 5gp  2 lbs
GRUNDIG: Items: master worked hide 165gp 3 of cure light wounds 50gp each 1 of cure medium potion 300gp master worked sneakers 50gp total gp =1020-570gp =450gp
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar's Purchase list:
Handy haversack 1800
Masterwork Toolkit (stealth) - Soft Leather Boots - 50gp
GRUNDIG: selling lether amour 5gp
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan and Meodias trade in their chain shirts and purchase new masterwork chainshirts.
SOLAR CE’NEA: So Gentlemen, shall we go talk to Barrister Gustav and then register ourselves at the court?
GRUNDIG: i think it would be wise to tlak to him before registering good idear Solar
SOLAR CE’NEA: We can also try and find out the best time to register simply to give us a head start on detractors of the beast.  I also imagine we will want to interview him as well
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan replies to Solar, "The question is do we all have to register in order to gain access to The Beast for questioning him on what happened, or can one of us do this and allow the rest access? I think it would be a good idea to speak to him first so we can find out the rules about this stuff."
DUNGEON MASTER: The party concludes their shopping and heads back down the streets to the Lepdistadt Courthouse, which proves to be a large, squat building dominated by an enormous clock that overlooks the town square. A huge figure of wood, roughly man-shaped, stands in the square in front of the building.
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar agrees with Johan!
*** DUNGEON MASTER sent barrister.png barrister.png barrister.png ***
DUNGEON MASTER: The heroes ask for Barrister Gustav and are presently led by a guard to the defense chamber It contains two chairs and a desk, with a writing set and paper in one drawer.  Gustav Kaple looks from over the table as the guard introduces the four heroes.

"How may I assist you?" he inquires in a nasal voice.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Good Morning dear Barrister Gustav, we have heard that you are representing the beast, We were wondering if we could talk to you in private about this unusual case
DUNGEON MASTER: "I can spare a moment," he replies, waving the guard away.  Once the door is closed and he is alone with the party, he raises his eyebrows and motions for the party to speak their piece.
SOLAR CE’NEA: It is a pleasure to make your aquantance counciller, I am Solar Ce'Nedra and these are my companions (solar introduces each in turn) we understand you are representing the Beast in the coming trial and we would like to offer our assitance, we have already seen some strange inconsitancies at the University that need explaining and we would like to help you get a fair and honest trial for the beast
DUNGEON MASTER: Gustav blinks in evident surprise at Solar's announcement.  "You wish to assist the *defence*?  I-I-I.." he begins and trails off before continuing. "I cannot deny my need for assistance, but what d-d-do you think you can do for it?"
GRUNDIG: we ar looking at taking an investigative roll to and see if there is more than meets the eye to this trial we tend to find out the fact behind this rather than looking for a way to get the beast off of his charges guilt or not.
SOLAR CE’NEA: As such we can go around and check the varacity or the claims against the Beast, As we have said there are some strange unexplained events that indicate the case against the beast is not black and white
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan replies to support what his companions had already said, "While it may come as a surprise to you we do genuinely wish to help uncover the truth behind the what happened. We would like access to The Beast to question it if that is possible to gather information about what it knows which may provide links to other sources we can investigate."
DUNGEON MASTER: "I-I cannot refuse assistance at this hour," he says through his nose.  "Things are looking very badly for this Beast--privately, I'm not entirely sure that it is innocent."
DUNGEON MASTER: "The Beast stands accused of three recent crimes: the murder of ten citizens of the village of Morast committed about a year ago; the slaying of six children in the farming community of Hergstag 7 months ago; and an arson attack 4 months ago at the Sanctuary on Karb Isle, which resulted in the deaths of Doctor Brada and his patients and the blinding of the
doctors assistant, Karl."
DUNGEON MASTER: "If you are sincere about acting on this creature's behalf, you ought to register with the clerks downstairs as defenders of this beast."
SOLAR CE’NEA: We indtend to do that, but we were wondering is there a "better" time to do that, We have noticed the mood of the town and are wondering if there is a "best" time to register or whether it would be better to just get it all done now?
DUNGEON MASTER: "Time is of the essence.  The trail begins tomorrow morning--we are scheduled to present the evidence regarding the murders at Morast at eleven in the morning.  Based on what I have seen.... well, we will have to discuss that once you are registered.  I do not think you should delay."
SOLAR CE’NEA: very well we will register immediately, Is the Beast free to talk to?  Is it coherant?
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan replies to Barrister Gustav, "I was hoping we would have more time to investigate these matters however it looks like we will have to act straight away."
DUNGEON MASTER: "He is--I suggest you speak with him straightaway once you are finished here."
DUNGEON MASTER: To Johan: "That is right."
