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Carrion Crown Session 7

Session 7
DUNGEON MASTER: Peering in through the dust-swirled gloom,  the characters make out a small hallway 10' long, ending in a wooden door on the right that hangs askew. 

[Perception, please. ]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Percpetion 1d20=9
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan tentatively peers into the room with, knowing all full well those skeletons would rise as they entered.
Perception check: 1d20+6 = 19 (20 vs. traps) (21 vs. humans)
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan looks at the floor, wall and cealing for any immediate traps that could be waiting for them as they prepare to finally enter the main prision building.
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers no traps.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan looks back at his companions, "Before we enter does someone mind casting a light spell on one of us?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar asks "where would you like me to cast? Where would you like me to cast?" While waiting for an anwser Solar casts dancing Lights
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: With the light spell illuminating the ceiling as they dance around, Johan takes a deep breath and enters the room, standing next to one of the skeleton remains as he inspects it.
DUNGEON MASTER: Joahn, still a little spooked from his earlier adventure with the scythe, soon realizes that there are in fact no skeletons in this hallway.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar, realising that his Crossbow isn't very useful in this close quaters grabs his morning star and has it ready.he directs his glowing lights into the corners of the roof, floor before sending them directly in the middle of the room.
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar discovers nothing of note on the ceiling, which stands about 12' above the floor
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan moves further down the hallway into a position where they can see into the next section of the building. Johan inspects for traps before they proceed.
Perception check: 1d20+7 = 26
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar ensures that the at least one ball of Light is infront of Johan so johan can properly see.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar follows behind Johan and Mesodias follws behind Johan
DUNGEON MASTER: Directly in front of the characters, stretching to the south, is a 40' long hallway.  Row upon row of ten-foot-square prison cells line the walls, each separated from the passing hallway by a series of iron bars fitted with a narrow iron door.  Skeletons slump in many of the cells.  Through the windows in the cells one can still see the moorlands outside and feel the periodic breeze of cold air wafting through barred windows.

DUNGEON MASTER: (Although daylight shines in through numerous holes in the roof and walls, the lighting in this area would be dim but for the light spell.)
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Let's stick to our right as we check out these cell blocks," says Johan as they slowly walk down the hallway to the right.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Where would you like me to send the light? just in front of you or would you like me to send it down the hallway first before we start mooving?
DUNGEON MASTER: Away in the dimness to the east the structure opens into a larger room--numerous wooden benches  are stacked in a jumble and overturned in disarray.  Weakened by fire, it appears that the entire east wall has collapsed away, creating an unintended view of the lake beyond.  The whole thing would be beautiful if the silence were not so eerie.

JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "That's a good idea to send it ahead of us before we check out any new rooms."
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar directs the lights to move down the hallway and sending one light into the cells in the left one light into the cells in the right and two lights in the middle of the hall way one at waidst hight and the other near the roof to illuminate the enitre area as the lights move forward systematically
SOLAR CE’NEA: Once completed, Solar sends the lights back to be infront of Johan
DUNGEON MASTER: The characters proceed down the hallway, with the dancing lights in front illuminating cell after cell. 

About halfway down the first cellblock, Johan hears something--the sound of faint, mournful flute music, and eerie flapping as if made by tiny, leathery wings. 

[Initiative, please.  Johan and Mesodias may act in the surprise round.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar Iniative - 1d20+7=11
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Initiative check: 1d20+2 = 8
DUNGEON MASTER: [Order of initiative:

DUNGEON MASTER: "Aaauuunnnt!" says Mesodias.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias slowly moves forward towards the source of the eerie musical noise.
DUNGEON MASTER: A ghostly figure holding a flute and a small birdcage materializes among the rows of cells.  Its gaze focuses on Mesodias, and the mighty cleric freezes in his tracks as the music takes ahold of his mind.

In each cell, the dust begins to stir, rising up to take on a human shape.  Tiny red pinpoints of light shine in each eye socket.

[There are animated skeletons in each cell, most of which appear to be locked.  At the beginning of each round, please make a DC 14 Will Save or be shaken.]

JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Will Save: 1d20+2 = 12
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan moves close enough to grab Mesodias around the chest as he attempts to drag the cleric away from the robed flute skeleton.
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan takes hold of Mesodias and drags him 10' back, towards the door towards the entry hallway--which is now 15' away from the pair.
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias continues to be frozen.
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar is now 20' from the doorway.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Will save 1d20+2=21
Solar does a knowledge Local  check 1d20+10=26 to see if he can identify who the haunt is manifesting from.  If he thinks he is not good, Solar casts Disrupt undead at the pipper
Disrupt Undead - (Ranged Touch Attack)
1d20+3 =17
Damage 1d6= 4 against undead

After sending the ray against the haunt, Solar moves back to be with Johan and Mesodias
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar remembers the following information:

The Piper of Illmarsh (real name unknown):
Before he snatched his victims, the Piper taunted his targets with a mournful dirge on his flute. He preferred to paralyze lone victims by dosing their meals with lich dust and then allowed his pet stirges to drink the victims dry of blood. [400 xp.]