DUNGEON MASTER: The party heads down a flight of stairs to one of the rooms adjoining the court, where several pale-skinned clerks eye the heroes from under white curly wigs.  They are very effeicent at producing a long peacock quill and a parchment reading The Beast vs. Lepidstadt.  The list currently reads:

Gustav Kaple, Defender
Otto Heiger, Prosecution
DUNGEON MASTER: "Your signature made in our presence confirms your interest in this case," intones one of the clerks.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Well my Good man sign we shall then and sends the Clerk a smile as he takes the quill and signs
DUNGEON MASTER: The clerk observes his signature and hands Solar a small certificate which includes a wax seal of the Court of Lepidstadt.
GRUNDIG: grundig takes his turn at putting his mark on the parchchment with an x
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan signs his name clearly on the parchment for the clerks records.
DUNGEON MASTER: Each party member recieves a notarized certificate as they sign the list in turn.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias makes his mark on the quill also with an X in the designated spot.
DUNGEON MASTER: THe clerk narrows his eyes and looks at the X, but as his gaze dwells on the massive priest he evidently thinks better of complaining and hands Mesodias a certificate as well.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Well my Good man, takes us to see the "Beast"
GRUNDIG: "or atleast arrange someone to take us there."
DUNGEON MASTER: The clerk simply nod toward one of the guards, who leads the party down a steep stone spiral stair that descends into a large cellar, its ceiling some 15 feet above the flagstone floor.
 A cupboard along the southern wall contains numerous small torture devices such as thumbscrews and choke pears.
DUNGEON MASTER: Six guardsmen are on duty down here.  The cells appear to be empty but for a large, corner chamber.
*** DUNGEON MASTER sent beast.png beast.png beast.png ***
*** DUNGEON MASTER sent beast2.png beast2.png beast2.png ***
DUNGEON MASTER: A towering abomination sits in an iron chair, bound with no less than a dozen sets of manacles. Stitching holds together this grotesque patchwork of flesh and bone, beast and man,
though the wires are so taut they look as though they may fly apart at any moment. Its mouth is twisted in a permanent sneer, and a shock of lank, dark hair clings to its scalp. The
creature slumps in its chair, a despondent expression upon its monstrous face.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Does anyone have any food?
DUNGEON MASTER: The guards look at Solar for several moments before they realize he is addressing *them*.  "Ha!" remarks one. "Forget it.  We ain't feeding that thing.  And neither are you, unless we inspect it first.  Just go ahead and talk to it through the bars and be done.  Thing's dead anyhow."  He spits.  "Aintcha, ya child killin murderer?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar says to the Guard 'You can inspect my food rations that I am going to give him, I know you won't have any problem with them nor have any problem letting us give him food as I am sure the Judge in charge of this case would love to hear how helpful her guards are.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Would that be old Justice Khard y'er referrin to?"  When this fails to make any impression, he adds:  "You think I'm something to complain about, wait till you get to see 'im."
SOLAR CE’NEA: No my good man I am talking about the Judge who is actually presiding over this case Judge Daramid, And as people registered with the court for this case, we would like to make sure we interview this "beast" to make sure charges truthfully stick.  SOlar whispers to the guard and to do that i need to make sure he is eating something other than me.  Solar then SMmiles at the guard and presents some rations out of his pack
DUNGEON MASTER: A smile slowly spreads across the guard's face as Solar speaks.  "Yer every kind of new here, ain't you?  Daramid's one of them presidining, sure.  But there's two others, ain't there?  Khard, he bein the chief justice, and another by the name of Aldaar.  Bah!  Why am I wasting time talking when I could be back there sittin with the lads.  Just talk to the thing and be done!"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Diplomacy 1d20+0=19
DUNGEON MASTER: However, the guard seems to appreciate Solar's point of view about not being eaten, and he hands the rations to his fellow, who opens the door and feeds the rations to the Beast while the party watches from the outside.  The thing's eyes seem a little less dead and a little brighter as he chews the food.
DUNGEON MASTER: The guard returns back out of the cell and locks it.  The beast eyes the heroes expectantly.
GRUNDIG: "beast do go by anoter name at all or do we just call you the beast. Are you aware of the charges with wich you have accused you of  committing."
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast's eternal sneer seems to widen as he replies. 

"I am Beast.  It is what father named me.  They say I committed crimes in Morast, Herstag, and Karb Isle.  Who are you?"
DUNGEON MASTER: The thing's voice is deep and rumbly, with occasional breaks as if it were using vocal cords not entirely its own.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Good Beast, I am Solar, This is Grundig, Johan and Mesodius, We are men interested in learning the truth about what happened and to bring that truth to your trial. will you help us learn the truth?
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast looks at Solar with a momentary gleam in its eye.  "I will help," he replies sullenly.  "Did father send you?"
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan ignores the taunts from the guards, speaking directly to The Beast. "We can not speak about father at this time, I'm sure you understand. Time is against us and we must ask you what happened at the university. We know there was a statue but we wish to confirm what happened."
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast looks at Johan.  "Someone controlled me.  Not father."  It's eyes shift slightly as it contonues.  "Made me go inside a room and drop something out a window.  Then released me."
GRUNDIG: has this happend before
DUNGEON MASTER: The beast looks long and hard at the gnome.  "Father did not send you.  I understand now."
SOLAR CE’NEA: No my friend, your father did not send us, We don't know who your father is, all we know is you are accused of three crimes and we which to learn if you trulely committed them.  SO we need to know, when you say someone controled you, do you know how?
GRUNDIG: sense motive 1d20 +4=20
GRUNDIG: checking to see if the beast is telling the truth about being controlled
DUNGEON MASTER: Grundig notices no obvious signs of falsehood.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan replies, "It is probably safer for whoever your father is if you do not name him. Can you describe or tell us anything about this person who controlled you?"
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast's eyes take on a cunning aspect.  "I must not speak of that," he growls.  "Only with father."
SOLAR CE’NEA: May we ask why?
DUNGEON MASTER: "I cannot.  Nor do I wish to."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Very well, privacy is everyones right!  However we need more than this to go on to help you and bring out the truth, would you be will ing to tell us who your father is? can you write? could you write it on a paper
DUNGEON MASTER: "I can write.  I cannot tell you my father's name.  I cannot write my father's name."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Would you allow me to cast detect magic on you dear Beast?
DUNGEON MASTER: "You may.  But I cannot speak of this until we are with father."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan replies, "It is in your best interests to speak to us freely. We are not fucking around when we offer our help. What does your father look like and how could we find him?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Very well, I respect your desires Solar cast Detect Magic on the Beast
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast radiates faint magic.
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast eyes Johan dully but does not reply.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar does a spellcraft check to see if the magic he detects is the internal magic of the golem giving it life or some other magic that is effecting him 1d20+10=17
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar is unable to determine the nature of the faint magic.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Is you Fatther comeing to get you?
SOLAR CE’NEA: Very well, Did you do what they accuse you of, do you understand what is going to happen here?
DUNGEON MASTER: "I did none of those things.  They say I will burn, but I DID NOT DO those things!"
GRUNDIG: is there a way of contacting your father
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast seemingly overlooks Grundig's question, in his passion to explain his innocence."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Where were you when these crimes were committed? can we verify you being elswhere with other people?
DUNGEON MASTER: "I do not know when these crimes were comitted.  I was not there, except at Hergstag.  I lived there for some time.  The children were kind to me."
SOLAR CE’NEA: SOlar explains to the beast where the crimes where committed and what happened, Solar explains in such a way that he keeps saying the criminals did it not the Beast Specifically
GRUNDIG: bdo you know if they weher the same children that where killed
SOLAR CE’NEA: After Solar expalins the accusations he again asks, where were you located when these things occured?  If we can verify you weren't there they can concentrate on the people that did these crimes
DUNGEON MASTER: "I do not know.  I am not sure.  Probably I was with father."
GRUNDIG: "is ther a way of contacting your father" grundig asks once again
SOLAR CE’NEA: Does you father live in the general area of this City?
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast shakes his head no to both questions.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Does your Father live in this county
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast does not answer.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Is there anything you can tell us that could help us clear your name my friend?
GRUNDIG: "this entier town is looking forward to seeing you burn at the stake in three days so if there is anything that we shoud know that will help you now is the time to" Grundig says to stringthen solars question
DUNGEON MASTER: "I do not know.  I have never been to Morast or Karb Isle.  I was at Hergstag, but I did not kill Ellsa or the others.  I brought her body back, and I think they thought I did it.  But I did not.  It was a ghost, or a spirit or a wraith.  I could not touch it, and it could not touch me, so I brought her body back."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Did your father do these killings? I don't mean to be mean I just need to know so we can discount him and concentrate on others
DUNGEON MASTER: "I do not know.  I was not there."
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan replies, "That is something to work on if no one actually saw you do it. I suggest we look at what evidence will be used against you and see if we can prove it wrong."
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast looks Johan in the eye.  "Thank you," he says.
DUNGEON MASTER: [400 xp each.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Current XP is 14836 xp
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar does a knowledge Local check on Morast 1d20+13=29
GRUNDIG: beast do you know anyting about the statu that you where made to take
DUNGEON MASTER: Knowledge check result: Solar remembers reading that Morast is a small hamlet in the Dippelmere Swamp about 8 miles east of Lepidstadt. By all accounts, Morast is a miserable collection of 20 or so wattle-and-daub hovels built on stilts above the swamp and connected by soggy wooden boardwalks. The villagers make their livings fishing and occasionally bringing in a blood caiman (a variety of crocodilian with a red-scaled head that is native to the north) to eat or sell.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Nothing," replies the Beast.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "I think we are finished here for the time being," replies Johan to his companions.
GRUNDIG: i think that we should take johan surgestion on and look at the evidance agenst him.
SOLAR CE’NEA: I agree, Beast, We hope to find evidence that frees you, so just sit tight and don't do anything that would provoke any action against you, we hope not to be long
DUNGEON MASTER: The Beast nods his head.

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