Solar's attack strikes the ghostly figure, which seemingly takes no notice of the damage inflicted upon itself.  However, its gaze turns to Solar, who feels a sudden, lethargic, paralization creep up his legs... [Will DC 14 or be held as per hold person.]

The skeletons, now come to life, reach out of their cages with long, bony fingers and rattle the bars with their claw-like hands.  A few cages burst open, and four skeletons stagger out to threaten the retreating heroes.

[Solar is threatened by one skeleton, and there are two more behind this first skeleton.  A fourth skeleton has burst out of a cage near the exit and now blocks the way out, threatening both Johan and Mesodias.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Will save 1d20+2=18
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias Will save: 1d20+4 = 19
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan's eyes are wide open with terror as the undead surround the party. "Get out of here, move back to the outside doorway now!" Johan stops dragging Mesodias as he feels the life restored back to his companions body. He attacks the skeleton blocking their exit, slashing across the torso of the skeleton with his greatsword.
To Hit (greatsword): 1d20+3 = 16
Damage (greatsword): 2d6+6 = 13
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan's strike shatters both the skull and the spinal column of the skeleton, which drops to the ground in a pile of bones.
DUNGEON MASTER: As Mesodias shakes off the piper's paralyzing effect, he takes 5 points of damage as blood momentarily flows from a dozen tiny punctures that spontaneously open along his arms and neck.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias roars in anger as blood flows from his body from the effects from the piper. He grabs his holy symbol and channels a burst of radiant energy to destroy the taint from this area. Positive Channel energy: 1d6 = 4
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias' channel effect hits the haunt with full force, diminishing its presence somewhat.  Skeletons all along the cages crumple under the force of his god's wrath.  Of the three escaped skeletons, all three fall to the ground in a jumble of yellow bones, the red light in their eyes extinguished.

[All escaped skeletons are dead.]
SOLAR CE’NEA: Will save 1d20+2=18
Solar yells out to Johan, "Stop, We just need to deal with the Haunt, Mesodius has dealt with the skeletons, Solar then casts Disrupt undead on the Haunt .
Disrupt Undead - (Ranged Touch Attack)
1d20+3 =17
Damage 1d6=4 against undead
Solar then moves back 30 feet away from the haunt
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar's attack once again strikes the haunt, whose form is now considerably dimmer.  The piper turns his gaze to Johan, who too feels the lethargy seeping into his bones.  [Will save DC 14 Johan, or be held.]

After making his attack, Solar retreats up the hallway.  From where he stands, he hears a whine like a mosquito about the ear.  Three blood-red stirges, each a tangle of thin legs with a needle-sharp proboscis, are swarming up from the pond, each heeding the piper's call.  They swoop in to attack the fleeing sorcerer, swaying in time to the Piper's dirge as they do so. 

Two of the stirges successfully lock onto Solar's neck and arms with their long barbed legs and begin draining blood.

[-2 Con to Solar.  Two stirges are attached to Solar's body and a third is within 5' but is to small to threaten.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan Will save: 1d20+2 = 17
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Will save (vs. fear effect): 1d20+0 = 15
"You blood sucking little bastards!" Johan hold his greatsword with one hand, freeing up his right arm to more accurately punch one of the stirges on Solar.
To Hit (spiked gauntlet): 1d20+3 = 15
Damage (spiked gauntlet): 1d4+4 = 8
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan's strike knocks one of the stirges off onto the floor in a quivering heap.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Will Save (vs. fear): 1d20+4 = 16
Mesodias shows no mercy, looking his gaze with the ghostly piper as he channels his final burst of positive energy towards the undead.
Positive Channel Energy: 1d6 = 4
DUNGEON MASTER: Most of the remaining skeletons fall under the power of Mesodias' faith.  The Piper's form is very dim and frayed now.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Will save 1d20+2=21
Solar yells out Johan," you deal with the Stirges, I'll deal with the Haunt, I suspect if we get rid of him, it will stop the other creatures from attacking us". He then casts disrupt undead on the haunt.
Disrupt Undead - (Ranged Touch Attack)
1d20+3 =17
Damage 1d6= 4 against undead
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar's ray strikes the Piper, and the haunt disappears from view with a sigh that seems to fade into a distant scream.  The few surviving skeletons slump to the floor, physical proof that the evil in this part of Harrowstone has been banished once again.

At Solar's side, the stirge strikes, this time sucessfully latching on to the back of the sorcerer's neck while he casts his spell.  Solar feels the blood drain from his body as the greedy insects feed.

[-2 Con to Solar, again.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan punches at one of the striges with his spiked gauntlet.
To Hit (spiked gauntlet): 1d20+5 = 14
Damage (spiked gauntlet): 1d4+4 = 7
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan's strike, while powerful, is not quite enough to squash the tenacious little insect on Solar's neck.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias positions himself next to Solar as he lashes out with a strike to one of the stirges.
To Hit (spiked gauntlet): 1d20+3 = 18
Damage (spiked gauntlet): 1d4+3 = 6
DUNGEON MASTER: Mesodias knocks one stirge off Solar's neck.  A bit of blood wells up from where the thing had been feeding.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Sick of feeling like a pin cushion or an actor in a bad vampire play,  Solar attempts to shoot the last Stirge on his neck  with his arcane bolt
Arcane Bolt (ranged Touch Attack)
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar hits the final stirge with arcane energy.  It continues to cling on to the back of his neck, happiiy sucking blood.

[-1 con.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan attacks the last remaining stirge.
To Hit (spiked gauntlet): 1d20+5 = 14
Damage (spiked gauntlet): 1d4+4 = 5
DUNGEON MASTER: Johan's strike clips the final stirge.  It still clings to Solar's neck, though.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Mesodias attacks the last remaining stirge.
To Hit (spiked gauntlet): 1d20+3 = 18
Damage (spiked gauntlet): 1d4+3 = 4
DUNGEON MASTER: The little vermin joins the other two on the floor.  Its thin legs quiver.
DUNGEON MASTER: [Off rounds.]
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "I don't know about you but I've had enough of this place for one day. What do you think about withdrawing and coming back after we have had time to recover?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: "Well, I now have a new healthy respect for these blasted little critters" Solar exclaims as he kicks one of the lettle beggers. However the Huant that we got rid of, I recognised him as the Piper, one of the really bad men to be executed before the fire, I think it was really important to defeat him.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan queries Mesodias, "If we leave and come back tomorrow these haunts won't return right? How does that work? The Piper won't come back after a while?"
SOLAR CE’NEA: I strongly agree, I don't feel all that well, It feels like these blasted stirges have sucked half my blood away!
DUNGEON MASTER: At the end of the hallway stands a corner cell, much more spacious than the others.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: "Let's head back to town and spend some time healing up before we come back here."
DUNGEON MASTER: Out the opening to the east stands an ivy-draped balcony overlooking the pool of water.
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan will collect the javelin he threw at the ghostly hand weidling scythe undead earlier before they leave.
DUNGEON MASTER: Having seen eough of Harrowstone Prison for one day, the trio of adventurerers head back outside, making their way past the rat swarm and out the front gate.  The afternoon is cool and clear, and soon they find themselves back safe and sound at Kendra's house.  She seems to have her nose in a book at the moment, and only pays the party passing notice as they troop into the living room.
SOLAR CE’NEA: Knowledge 1d20+4int=18
JOHAN D’ALMENTA: Johan will spend the evening studying the history behind Roddyn Hawkran's background.
Knowledge check: 1d20+1 = 17
SOLAR CE’NEA: Solar spends the afternoon researching all he can find on haunts, What damages then, what creates them, what they can do, and how huants might be created in this particular town inrelation ot the prison fire
DUNGEON MASTER: [Each party member has earned 870 xp so far this session.]
DUNGEON MASTER: Solar discovers the following information:

A haunt is a hazardous region created by unquiet spirits that react violently to the presence of the living. The exact conditions that cause a haunt to manifest vary from case to case—but haunts always arise from a source of terrific mental or physical anguish endured by living, tormented creatures. A single, source of suffering can create multiple haunts, or multiple sources could consolidate into a single haunt.

The relative power of the source has little bearing on the strength of the resulting haunt—it’s the magnitude of the suffering or despair that created the haunt that decides its power.   A haunt infuses a specific area, and often multiple haunted areas exist within a single structure. 

A haunt can have virtually any magical effect but often with different—and distinctly more frightening or unnerving—sensory or physical features than that magical effect normally has.  A haunt might cause a room to explode into flames, infuse a chamber with fear, or try to frighten a target to death.  A haunt may also manifest as an undead creature.

A neutralized haunt is not destroyed, and can manifest again after a period of time—to destroy a haunt, a specific action must be taken in the region to end the effect forever (such as burning a haunted house to the ground or burying the bones of the slaves who died on the site to create the haunt). This specific act is different for every haunt (although a number of nearby haunts often share the same destruction act).

DUNGEON MASTER: Johan discovers the following information, tucked into an older, dramatized re-telling of the Harrowstone Prison Tragedy.

Already the home of dozens of notorious criminals, the mid-year prisoner convoy of 4661 ar brought a particularly horrendous batch of criminals all at once. Among them were five particularly notorious convicts: the Lopper, the Piper of Illmarsh, Father Charlatan, the Mosswater Marauder, and even the infamous Splatter Man. Not even Harrowstone was adequately equipped to handle these criminals, and as their execution dates drew near, they worked together, seized their moment and staged a desperate attempt to seize control of the prison and, perhaps, escape.

Yet while they managed to turn the tables on Harrowstone’s guards and, for a few minutes, held control of the prison, they did not anticipate an act of self-sacrifice by Harrowstone’s head warden, Lyvar Hawkran. Only a few minutes after the prisoners seized control of Harrowstone’s lower level, Warden Hawkran triggered an emergency deadfall that sealed the dungeon and trapped everyone (including himself and most of the prison guards) within the prison’s dungeon, leaving the only way out a supply lift that couldn’t be activated from the dungeon level.

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